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Ambassador Awards 2001

The Ambassador for Epilepsy Award recognizes outstanding international contributions to activities advancing the cause of epilepsy, either internationally or with international impact.

Dr Carlos Acevedo from Chile is the current Chairperson of the IBE Latin American Committee. He has been President of the Liga Chilena contra la Epilepsy and the Asociación Ligas contra la Epilepsia. The “drugsbank� of this association is a world famous initiative that has grown under his leadership.

Prof Elving Anderson from the USA has spent much of his career investigating familial epilepsies and has developed a world-wide network of contacts with physicains and clinicians who deal with epilepsy. His commitment to the human genetics community in general and to the epilepsy research community in particular is beyond doubt.

Prof Meier Bialer, Israel, is President of both the Israeli chapter of ILAE, and the Israeli Society of Clinical Pharmacy and Biopharmaceutics. He is currently a member of the ILAE Subcommission on Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Pharmacokinetics and is on the Scientific Advisory Board of EUREPA.

Dr John Chaplin, Sweden, has been a member of the IBE Employment Commission since 1993. He has been extremely active in the organisation of courses on employment for professionals and for people with epilepsy. He was project leader on a course for young people under the Youth for Europe’s framework of the European Social Fund and is a member of the ILAE Sub-commission on the Classification of Epilepsy.

Prof Gallo Diop is a University Professor of medicine and neurology at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Dakar, Senegal, whilst his scientific publications show his commitment to research. He organised the 13th Congress of the Pan-African Association of Neurological Sciences in 1998, the 4th Congress of the Society of Neuroscientists in 1999, and a Regional Conference on Public Health in 2000.

Dr Robert Fisher, USA, is an accomplished investigator and clinician. He has also devoted considerable time to the activities of the American Epilepsy Society and the Epilepsy Foundation. Dr Fisher has been Supplements Editor for “Epilepsia�. Internationally he contributes to epilepsy care through membership of the ILAE Commission on Diagnostic Strategies and the IBE Commission on Driving Regulations.

Prof Satish Jain, India, has been active in the epilepsy movement since 1986 and was actively involved in the organisation of several international congresses including the 18th International Epilepsy Congress, 1989 and the 3rd AOEO Epilepsy Congress 2000, both of which were held in Delhi.

Mr Philip Lee, as Chief Executive of the British Epilepsy Association (BEA), has been a powerful force in modernising BEA. The current membership is 23,000. Under his leadership BEA has developed the specialist epilepsy nurse, with 45 “Sapphire� nurses now appointed. He also developed the BEA Website, which had 2 million “hits� in 2000. He has been IBE President since 1999.

Prof Hans Luders, USA, established an training centre for international epilepsy fellows at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation over 20 years ago. His areas of expertise include epilepsy surgery, evoked potentials, classification of seizures and epilepsy, semiology of seizures and basic clinical neurophysiology. He began organising annual international epilepsy meetings in Cleveland 12 years ago-these meetings now alternate between Cleveland and Bethel, Germany.

Dr Jing-Jane Tsai is devoted to the epilepsy movement, not only in Taiwan, but also at an international level. He is founder of the Taiwan Epilepsy Society and was instrumental in the application of this organisation for membership of IBE and ILAE. He was involved in the organisation of the 2nd AOEO Congress, held in Taiwan in 1999. Dr Tsai has published over 50 scientific papers on epilepsy research and presents regularly at international meetings.

Dr Federico Vigevano, Italy, has focussed on studies of childhood epilepsy, with particular attention to seizures in the first year of life, using video-EEG monitoring systems. He is a member of ILAE commissions for seizure classification, epileptic syndromes classification and diagnostic strategies. Dr Vivegano was elected Secretary of the Liga Italiana contro l’Epilessia and became President in 1999.

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