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The mission of the Commission on Diagnostic Methods is to give ILAE all support necessary in order to ensure the optimal use of technology and other diagnostic methods to improve care of patients with epilepsy worldwide.


Our commission covers all major diagnostic modalities to clinically characterize a patient’s epilepsy, namely electro-/neurophysiology, neuropsychology, imaging and neuropathology measures. Our objective is to provide standardized protocols, terminology use and guidelines for a cost-effective diagnosis of epilepsy and their related co-morbidities as well as use of consensus classification systems for underlying etiologies. We have set up 5 Task Forces to achieve this goal, with particular emphasis to bridge any validation gap when using advanced as well as standardized technologies for the diagnosis of epilepsy. Another important topic of our commission is to develop state-of-the-art teaching courses addressing WHAT? WHY? and HOW? to apply diagnostic methods, accessible for all ILAE members throughout the world. Our work very much depend on interaction with other ILAE commissions, dissemination and training.

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