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2014 Annual Report
Use of valproate in women and girls: Letter to the EMA (European Medicines Agency) from the ILAE Commission on European Affairs (CEA), ILAE Commission on Medical Therapies, and ILAE Task Force on AED Trials and Regulatory Affairs (2014)
2013 Annual Report
Education thérapeutique en Epilepsie(s): de la conception à l’évaluation d’un programme | Summary (en Anglais)
Epilepsy Research Priorities in Europe: European Forum on Epilepsy Research (ERF2013)
2009-2013 Report (January, 2014)
2009-2013 Action Plan
CEA Educational Agenda Vienna (August 2012)
CEA Presentation Dublin
CEA Presentation Montreal (2013)
2012 Annual Report
End of Term 2005-2009 Report
European Chapter Convention Rhodes (2010)
European Chapter Convention Berlin (2008)
European Chapter Convention Singapore (2007)
5th Joint meeting of the German, Austrian & Swiss sections of ILAE Basle, Switzerland (2007)
EAC Helsinki, Finland, 2006 (*.zip)


ECE Guidelines (2013)
Application for CEA support for an educational course

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