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Annual Report - 2015
Medical Therapies Commission Report - 2015
Annual Report - 2014
Annual Report - 2013
Therapeutics Commission Report - 2013
Annual Report - 2012


Use of valproate in women and girls Letter to the EMA (European Medicines Agency) from the ILAE Commission on European Affairs (CEA), ILAE Commission on Medical Therapies, and ILAE Task Force on AED Trials and Regulatory Affairs regarding PRAC recommendations to strengthen the restrictions on the use of valproate in women and girls.

Antiepileptic drug selection for people with HIV/AIDS: Evidence-based guidelines from the ILAE and AAN, 2012

Pregnancy registries: Differences, similarities, and possible harmonization, 2010

Definition of drug resistant epilepsy: Consensus proposal by the ad hoc task force of the ILAE Commission on Therapeutic Strategies, 2009

Antiepileptic drugs – Best practice guidelines for therapeutic drug monitoring: A position paper by the subcommission on therapeutic drug monitoring, ILAE Commission on Therapeutic Strategies, 2008

Definition of Drug-Resistant Epilepsy

The Commission on Therapeutic Strategies charged a Task Force to draft a definition of Drug-Resistant Epilepsy. The resulting report was prepared in 2009 and was published in Epilepsia in 2010. (Epilepsia, 51(6):1069–1077, 2010). Read article



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