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If your chapter has meetings and courses that you would like to post on the CEA homepage, please contact Sándor Beniczky, liaison for communications:

How to apply for support for educational activities in Europe

Chapter Congresses

Danish Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting: Epilepsy Syndromes

Danish Epilepsy Society


7 - 8 March 2014 Hotel Scandic Copenhagen
Congress Program
Register here:

Future educational activities supported by the ILAE-CEA

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CEA Core Courses (CCC)

12th Eilat Conference on New Antiepileptic Drugs (EILAT XII)
Madrid, Spain, 31 August - 3 September, 2014

Conference website:

8th migrating course

8th Migrating Course on Epilepsy
Dubrovnik, Croatia, October, 5 - 10 2014
Target audience: young specialists and residents in neurology, paediatric neurology, paediatrics, clinical neurophysiology and psychology, psychiatry, neuropsychiatry. This is a one-week course with a comprehensive educational program combining basic and clinical epileptology. Lectures will cover the following topics: basic mechanisms of ictogenesis and epileptogenesis, mechanisms of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of AEDs, basic mechanisms of pharmacoresistance, aetiology, epidemiology and classification of epilepsies, seizure semiology in adults, children and infants, diagnostic evaluation including preoperative non-invasive and invasive monitoring, co-morbidities, therapeutic strategies as also new approaches, epilepsy surgery and epileptic status. The main themes will be semiology of epilepsy and non-invasive/invasive preoperative monitoring with epilepsy surgery.
Information & online registration at congress website:
For more information, contact Davor Sporis, MD, PhD, President of Croatian League Against Epilepsy; email:

5th Course on Epilepsy Surgery (EPODES) – Basic Course
Brno, Czech Republics  (12-16/1/2015)
For information contact: Prof. Ivan Rektor ( or Prof. Kristina Malmgren (

6th Eilat International Educational Course on the Pharmacological Treatment of Epilepsy (6thEilat Edu)
Jerusalem, Israel (12-16/10/2015)
For information contact: Dr. Svein I. Johannessen (
or see Forthcoming Conferences at www.eilat-aeds

CEA- Sponsored Activites (CSA)

Dianalund Summer School on EEG in Epilepsy (DSSEE), 2nd edition
The course will take place in Dianalund, Denmark, 13-19, July, 2014
This is an advanced course on EEG and its application in the field of epilepsy. The course is practically-oriented, with many hands-on sessions, and it is highly interactive, as there is one tutor for 2 participants. The course will be hosting 20 participants. A limited number of bursaries will be available.
For more details, please see: Announcement | Application

Baltic Sea Summer School on Epilepsy (BSSSE), 8th edition
This course will take place in Location: Trakai, Lithuania, August 3-8, 2014
BSSSE is clinically oriented and focused on comprehensive aspects of diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy. The school is primarily addressed to medical postgraduates and junior researchers with a special clinical or scientific interest in epilepsy. The open and informal atmosphere of the BSSSE allows easy communication between faculty and up to 40 international students. Applicants from the Baltic Sea region are given priority but participants from all parts of the world are accepted.
Methods: morning sessions (EEG/seizure semiology/ clinical pharmacology), lectures, tutorials, case-oriented studies, interactive group work, platform for transnational research.
Registration fee: 800 Euro. Bursaries will be available.
Announcement. More information on:
Contact: Petra Novotny, BSSSE office:

2nd International Neuropathology Summer School for Epilepsy Surgery (INES 2014)
The course will take place in Erlangen, Germany, in September 2014
The summer school will make available an advanced microscopy training facility for the diagnostic evaluation of surgical specimens, with particular emphasis on mTLE-HS, epilepsy-associated tumors, MCDs/FCDs, vascular malformations, and encephalitis. INES will also disseminate new and up-coming clinico-pathologic classification systems among the neuro-/ pathology communities and to validate existing and up-coming consensus classification systems by a larger cohort of practicing neuro-/pathologists.
Course director: Ingmar Blumcke, MD, Professor for Neuropathology and Director, Dept. of Neuropathology, University Hospital Erlangen.
Website | Invitation | Recap 1st INES

Forum on Epilepsy at the EPNS Research Meeting
The forum will take place in Bucharest, Romania, September,12-13, 2014
The aim of the epilepsy forum at the European Pediatric Neurology Society Research Meeting is creating the possibility for interaction, networking of young researchers and stimulating future collaborative research. Parallel working groups present and discuss their research (ADHD, Ataxia, Autoimmune-inflammatory diseases, Developmental Neurology, Epilepsy, Neonatal Neurology, Neurodegeneration and Neuroprotection, Neurometabolic diseases, Neuromuscular diseases). The forum of the Epilepsy working group is supported by ILAE-CEA.
For more information, please see the Announcement or email:,

Visiting Professorships

Stefano Francione will visit Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra, Portugal. The main objective of this exchange program would be to accomplish these two steps: (1) Pre-surgical evaluation of the patients; (2) Defining surgical procedure

Walter van Emde Boas and Thea Gutter will visit the Pediatric Neurology Clinic, Alexandru Obregia Hospital, Bucharest, Romania. They will train physicians and nurses dealing with EEG and patients with epilepsy, in order to establish a functional epilepsy surgery team.


The CEA supports the on-line teaching courses of the VIREPA

Past Events

Action Plan

Past Related Events

EILAT International Education Course:

EAC Helsinki (zip)

Past events in 2014

East-European Course of Epilepsy
The course will take care in Cheile Gradistei, Romania, 11-13 June, 2014
Target audience: pediatric neurologists and adult neurologists with a medium level of expertise in the area of epilepsy care (already dealing with epilepsy patients). The 2014 course aims for 60-80 participants with possibility of extending to 100 if there is request for it. Bursaries will be available. Besides the lectures by the faculty, the course will focus on case-oriented learning, based on interactive teaching methods, involving the participants.
Course Announcement | Programme | Booking Form
For more information please contact the Directors:
Stanislav Groppa: or Dana Craiu:

6th Regional Caucasian Summer School on Clinical Epileptology (RCSSCE)
Bakuriani, Georgia, 31 May - 4 June 2014
The program includes full 4 days teaching course. It is based on didactic format that promotes the combination of lectures and tutorials that are highly interactive. Bursaries will be given to 50 participants from Caucasian countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia), but also small co funding from the participants will be needed (about 20 % of the cost). Students from other countries are also welcome. Main organizer: Nana Tatishvili, president of the Georgian League Against Epilepsy E-mail: 9th International Postgraduate Practical Epilepsy School The course will take place in Slovenia, June 5 - 7, 2014 The event will feature one day workshop on how to investigate seizures with available means on the board – not all countries in the region have a proper epilepsy monitoring unit (EMU). So, good knowledge can sometimes be used to try compensating for the lack of staff and equipment. We are not happy about that, but this is the reality of things in many places. The second part is a two day course and workshop on psychiatric co-morbidity in people with epilepsy and learning disability. The school will be hosting 30-40 participants, with eminent faculty from the best European Epilepsy Centers, combining approaches and experience of various "national schools" transplanted to the regional enviroment. Contact person Svetlana Simic Klobucic ( will be glad to answer any further questions. Course director: Igor M. Ravnik

Residential International Course on Drug Resistant Epilepsies
Tagliacozzo (AQ), Italy; May 4-10, 2014
This course is clinically-oriented, targeted to specialists at the second and third level of epilepsy care and focused on comprehensive aspects of diagnosis and treatment of children and adults with drug resistant epilepsy.
The faculty consists of leading European epileptologists. Specialists in neurology, psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, paediatric neurology, paediatrics, clinical neurophysiology and psychology are welcome to apply.
Course Announcement | Preliminary Program

European Advanced Epilepsy Surgery Course (EPODES)
The course will take place in Brno, The Czech Republic, January , 13-17 ,2014
An advanced interactive course on surgically remediable epilepsies, presurgical evaluation, scalp and intracranial EEG, neuropsychology, imaging and psychiatric issues of surgical patients before and after surgery. The Advanced II course will be focused on paediatric epilepsy surgery and palliative methods. Keynote speakers and case presentations by tutors and students.
More information on this site:

International training course in Stereo-ElectroEncephaloGraphy (SEEG)
The course will take place in Venice, Italy, February 4-8, 2014
The SEEG training course was launched in 2010. Following a four-year cycle organised in France, the SEEG course has now moved to Venice for another four years. This course is targeting epileptologists and neurosurgeons involved in epilepsy surgery willing to develop or increase their expertise in the field of SEEG. The educational program is primarily based on the analysis of real video-EEG, neuroimaging and SEEG data which participants can investigate using appropriate computer systems. Participants, supervised by SEEG experts, elaborate proposals regarding the number and position of electrodes which should be implanted and final surgical plan. Lectures on related topics complete the five days duration program.
For further information, contact the course secretariat at

Encephalopathy with Electrical Status Epilepticus During Sleep
Linking epilepsy, sleep disruption and cognitive impairment
14-15 March, 2014; ScienceTalenter, Sorø Akademi, Denmark
The aim of this conference is to bring together clinicians and scientists, who have been working on ESES and sleep physiology to create a better overall understanding of this special syndrome in the light of recent research. In addition we would want to reach an international consensus on diagnostic inclusion and exclusion criteria and clinical management of ESES.
Congress Website | Announcement | Program

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