Commission on North American Affairs

ILAE International League Against Epilepsy
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Members: 2013-2017

Commission on North American Affairs

Sheryl Haut Chair
Nathalie Jette Secretary
Jose Cavazos Treasurer
Peter Carlen Member
David Clarke Member
Jaideep Kapur Member
Solomon Moshé EC Liaison
Amy Brooks-Kayal Ex-Officio
Eileen Murray Ex-Officio

Task Forces

Caribbean Taskforce

Education Task Force

Howard Goodkin Co-Chair
Sheryl Haut Co-Chair
Elson So Member

Hispaniola Task Force

Intercommission Educational Outreach

Jose Cavazos Chair
Amza Ali Member
Jorge Burneo Member
Peter Carlen Member
Sheryl Haut Member
Jaideep Kapur Member

Leadership Development Task Force

NAC Regulatory Affairs

PAHO Working Group

Sheryl Haut Co-Chair
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