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As a service to members, we list below requests from hospitals in need of equipment and offers from those who are upgrading and could donate or sell used equipment.

To submit a notice, email info@ilae.org.  If your request has been fulfilled, please let us know so that we may remove it from this page.

Equipment Requests

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18 December 2013

I am a vice president of the Armenian chapter of ILAE. I write for help with acquisition of second hand EEG machine when it becomes possible. In our center (pediatric hospital) we have several old computer-based EEG machines, only one video- machine with 26 channels only. If there is a possibility to have a better machine, please, let me know.

Best regards,
Biayna Sukhudyan

26 January, 2014

We would like to be on the list for used EEG machines. I will be much obliged if we should be aware of any protocol?

Thank –you,
Dr Clara Dawodu, Consultant neurologist/ physician, senior lecturer, head neurology unit, department of medicine
Lagos state university teaching hospital and college of medicine
1-5 oba Akinjobi road, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, Africa

26 January 2014

My institution, FEDERAL MEDICAL CENTRE, AZARE, BAUCHI STATE, will highly appreciate donation of an EEG machine for use on our epilepsy patients and other indications.

Kind regards and best wishes
Dr. Abdullahi Ibrahim
Consultant Physician/Neurologist
Federal Medical Centre, Azare, Bauchi State

26 January 2014

Please I'm looking for used EEG equipment .
Best regards

28 January 2014

I am a paediatric Neurologist working in Jaipur India.

I will be grateful if any institute has used EEG equipment they could dispose and we could put to good use here in India. 
Unfortunately we do not have good indigenous companies making these machines. The standard EEG machines like Nicolet and Nihon Khoden are prohibitively costly.

Dr Vivek Jain MD, FRCPCH
CCT (UK) Child Neurology
www.jaipurchildneuro.com  | Ph no: 00919829525825

28 January, 2014

Our growing institution/practice in Charleston SC, Network Neurology, is looking for used equipment (e.g. Xltek, Cadwell, etc.), to be used during our clinical trials in non-invasive, anti-epileptogenic and anti-seizure protocols.

Thank you,
Robert P. Turner, MD, MSCR (robertturner@networkneurology.com)
Network Neurology LLC & Network Neuroscience Research Institute
Associate Researcher, MIND Research Institute
Clinical Associate Professor of Neurosciences, Medical University of South Carolina

30 January 2014

Greetings, our institution is a non-profit organization. We are currently a national reference center for patients with epilepsy. Monitoring is difficult, we need to expand our laboratory chronic video-EEG, and would appreciate any help on used equipment.

Dr. Lara

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6 February 2014

I am interested in a used digital video EEG system! Preferably with capability for sleep. What is available?

Pediatric neurologist in Greece
E. Paraskevoulakos, M.D.

12 February, 2014

I am writing on behalf of Institute of Neurology and Neuropsychology.

Please be informed about our request on video EEG machine. I would be highly appreciated for any information from you.

Thank you for your time.

With best regards,
Giorgi Lomidze MD (lomidzegiorgi@yahoo.com)
Institute of Neurololgy and Neuropsychology
83/11, Vazha-Pshavela ave. Tbilisi. 0186. Georgia.
Tel.: +995 599 92 30 29

8 March 2014

I would be grateful if any institution that uses Stellate or Nihon Kohden EEG equipment could donate a box (amplifier). 
We perform routine (Nihon Kohden) as well as LTM (Stellate) in the department and we also have an outpatient epilepsy clinic. As you know Stellate does not support anymore this equipment and we experience problems with the EEG box.

Kind regards.

Dimitris Kazis, MD, Phd (dimitrios.kazis@gmail.com)
3rd Neurology Department
"G. Papanikolaou" Hospital

13 March 2014

I am the chief of a Hospital Unit of Child Neurology and Psychiatry in Aversa , Italy. We need a Holter E.E.G. machine that is necessary to study epileptic children in their environment , during sleep and their daily activities.

Please, help us to help these people.

Contact us at phone nr. 0039 0823 813 07 38

Thank you for courtesy and attention

Dr. Rosario Granato (rosario.granato@aslcaserta1.it)
Child Neurologist and Psychiatrist, Pediatrician
Chief of Neurology and Psychiatry Departmental Unit  
S. G .Moscati Hospital – A.S.L. CE
81031 , Aversa ( CE ), Italy

13 March 2014

I am Artan Haruni Pediatric Neurologist from Tirana. I working in Policlinic of Specialties Nr.3, which is a reference center for children with Epilepsy of Tirana, Albania. In everyday work we see children with Epilepsy which can not perform EEG because it is only one machine for adult and children both and we find difficulties to help the children because they need particular conditions to put them in sleep.

We have good conditions in Pediatric Neurology service but EEG machine is missing and there is no budget to buy it. We will appreciate if somebody will donate an Digital EEG machine for children with Epilepsy in our institution (Pediatric Neurology Department) (Poliklinika e Specialiteteve nr.3 Tirana, Albania).

Thank you in advance
Artan Haruni (artanharuni@hotmail.com)

13 April 2014

Would you be kind and advise if you know of anyone who might consider to donate a portable EEG machine to our non-profit organization to help people with no insurance?

We do appreciate your support for medicine.

John Hopkins, MD,PhD (hopkinsjohn@tx.rr.com)
Preventive medicine research center, USA

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20 October 2014

Swaziland Epilepsy Organization would like to know of anyone who might consider donating 4 portable EEG machines to their non-profit organization to help people with no medical aid and insurance in Swaziland.

We do appreciate your support for medicine.

All regards,
Mbusomuni Mahlalela, National Director, Swaziland Epilepsy Organization

11 December 2014

We would greatly be grateful if you could  support us with an EEG machine to aid us in caring for persons with epilepsy. We don't have any EEG machine in our centre, Delta State University Teaching Hospital, Oghara, Nigeria.

Dr Obiabo Yahaya Olugbo
Consultant Neurologist

16 December, 2014

We would be grateful for a donation of a used EEG Machine for our patients in Nigeria.

Thank you,
Dr. Stanley C. Igwe (MBBS; MHPM; FWCPsych)
Consultant Neuro-Psychiatrist, Clinical Neuro-physiologist and Epileptologist,
Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki
Ebonyi State- Nigeria
Email: drigwe@gmail.com
Phone: +2348060572882

26 May, 2015

We wish to humbly request support to enable us to obtain epilepsy monitoring and epilepsy surgery equipments for the treatment of epilepsy at the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex, at Ile-Ife in Osun state in Nigeria.

The burden of epilepsy cases requiring surgery is still a major aspect of epilepsy care that remains largely unmet here in Nigeria. We hope to start offering such services in the near future at our hospital, as soon as we are well equipped to do so. Equipment or financial assistance will be deeply appreciated.

We also want to use this opportunity to highly commend the efforts and the great work by the ILAE in supporting people living with epilepsy here in Africa.

Thank you and best regards,
Dr. Chiazor Onyia
Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital

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10 September 2015

We will appreciate generous donation of a computerized EEG machine for our centre to replace the old and outdated one currently in use.

Thank you.

Dr Gbemisola Boyede
Paediatric Neurology Unit, Department of Paediatrics
Lagos University Teaching Hospital

11 September 2015

I am Dr Ntumba Love,Consultant Neuro-Psychiatrist, Epileptologist neuropsychiatrist in  neuropsychopathologic center of Kinshasa, DRC. I am a member of Congolese Lleague Against Epilepsy (LICOCE), a chapter of ILAE.

I need a EEG used machine for  my research  in Neurocysticercosis and epilepsy in a risk rural area of DR Congo.

We would greatly be grateful if you could  support us  with an EEG machine to help us in caring of persons with epilepsy.
Thank you.

Dr. Ntumba mbombo Love
Consultant Neuro-Psychiatrist, and Epileptologist,
Neuropsychopathologic center of Kinshasa
University of Kinshasa/ D R Congo

21 January 2016

I am a Clinical neurophysiologist working in Spain, but I am looking for VIDEO-EEG equipment for work in Bolivia.

Please contact me.

Dr Pablo A. Ruiz
Clinical Neurophysiologist
Hospital de Vinalopo-Torrevieja
Alicante, Spain

2 February 2016

I am a young woman Neurologist from Mali, West Africa. I'm currently working in France and I would like to  return home. One or two EEG machine will strongly help to acheive the goals of my return home project.

I will be grateful if any institute has used EEG equipment they could dispose and we could put to good use in Mali.

Kind regards,
Dr Zeinab Kone
MD, Neurologist, MS neurobiologist, Epileptologist
Neurology Department, Point G Teaching Hospital
University Of Bamako

2 June 2016

My institution, Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital will highly appreciate if we can be assisted with an EEG machine.

Ekoyata U.Ekpen
Irrua specialist teaching hospital,
Edo State,

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