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Crep de Ketocal Relleno

Welcome to the brand new ILAE Task Force for Dietary Therapy webpage! This page was started in 2014 in order to bring information, resources, and even recipes to ketogenic diet centers around the world. This news site will be updated periodically with new information related to the diet, especially internationally.

  • Two very interesting papers have come out regarding the possible risk of the ketogenic diet for carotid artery distensibility. Although unclear in its true importance to a child on the ketogenic diet, it does raise concern for those on the diet long-term perhaps. A full review is at
  • Monday June 23 was National Dravet Syndrome Awareness Day. June 26-28 is the Dravet Syndrome Foundation’s biennual conference in Chicago for parents and providers. Information about the ketogenic diet will be presented there as it is often a very helpful therapy for this condition. Conference Information

Thanks for visiting our new website and feel free to with any ideas or questions!

Best wishes,
Eric Kossoff MD
Chair, ILAE Task Force on Dietary Therapy

June 25, 2014


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