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Latin American Congress Awards

The following awards were presented at the 7th Latin American Congress on Epilepsy in Quito, Ecuador, November, 2012.

Awards from the ILAE Commission on Latin American Affairs

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For basic science, Dr. Esper Cavalheiro (Brazil)

For clinical research, Dr. Fernando Cendes (Brazil)

For work in epilepsy, Dr. Silvia Kochen (Argentina)

For epilepsy education, Dr. Elza Marcia Yacubian (Brazil)

Lifetime dedication award, Dr. Natalio Fejerman (Argentina)

Latin American Ambassador, Dr. Samuel Wiebe (Canada)

Latin American Ambassador, Dr. Andrés Kanner (USA)


Awards from the Ecuadorian Neurology Society (SEN) and the Ecuadorian League Against Epilepsy (LECE)


For clinical research and epidemiology, Dr. Marcelo Plasencia (Ecuador)

For clinical research and epidemiology, Dr. Arturo Carpio (Ecuador)

For clinical research and epidemiology, Dr. Oscar del Brutto (Ecuador)

For epilepsy and genetics, Dr. Antonio Delgado Escueta (USA)

For the Spanish symposium, Dr. Vicente Iragui (USA)

For epilepsy surgery and development of epilepsy programmes, Dr. Manuel Campos (Chile)

For close collaboration with the epilepsy surgery programme in Ecuador, Dr. Elson So (USA)

For clinical research, Dr. Jaime Godoy (Chile)

ILAE Chapter 50 year anniversary recognitions

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Brazil FlagBrazil

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Uruguay FlagUruguay

IBE Association 50 year anniversary recognition

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