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Elections for ILAE Management Committee, 2017-2021 term

Sam Wiebe
Samuel Wiebe
ILAE President Elect
Curriculum vitae

Sam Wiebe elected President

The election by the chapter members of ILAE concluded on 2 May 2016 and Sam Wiebe was elected with 68% of the eligible votes. See Letter to Chapter Executives

Read about the election process in the Letter from the Election Commission.

Management Committee Candidates

Candidates for election to the Management Committee in the roles of Secretary General, Treasurer, and Vice President are now underway, and conclude 9 November 2016. Each Chapter receives a single ballot on which they may select up to five candidates from three regions. Chapter members may contact their chapter leadership if they wish to comment.

View information on the Management Committee Candidates

ILAE Management Committee Election Process: Letter to chapter leadership explaining the balloting for the Management Committee election.

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