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2015: Annual Report
2014: Annual Report | Commission Report
2013: Annual Report | Therapeutics Commission Report
2012: Annual Report


Antiepileptic drug selection for people with HIV/AIDS: Evidence-based guidelines from the ILAE and AAN, 2012

Pregnancy registries: Differences, similarities, and possible harmonization, 2010

Definition of drug resistant epilepsy: Consensus proposal by the ad hoc task force of the ILAE Commission on Therapeutic Strategies, 2009

Antiepileptic drugs – Best practice guidelines for therapeutic drug monitoring: A position paper by the subcommission on therapeutic drug monitoring, ILAE Commission on Therapeutic Strategies, 2008

Definition of Drug-Resistant Epilepsy

The Commission on Therapeutic Strategies charged a Task Force to draft a definition of Drug-Resistant Epilepsy. The resulting report was prepared in 2009 and was published in Epilepsia in 2010. (Epilepsia, 51(6):1069–1077, 2010). Read article



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