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"What you don't know can't hurt you" 'issues in communicating information about sudden, unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP)
[A Guide of Life in Manga for Children and People with Seizure == Let's Cure "Seizures". 3rd Edition]
[A Guidebook for Ketogenic Diet. A Miraculous Diet Therapy]
[A misleading abnormal EEG. 3rd edition]
[A new antiepileptic drug - lamotrigine]
[A rear cart of Maa-chan]
[A Review of Selected Topics from The 26th International Epilepsy Congress (Paris, 2005)] A Special Issue
[A study on preventive vaccination and its side-effects in severely multiply impaired people and epileptic patients]
[Advances in Epileptology, No 1-1987]
[Advances in Epileptology, No 2-1991]
[Advances in Epileptology, No 3-1996]
[Adverse Effects of Sodium Valproate. The 2nd Revised Edition]
[aEEG beginners manual]
[An introductory book on epilepsy - an easy approach via key words]
[Annual Report of the Japan Epilepsy Research Foundation, Vol 17 (2006)]
[Annual Report of the Japan Epilepsy Research Foundation. Vol 20 (2009). A book with CD]
[Annual report of the Japan Epilepsy Research Foundation. Vol 20 (2009)]
[Annual Report of the Japan Epilepsy Research Foundation. Vol 21 (2010). A book with CD]
[Annual report of the Japan Epilepsy Research Foundation. Vol 21 (2010)]
[Anticonvulsant effect of dipotassium clorazepate on kindling. Dissertation presented to the Kumamoto University]
[Antiepileptic drug therapy - new trends ; A new antiepileptic drug - gabapentin]
[Antiepileptic drugs. A special issue]. Saishin Seishin - Igaku (Modern Psychiatry) 2009 ; 14(4) : 313-374
[Basic mechanisms of the epilepsies. 1st ed]
[Basics and clinics of epilepsy]. Nihon Ishikai Zasshi 2007; 136(6): 1041-1116
[Canary sings. 4th series. A memorial issue for the 15th anniversary of Bethel Clinic: an epilepsy specialized hospital]
[Clinical electroencephagraphy. 5th edition]
[Clinical management of epilepsies based on intensive interview]
[Convulsions and convusive movements in the field of psychiatry] Lumière for Specialists in Psychiatric Clinics Series No. 14
[Current status and clinical guidelines for catastrophic epilepsy in infancy and young children. The 2009 Annual Report of the Research Group, supported by the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research from the Ministry of Health, Labor & Welfare (Chief investigator : Taisuke Otsuki)
[Demystifying Epilepsy] Educational Kit (DVD + booklet)
[Development of brain-computer interface for motor and verbal functions based on signal analysis of electrocorticogram. The summary report of the project sponsored by the research fund of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, 2008-2010]
[Easy explained epilepsy book]
[Easy guide to better understand the anticonvulsants. Epilepsy introduction series No.4]
[Easy understanding of EEG interpretation. 2nd edition]
[EEG in children. Approach to the interpretation]
[EEG interpretation - 101 chapters. 2nd edition]
[EEG interpretation - Step by step. An introductory volume. 4th edition]
[Epidemiologic and pharmacogenetic study of adverse drug reactions in 10,000 subjects of participants in a health screening program or patients with epilepsy. A summary report of the project sponsored by the grant-in-aid of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, 2007-2008]
[Epilepsy - How to manage it ? Principles of the treatment]
[Epilepsy - Recent topics]. Medico 2010; 41(11): 357-392
[Epilepsy and its' treatment. 1st edition]
[Epilepsy and underlying diseases. On various diseases which often complicate with epilepsy. Epilepsy introduction series No.3]
[Epilepsy in children viewed from ictal EEG] with CD-ROM
[Epilepsy therapy - New standards]. Clinical Neuroscience 2011; 29(1): 16-114
[Epilepsy. A special issue of Kokoro No Kagaku No.157]
[Epilepsy:Epidemiology, genetics, reproduction]
[Epileptic syndromes: Epileptology in Infancy, childhood and adolescence. A Japanese version of Roger J, Bureau M, Dravet C, Genton P, Tassinari CA, Wolf P?editors. Epileptic syndromes in infancy, childhood and adolescence?4th ed?John Libbey Eurotext?2005]
[Essentials. Convulsions and consciousness disturbances - How to manage] 2nd revised edition. Shoni Naika (Jpn J Pediatr Med) 2011; 43(3): 286-641
[Experimental Methodology of the Central Nervous System-An Experimental Study of Epilepsy]
[Exploration and standardization of newer treatments against epilepsy. Summated Report of the Research Group, supported by the Grants-in-Aid (19-6) for Nervous and Mental Disorders from the Ministry of Health, Labor & Welfare (Chief investigator : Yushi Inoue)]
[Febrile seizures and acute encephalopathies - Updates. A special issue]. Shonika Shinryo 2011 ; 74(6) : 873-990
[Flowchart guide for diagnosis and treatment of childhood epilepsies]
[Happiness to Mr. Socrates !]
[Heart clock : Tetsuji of 15 years old. Adolescence and agony of a disabled child]
[How to read EEG findings - In clinical setting of 92 cases]
[Improvement of endovascular-deriving electrode usable in intra-cerebrovascular EEG to detect epileptic focus effectively and its clinical application. The Research Result Report under 2006-2007 Grants-in-Aid of Ministry of Education and Science (Basic Research C). #18591597]
[Integrated research of medical and surgical therapies in epilepsy. The 2006 Report on the Research Project of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Research Grant for Neuropsychiatric Disorders (16-3A)]
[Invitation to an EEG journey - An introductory EEG pleased to learn and easy to understand. 2nd edition]
[Involvement of p38? in kainate-induced seizure and neuronal cell damage. Dissertation presented to the Chiba University]
[Ketogenic diet - from basics to practice - Everything about ketogenic diet]
[Let us know more about what is epilepsy ! The report of the invstigative survey project in the western part of the Tottori Prefecture]
[Manic-depressive psychosis and epilepsy. A Japanese version of Emil Kraepelin 'sche Compendium der Psychiatrie?8te Aufl?1909-1915]
[Mechanism of epileptogenesis in synaptic vesicular membrane protein deficient mice. A summary report of the project (No 15591208) sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, 2003-2004]
[Medical treatment and research in epilepsy : Present and perspective - Special issue]. Jpn J Dev Disabil 2010 ; 32(3) : 205-266
[Messiah Kyuseishu]
[Molecular epidemiology and clinical features of age-dependent epileptic encephalopathy. The 2009 Annual Report of the Research Group, supported by the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research from the Ministry of Health, Labor & Welfare (Chief investigator : Naomichi Matsumoto)
[MOSES workbook. Learning program on epilepsy]. Translated from MOSES Er-Arbeitungsbuch, Modulares Schulungsprogramm Epilepsie. 2te Aufl. Bielefeld: Bethel-Verlag. 2005
[My own way, slow and clumsy: never give up to live through]
[Neonatal electroencephalography for everybody - How to read and interpret neonatal seizures]
[Neonatal seizures and EEG monitoring]
[New treatment of epilepsy]. Brain and Nerve 2011; 63(4): 291-409
[Pharmacogenomic approach to improve personalized medicine and health care - Antiepileptic drug therapy and the prevention of airway disease. Dissertation presented to the Kumamoto University]
[Pharmacokinetics and therapeutics of antiepileptic drugs -focusing on the treatment of pediatric and pregnant patients. Dissertation presented to the Chiba University]
[Pocketbook of clinical electroencephalography]
[Practical introduction to EEG in children. An EEG atlas useful for daily practice]
[Q&A in Clinical Practice for Epilepsy - Opinions of Distinguished Authorities in the World -]
[Relationship of synaptic coupling and epileptic discharges in guinea-pig hippocampal slices. Dissertation presented to Kyushu Institute of Technology]
[Research for construction of evidence-based diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines for epilepsy. The 2003 Report on the Research Project of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Research Grant for Neuropsychiatric Disorders]
[Sensorimotor seizures of pediatric onset with unusual posteriorly oriented rolandic spikes. Dissertation presented to the Tohoku University]
[Special issue : Topics on epilepsy]. Shinkei Naika 2010 ; 72(3) : 235-274
[Special issue on advances in epilepsy clinics]. Rinsho Seishin Igaku (Clin Psychiarty) 2009 ; 38(12) : 1669-1757
[Special issue on Epilepsy therapy - New standards]. Clinical Neuroscience 2011; 29(1): 15-111
[Special issue on Levetiracetam, a new antiepileptic drug]. Rinsho Seishin Yakuri 2010 ; 13(9) : 1651-1728
[Structure of the base for new drug development using iPS cells derived from patients with intractable epilepsy. The 2009 SummaryReport of the Research Group, funded by the Ministry of Health, Labor & Welfare (Chief : Yonehiro Kanemura)]
[Studies on Electronic Screen Games and Seizures. A Report of the Domestic Collaborative Research Commission on ESGS]
[Studies on Electronic Screen Games and Seizures. A Report of the Local Commission on ESGS]
[Study of metabolism and drug-drug interaction on antiepileptic agent of zonisamide. Dissertation presented to the Chiba University]
[Surgical treatment and associated changes of cerebral hemispheric function in temporal lobe epilepsy. Report of the Project]
[Surgical treatment of epilepsies associated with organic lesions]
[Surveillance of the current status of training given to patients with epilepsy]
[Textbook of Epilepsy]
[The 10th Annual Report of the Japan Epilepsy Research Foundation (1998)]
[The 11th Annual Report of the Japan Epilepsy Research Foundation (1999)]
[The 12th Annual Report of the Japan Epilepsy Research Foundation (2000)]
[The 13th Annual Report of the Japan Epilepsy Research Foundation (2001)]
[The 14th Annual Report of the Japan Epilepsy Research Foundation (2002)]
[The 15th Annual Report of the Japan Epilepsy Research Foundation (2003)]
[The 16th Annual Report of the Japan Epilepsy Research Foundation (2004). Japan Epilepsy Research Foundation Annual Report Series]
[The functional role of glutamate transporter associated protein (GTRAP3-18) in the epileptogenesis by PTZ-kindking. A summary report of the project No 16591146 sponsored by the Grand-in-Aid of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, 2004-2005]
[The guideline for epilepsy treatment 2010]
[The psychiatry of epilepsy]
[The treament of Epilepsy]
[Topics of epilepsy]
[Traumatic epilepsy]
[Treatment of epilepsy with newer antiepileptic drugs]
[Updates of epilepsy therapy - Forefront of research and clinic -]
[van Gogh in truth - Deliberation of a psychiatrist
[What should be known about Epilepsy- Information and counselling for younger and Older]
[Yasashii Tenkan-gaku - Epileptology in Plain Language]
1. Childhood Epilepsy. 2. Epilepsy with Psychosis
1. Epilepsy and Hysteria. 2. Reflex Epilepsy. 3. Paroxysmal Choreoathetosis
1. Prognosis of Absences, Together with the Current Status of Clinical Management of Epilepsy in the United States (PET Scan, Long-Term EEG Monitoring). 2. Secondary Epilepsy
100 Q & As About Your Child's Epilepsy.
100 Questions & Answers About Your Child's Epilepsy
100 Years of Epilepsy Care and Research in Kuopio
194 Clinical Questions in Epilepsy Clinical Practice
1st Croatian Symposium on Epilepsy, September 29 - October 1, 1994, Rijeka, Croatia
2005 Epilepsy Calendar. Spiral edition
2006 Epilepsy Planner. Spiral-bound
21st Century Complete Medical Guide to Epilepsy and Seizures, Authoritative Government Documents, Clinical References, and Practical Information for Patients and Physicians (CD-ROM)
27th International Epilepsy Congress Proceedings, Singapore, 8th-12th July 2007
2nd Croatian Symposium of Epilepsy, October 2-4, 1996, Varazdin, Croatia
3rd European Congress of Epileptology, Warsaw Poland, 1998
5000 Epilepticos. Clinica y Evolucion
50th Anniversary Reprint Collection: Epilepsy
5th International Congress of Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology and the Ninth Meeting of the International League against Epilepsy, Rome, September 7th-13th, 1961
77 Questions on Epilepsies
A barátom epilepsziás - My Friend has Epilepsy (Illustrated by Nagyfenyvesi, Viktor)
A Bruised Light
A Century of Prejudice and Progress. A Paradigm of Epilepsy in a Developing Society. Medical and Social Aspects, Victoria, Australia, 1835-1950
A Clinical Guide to Epileptic Syndromes and Their Treatment. Revised 2nd Edition. Based on the ILAE Classifications and Practice Parameter Guidelines.
A Collection of Articles on Epilepsy
A Collection of Data Through Multi-institutional Collaborative Study on Long-term Prognosis of Epilepsy in Japan
A collection of selected articles and abstracts of the 8th Asian and Oceanian Congress of Epilepsy, Melbourne, 21-24 October 2010. Neurology Asia 2011; 16 Supplement 1: 1-76
A companions guide to epilepsy : Epilepsy in later life
A Conference on People with Epilepsy
A Cummulative List of Programs of the Hokuriku Epilepsy Society (The First, 1977 to The 20th, 1996)
A developmental and psychosocial study of epilepsy : A dissertation submitted to the Graduate
A Disease Once Sacred. A History of the Medical Understanding of Epilepsy
A Document of the Forum on Clinical Epileptology in the 21st Century, held in Tokyo, Feb 3, 2001
A Epilepsia em Psiquiatria (Contribuiçao Para O Seu Estudo) - Epilepsy and Psychiatry
A felnőttkori epilepszia EEG atlasza - The EEG Atlas of Adulthood Epilepsy
A Foundation for Epilepsy. The Michael Foundation
A Glossary of Terminology Associated with Social Aspects of Epilepsy
A Guidance for Activity of the JEA Branches
A Guide to Living and Nursing for Epileptic Children] A Special Issue
A Guide to the Therapeutic Monitoring of Antiepileptic Drug Levels
A Guide to Understanding and Living with Epilepsy
A Guidebook for Immunizations in Children with Neurological Diseases] (in Japanese)
A Guideline for Diagnosis and Treatment of Status Epilepticus in Children (Draft) - In Search for Better Treatment -
A Handbook of Self-help for People with Epilepsy
A Handful of Stars (A Nobel for Young People)
A Large-scale Survey on Quality of Life of People with Epilepsy Through Questionaires under a Collaboration of a Paired Patient and Physician
A manual for epilepsy self-help groups
A manual for parents of children who have epileptic seizures : the fallacies, the fears, the facts
A manual for support groups for adults with epilepsy
A Manual of Clinical Practice or Epilepsies in Children. 2nd edition
A Measure of Psychosocial Functioning of the Adolescent with Epilepsy: Relationship to Family's Shared Cognitive Understanding of the Condition
A Multidisciplinary Handbook of Epilepsy
A National Directory of Clinic Facilities for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Persons with Epilepsy
A National Strategy for Epilepsy in Australia; 2007-8 Pre-Budget Submission
A Neuroimmunological Approach of Intractable Childhood Epilepsies
A Neurophysiological and Neurochemical Study on the Mechanism of Manifesting Convulsion
A Neuropsychiatric Study in Childhood
A new perspective on antipsychotics and antiepileptics
A new sntiepileptic drug - topiramate
A patient friendly resource for epilepsy and other seizure disorders
A Practical Approach to Epilepsy
A practical approach to neurophysiologic intraoperative monitoring
A Practical Guide to Childhood Epilepsies
A preliminary exploration of awareness of the epilepsies among educators
A Promise to an Angel: A Child's Battle with Epilepsy
A Prospective Study on Maternal and Fetal Outcome in 139 Women with Epilepsy
A Psychological Test for Epileptics
A Ray of Darkness
A Remarkable Medicine Has Been Overlooked
A Road to Rehabilitation : The History of Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre
A Season of Secrets
A Seizure Atlas
A spark of hope : living with epilepsy
A Special Issue on Imaging Diagnosis of Epilepsy
A Special Issue. Epilepsy Treatment in Modern Era-Aiming at a Global Standard
A statistical inquiry into the nature and treatment of epilepsy. Rare reprint
A statistical theory of the epilepsies
A Story of Epilepsy Plainly Explained
A Study Comparing a Group of 100 Couples in which the Female Partner Suffers from Epilepsy, with a Group of 100 Couples in which the Male Partner Suffers from Epilepsy
A Study of Certain Social Aspects of Epilepsy in Childhood
A Study of Epilepsy in Its Clinical, Social and Genetic Aspects
A Study of Pharmaceutical Factors which Might Affect Intestinal Absorption of Phenytoin in Healthy Subjects
A Study on Rehabilitation for Epileptic Patients, No 1. Significance of Rehabilitation for Epileptics and Their Impediment
A Study on Rehabilitation for Epileptic Patients, No 2. A Concept of Disability in the Case of Epilepsy
A Study on Rehabilitation for Epileptic Patients, No 3. Living Environment of People with Epilepsy
A Survey of Epilepsy in Mentally Retarded Children
A Survey of Epilepsy in Zeeland, the Netherlands
A Systematic Review of the Effectiveness and Cost-effectiveness of Neuroimaging Assessments Used to Visualise the Seizure Focus in People with Refractory Epilepsy being Considered for Surgery
A Tale on Epilepsy
A temporalis epilepszia viselkedéses szindrómája és a többszörös személyiség - Epileptic Psychosyndrome and Multiple Personality
A Text on Epilepsy
A Textbook of Epilepsy. 4th ed
A Textbook of Epilepsy. 5th ed
A Traveler's Handbook for Persons with Epilepsy
A Traveller''s Handbook for People with Epilepsy
A treatise on hysteria and epilepsy, with some concluding observations on epileptic insomnia. An OCR edition of the classic original. Published by: G.S. Davis, Detroit, in 1888
A Workshop on Antiepileptic Drug Monotherapy Indications
ABC For Epilepsy Clinical Practice. A Special Issue
ABC für Anfallskranke. Ein Ratgeber für Patienten und Ihre Angehörigen
Abnormal Cortical Development and Epilepsy. From Basic to Clinical Science
Abnormal Neuronal Discharges
Abnormalities of Cortical Development and Epilepsy
About Epilepsy, What Everyone Should Know about Epilepsy
About Epilepsy. Revised ed
Abrasamento Amigdaliano e Hipocampal em Animais Diabéticos por Aloxana e Estreptozotocina - Hippocampus and Amygdala Abrasion by Aloxane and Streptozotocine in Diabetic Animals
Absence Epilepsia en Timing-gedrag, Bijde Mens
Absence Epilepsy in Rats: How Nurture Shapes Nature. Genotypic and Environmental Influences on Spike-Wave Discharges Across the Lifespan
Absence Epilepsy in Swedish Children. Clinical Epidemiology-Psycho-social Adjustment
Absencs Seizures in Malta
Absente pour Cause d'Epilepsie
Abstract of 8th European Congress on Epileptology, Berlin, Germany, 21 - 25 September 2008
Abstracts from the 2009 Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society, December 4-8, 2009, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Abstracts from the 23rd International Epilepsy Congress, Prague, Czech Republic, September 12-17, 1999
Abstracts from the 27th International Epilepsy Congress, Singapore, 8-12 July 2007
Abstracts from the 4th European Epileptology Congress, Florence, Italy, October 7-10, 2000
Abstracts from the 5th European Congress on Epileptology, Madrid, 6-10 October 2002
Abstracts from the 6th European Congress of Epileptology, Vienna, Austria, 30th May - 3rd June, 2004.
Abstracts from the Joint Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society and the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society. Washington DC, USA, December 2-6, 2005
Abstracts from the Third European Congress of Epileptology, Warsaw, Poland, May 24-28, 1998
Abstracts of Pre-Congress Symposium on Video Game Induced Seizures, Kyoto, October 15, 1995
Abstracts of the 28th International Epilepsy Congress. Budapest, Hungary. June 29-July 1, 2009
Abstracts of the 5th European Congress on Epileptology. Madrid, Spain, 6-10 October 2002
Abstracts of the 5th Joint Meeting of the German, Austrian, and Swiss Sections of the International League Against Epilepsy, Basle, May 16-19, 2007
Abstracts of the 6th European Congress on Epileptology. Vienna, Austria, 30 May-3 June, 2004
Abstracts of the 6th Joint Meeting of the German, Austrian, and Swiss Sections of the International League Against Epilepsy
Abstracts of the Pre-congress Symposium on Video Game-Induced Seizures, Kyoto, October 15, 1995
Abstracts, 1st Croatian Congress of Epileptology and 2nd Croatian Congres of Neurophysiology, September 21-26 2004, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Abstracts, 3rd Croatian Symposium of Epilepsy, October 1-3, 1998, Stari Grad, Island of Hvar, Croatia
Abstracts, 4th Croatian Symposium of Epilepsies, 1st Croatian Congress of Neurophysiology, October 1-4, 2000, Zagreb, Croatia
Abstracts, 5th Croatian Symposium of Epilepsy, June 12-15 2002, Osijek, Croatia
Abstracts, 7th Croatian Symposium of Epilepsy, 29 May-1 June 2006, Pula, Croatia
Abstracts, 8th Croatian Symposium of Epilepsy, 16-19 November 2008, Zagreb, Croatia
Acquired Aphasia in Children. Acquisition and Breakdown of Language in the Developing Brain
Action Plan Toward Epilepsy Control-A Special Report of the Task Force Committee for the Comprehensive Anti-Epilepsy Program, Japanese Epilepsy Association
Actions and Interactions of GABA and Benzodiazepines. A Biological Council Symposium
Actualidades en las epilepsias
Actualités de l'Epilepsie-3. L'Imparfait
Actualités sur l'Épilepsie. D''après le Congrès de l'AES 2000 de Los Angeles et la Revue de la Litérature de l'Année 2000
Adaptaçâo de um Modelo de Isquemia Cerebral Experimental em Ratos - Adaptation of an Experimental Model of Brain Ischemia in Rats
Adult Epilepsy
Adults with Poorly Controlled Epilepsy
Advanced neuroimaging in new-onset epilepsy. Proceedings from the 1st Halifax Epilepsy Conference, September 30-October 1, 2010, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Epilepsia 2011 ; 52 Suppl 4 : 1-51
Advanced Therapy in Epilepsy
Advances in Antiepileptic Drug Therapy-Lamotrigine
Advances in Diagnosis of Epilepsy
Advances in Epilepsy Research, Vol 1
Advances in Epilepsy Research, Vol 2
Advances in Epilepsy Surgery and Radiosurgery
Advances in Epileptology
Advances in Epileptology - 1977. Psychology, Pharmacotherapy and New Diagnostic Approaches
Advances in the identification and management of severe epilepsy syndromes of early childhood: Focus on SCN1A
Advances in the Management of Convulsive Status Epilepticus. A Self-Assessment Review. Workbook
Advances in the Management of Epilepsy
Adverse Effects of Antiepileptic Drugs
AES Proceedings. Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society, Boston, Massachusetts, December 5-10, 2003
AES Proceedings. Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society, Seattle, Washington, December 6-11, 2002
AES Proceedings. Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society. San Diego, California, December 6-9, 1998
AES Proceedings. 2006 Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society, and the Canadian League Against Epilepsy (1st North American Regional Epilepsy Congress), San Diego, December 1-5, 2006
AES Proceedings. Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society, Baltimore, Maryland, December 1-6, 1995
AES Proceedings. Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society, December 7-10, 1997
AES Proceedings. Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society, Los Angeles, California, December 1-6, 2000
AES Proceedings. Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society, Miami, Florida, December 3-9, 1993
AES Proceedings. Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society, New Orleans, Louisiana, December 2-8, 1994
AES Proceedings. Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society, New Orleans, Louisiana, December 3-7, 2004.
AES Proceedings. Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society, Orlando, Florida, December 3-8, 1999
AES Proceedings. Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December 8-11, 1991
AES Proceedings. Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 30-December 5, 2001
AES Proceedings. Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society, San Francisco, California, December 7-10, 1996
AES Proceedings. Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society, Seattle, Washington, December 6-9, 1992
AES Proceedings. Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society, Washington, December 2 - 6, 2005
Age-related and Dose-dependent Pharmacokinetics of Valproic Acid in Guinea Pigs
Aggiornamenti in Epilettologia 2003 Atti del 26° Congresso Nazionale - Chia Lagune Cagliari, 28-31 Maggio 2003
Aggiornamenti in Epilettologia 2005 Atti del 28° Congresso Nazionale, Bari, 18-21 Maggio 2005
Aggiornamenti in Epilettologia 2006 Atti del 29° Congresso Nazionale - Pisa, 3-6 Giugno 2006
Aggiornamenti in Epilettologia 2007 Atti del 30° Congresso Nazionale - Reggio Calabria, 29 Maggio - 1 Giugno 2007
Aicardi'nin Çocuklarda Epilepsi
Aicardi's Epilepsy in Children. 3rd ed
Akaruku Ikiru Tenkan No Jidai - Pleasant Life for Epileptics
Aktuelle Epilepsietherapie Kurzgefasst. 4te Aufl
Aktuelle Epileptologie. Probleme-Dïagnostik-Therapie
Aktuelle Neuropaediatrie 1991. Reflexanfälle und Reflexepilepsien, Therapie maligner Hirntumoren, Rehabilitation von Kindern mit Spina bifida
Alcohol and Seizures: Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Concept
All About Epilepsy. Therapy, Life, Psychology and Welfare
Alles over Epilepsie.
Alteraçôes Comportamentais Induzidas Pelo Tratamento Pr-natal Com Diazepam e RO 15-1788 - Behavioral changes induced by prenatal treatment with diazepam and RO 15-1788
Alternatieve Geneeswijzen en Epilepsy (Dutch book about alternative therapies).
Altersepilepsien - Therapie in der Praxis
Ammonshornveranderungen Bei Epilepsie (1901) [Taschenbuch]
Amobarbital Effects and Lateralized Brain Function: The Wada Test
An analysis of social perceptions of epilepsy; Increasing rationalization as seen through the theories of Comte and Weber
An Atlas of Epilepsy. 2nd ed
An engineered mind
An Experimental Study on the Effect of Anticonvulsants upon Fetal Growth and Development, Supported by the Grant in Aid for Scientific Research, 1985 (No 5948023), Ministry of Education
An integrative approach to the delineation of the epilepsies
An International Approach to Educational Campaigns About Epilepsy
An international glossary of anticonvulsant and antiepileptic drugs. 3rd ed
An investigation into relaxation and refractory childhood epilepsy: A single case approach
An Lnternational Glossary of Auticonvulsant and Antiepileptic Drugs. 3rd ed
An Overview of Epilepsy
Analyse Hirnelektrischer Aktivität bei Epilepsie mit Zellularen Nichtlinearen Netzwerken
Analysis of Partial Motor Epilepsy in Rats and the Effect of Anticonvulsant Drugs.
Analysis of the Follow-up of 295 Pregnancies in Epileptic Women in the Nord Pas de Calais Region (France) Between January 1970 and December 1980
Anästhesie bei Zerebralen Krampfanfällen und Intensivtherapie des Status Epilepticus
Anatomische Lehrtafel: Epilepsie (Poster)
Anatomy of Epileptogenesis
And down went poss
And The Ass Saw The Angel. 2nd ed
Anfall, Verhalten, Schmerz
Anfälle im Kindesalter
Anfälle im Kindesalter. Schwerpunkt gutartige Epilepsien. Antworten auf Elternfragen
Anfälle im Schlaf
Anfälle und Epilepsien bei Kindern und Jugendlichen
Anfälle: Erfahrungen mit Epilepsie, 2te Aufl
Anfallsbilder. Metaphorische Konzepte im Sprechen Anfallskranker Menschen
Anfallskrankheiten aus Interdisziplinärer Sicht
Anfallskrankheiten. Ein Leitfaden für Alle Betroffene
Anfallskrankheiten. Ein Ratgeber für Anfallskranke und Ihre Angehörigen
Anfallskrankheiten: Nomenkulatur und Klassifikation der Epilepsien der epileptischen Anfälle und anderer Anfallssyndrome
Animal Models of Epilepsy: Prelimianry Entry 1004: Innovations in Research
Animal Models of Neurological Disease, II: Metabolic Encephalopathies and the Epilepsies
Anleitung zur Beobachtung und Beschreibung epileptischer Anfälle und zur Beschriftung der Anfallbögen in der Klinik für Anfallskranke Mara I und im Langzeitbereich des Epilepsie-Zentrums Bethel. 3te Aufl
Annotated Bibliography on Epilepsy: Social, Psychological and Behavioral Literature from 1955 through 1965
Annual Report of the Japan Epilepsy Research Foundation, Vol 18(2007)
Annual Report of the Japan Epilepsy Research Foundation. Vol 19 (2008)
Ansiedade e Epilepsia - Anxiety and Epilepsy
Anticonvulsant Drugs and Enzyme Induction
Anticonvulsant Drugs, Vol 1
Anticonvulsant Screening Project. Antiepileptic Drug Development Program
Anticonvulsant Therapy. Pharmacological Basis and Practice. 3rd ed
Anticonvulsants in Affective Disorders
Anticonvulsants in Mood Disorders
Anticonvulsants in Psychiatry
Anticonvulsants. Medicinal Chemistry
Anticonvulsants: Drugs with Multiple Applications
Antiepileptic Drug Development
Antiepileptic Drug Hypersensitivity in Children
Antiepileptic Drug Interactions
Antiepileptic Drug Therapy in Pediatrics
Antiepileptic Drugs
Antiepileptic Drugs (AEDs). A special issue
Antiepileptic Drugs and Pregnancy
Antiepileptic drugs in children of women of child bearing age
Antiepileptic Drugs in Psychiatry
Antiepileptic Drugs to Treat Psychiatric Disorders
Antiepileptic Drugs. 2nd ed
Antiepileptic Drugs. 5th ed
Antiepileptic Drugs. Mechanisms of Action
Antiepileptic Drugs. Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Antiepileptic Drugs. Pocketobook
Antiepileptic Drugs. Quantitative Analysis and Interpretation
Antiepileptic Drugs: A Clinician's Manual
Antiepileptic Drugs: Combination Therapy and Interactions
Antiepileptic Drugs: Current Status and Exploration of New Drugs] A Special Issue
Antiepileptic Drugs: Optimal Use and Future Prospects
Antiepileptic Drugs: Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Antiepileptic dugs, pharmacopoeia
Antiepileptic Therapy. Advances in Drug Monitoring
Antiepileptika in Stichworten. Ein Leitfaden für Klinik und Praxis
Antiepileptika und Schwangerschaft
Antiepileptika verstehen. Ein Wegweiser durch den Medikamenten-Dschungel. 5te Aufl
Antiepileptika-Auf Einen Blick
Antiepileptika-Interaktionen 2007. Tabellarische Übersichten
Antiepileptika-Interaktionen 2009. Tabellarishe Übersichten. 2te Aufl
Antiepileptische Langzeitmedikation. Pharmakokinetik-Klinische Begleitwirkungen
Antiepiletic Drug Monitoring
Antikonvulsiva in der Psychiatrie
Antimanics, Anticonvulsants and Other Drugs in Psychiatry
Approccio multimodale allo studio dell'eccitabilità nell'epilessia rolandica
Approche Multidisciplinaire de l'Epilepsie. Spécial EEG
Approche Neuropsychologique de la Spécialisation Hémisphérique et de la Mémoire : Apport de l'Épilepsie Temporale Unilatérale
Arbeit und berufliche Rehabilitation bei Epilepsie
Arcipelago epilessia
Art and Science of Epilepsy
Articles on Epilepsy
Ärztlicher Rat für Epilepsiekranke; Ein Ratgeber für den Kranken und Seine Familie, für Ärzte, Pädagogen und Sozialarbeiter. 4te Aufl
As Epilepsias na Idade Escolar (Aspectos Médico-Pedagógicos)
Asahikawa Epilepsy Research, Vol I
Asahikawa Epilepsy Surgery Research, Vol IV
Asahikawa Epilepsy Surgery Research. Vol II
Asahikawa Epilepsy Surgery Research. Vol III
Aspectos Fisiopathológicos, Clínicos y Quirúrgicos de las Epilepsias
Aspectos Fisiopathológicos, Clunicos y Quirurgicos de las Epilepsias
Aspectos Neurofisiológicos das Epilepsiás da Infãcia e Adolescência
Aspectos Psicossociais Na Epilepsia (Contrîbuiçao Para O Seu Estudo)
Aspectos psiquiatricosy socials de la epilepsia
Aspects Fondamentaux des Epilepsies
Aspects of Epilepsy and Psychiatry
Aspekte der Epilepsie-Diagnostik
Aspekte der Epilepsie-Therapie
Aspekte der Pharmako-therapie der Epilepsien
Aspekte der Pharmakotherapie, Psychopharmaka
Aspetti neuropsicologici dell'epilessia parziale in età evolutiva
Assessing Quality of Life in Epilepsy: Development of a New Inventory
Assessment of psychosocial problems in epilepsy : The Washington Psychosocial Seizure Inventory - (modified)
Asthma and Epilepsy: A Psychogenic Theory and Case Report
Astrocytes Activés et Épilepsies Focales. Etude Histoenzymologique
Astrocytes and neurons in experimental brain disorders: Epilepsy, hydrocephalus and schizophrenia
At what cost? : the challenge of delivering epilepsy support services to the Victorian community / Russell Pollard. Cost/benefit analysis
Ataques epilépticos (Translated from Gastaut H, Broughton R, eds. Epileptic Seizures. 1972)
Ataques epilepticos en niños y adolescentes - Epilepsy in children and adolescents
Atividade elétrica cerebral de base e gravidade das epilepsias - Background Electrical Activity and Epilepsy Severity
Atlante delle crisi e delle sindromi epilettiche
Atlante delle crisi epilettiche
Atlas and Classification of Electroencephalography (Translated from the German edition by Lüders HO, Noachtar S, eds)
Atlas de Crisis Epilepticas. 2nd ed
Atlas de electroencefalografia en la epilepsia [Atlas of electroencephalography in epilepsy]
Atlas d'Electroencéphalographie : Tome 2, Les Epilepsies, de l'EEG aux Syndromes
Atlas d'Electroencéphalographie, Tome 1
Atlas Mobiler Langzeit-EEG-Ableitungen
Atlas of Ambulatory EEG
Atlas of Diagnosis and Operation for Epilepsy
Atlas of EEG & Seizure Semiology. With DVD-ROM.
Atlas of Electroencephalography. Vol 1: Awake and Sleep EEG. Activation Procedures and Artifacts
Atlas of Electroencephalography. Vol 2: Epilepsy
Atlas of Electroencephalography. Vol 2: The Epilepsies, EEG and Epileptic Syndromes
Atlas of epilepsies, In three volumes
Atlas of Epilepsy Imaging
Atlas of Epileptic Seizures & Syndromes (Translated from Lüders H, Noachter S, eds, Atlas und Video Epileptischer Anfälle und Syndrome, 1995)
Atlas of Ictal EEG in Epilepsy. Revised 2nd ed
Atlas of pediatric EEG. Atlas series
Atlas of video-EEG monitoring
Atlas to Read Interictal and Ictal EEG] (in Japanese)
Atlas und Klassifikation der Elektroenzephalographie. Einfüfrung in der EEG-Auswertung.
Atlas und Video epileptischer Anfälle und Syndrome
Atlas. Epilepsy Care in the World 2005
Attualita Cliniche Sull'Epilessia
Attualita e Prospettive in Tema di Terapia dell' Epilessia
Aufwachepilepsie; Eine Testpsychologische Untersuchung
Aus einer Hellen Kinderzeit
Author index and subject index for Epilepsia vol 48, 2007
Autisme et epilepsie [Taschenbuch]
Automated EEG-based diagnosis of neurological disorders: Inventing the future of neurology
Automatismes de Longue Durèe et Fugues Épileptiques chez l'Adulte
Autonomic Paroxysmal Disorders
Az epilepszia mindennapi klinikai problémái - Everyday Clinical Issues in Epilepsy
Az epilepszia pszichoszmatikus tényezői - The Psychosomatic Aspects of Epilepsy
Az epilepsziás gyermek a kőzősségben - The Epileptic Child in the Community (School)
Bases Physiologiques et Aspects Cliniques de l'Epilepsie. Actualités Neuro-physiologiques de la Salpétrière
Basi neurobiologiche delle epilessie
Basic Doctrine of Movement for Conquering Epilepsy
Basic Mechanisms of Neuronal Hyperexcitability
Basic Mechanisms of the Epilepsies
Basic Mechanisms of the Epilepsies. Molecular and Cellular Approaches.
Basic Principles of Epilepsy Surgery
Basic Statistics on the Epilepsies
Basics and Advances of Infantile Spasms
Basis for Clinical Practice in Pediatric Epilepsies-Clinical Hotspots and Application of Examinations-
Be Not Afraid. The Story of a Tragically Afflicted Child and his Stubbornly Courageous Family
Because we are friends!
Becky the Brave: A Story of about Epilepsy
Bee Season-A Novel-
Begegnungen mit Epilepsie
Behandeling en Verpleging van Epilepsiepatienten
Behandlung der Epilepsien. Medikamentös-Psychosozial-Operativ
Behandlung kindlicher Epilepsien und Nebenwirkungen antiepileptischer Therapie
Behandlungsprotokolle bei Epilepsien
Behavior and Epilepsy
Behavioral and Cognitive Disorders in Pediatric Epilepsy.
Behavioral Aspects of Epilepsy: Principles and Practice
Behavioural State and Seizure Susceptibility. A Study of Responses upon Electrical Stimulation of the Basal Temporal Lobe in Cats under Different Behavioural Conditions
Behind the Stigma of Epilepsy. An Inquiry into the Centuries-Old Discrimination against Persons With Epilepsy
Behinderte Erleben Sport und Spiel. Erfahrungen und Untersuchungen
Behinderte Menschen mit Epilepsie in Heimen und betreuten Wohngruppen. Überlegungen und Empfehlungen zur Versorgung. Bethel Beiträge 49
Bei Tim wird Alles Anders. 3te Aufl
Beikoku no Shogaisha Taisaku Hattatsu Shogai to Tenkan (Translated from Epilepsy Foundation of America's The Definition of Developmental Disability and How It Affects Person with Epilepsy, 1983)
Beitrag zur Psychodiagnostik der Epilepsie im Kindesalter anhand des Rorschachschen Formdeutversuches
Benign childhood focal seizures and related epileptic syndromes
Benign Childhood Partial Seizures and Related Epileptic Syndromes
Benign Epilepsy of Children with Centro-Temporal EEG Foci
Benign Focal Epilepsies in Infancy, Childhood and Adolescence
Benign Localized and Generalized Epilepsies of Early Childhood
Bewegung, Sport und Epilepsie: Erfahrungen - Konzepte - Wissenschaftliche Ansätze
Beyond my Control: One Man's Struggle With Epilepsy, Seizure Surgery & Beyond
Beyond seizures: Mechanisms underlying epilepsy spectrum disorder. Merritt-Putnam Symposium, American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, December 6, 2009. Epilepsia 2011 ; 52 Suppl 1 : 1-46
Bibliografia Padaczki. 1543 - 2000. w pracach autorów polskich oraz zagranicznych publikujących w Polsce - Epilepsy - A Bibliography. 1543-2000. From the Works of Polish Writers and Foreign Writers who published in Poland
Bijdrge Tot de Kennis der Epilepsie
Biographisches und Bibliographisches aus der Geschichte der Epilepsie
Biological Factors in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Biomarkers in epilepsy (special issue)
Biorythms and Epilepsy
Bird and Other Writings on Epilepsy
Black Water
Blickfängerin. Ein Leben mit Epilepsie und Angst
Blickpunkt Therapiestrategien mit Gabapentin - Band 2: Epilepsie [Taschenbuch]
Blood Level Determinations of Antiepileptic Drugs. Clinical Value and Methods
Blood Level Determinations of Antiepileptic Drugs. Clinical Value and Methods. Bibliography with Key-Word and Author Indexes
Bodelschwingh, Bethel und die Barmherzigkeit
Bone Disease in Epileptics
Brain and Sleep
Brain Development and Epilepsy
Brain Disorders Sourcebook: Basic Consumer Health Information About Strokes, Epilepsy, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Als/Lou Gehrig's Disease) Parkinson's Disease, Brain Tumors, 2nd Rev ed
Brain Dysfunction in Infantile Febrile Convulsions
Brain Imaging in Epilepsy
Brain Plasticity and Epilepsy
Brain Plasticity and Epilepsy (Hard cover)
Brain Plasticity and Epilepsy (Paper back)
Brainquake: In the Grip of Epilepsy
Breve História do Diagnóstico e Tratamento da Epilepsia
Briefe der Ernestine K
Bring Epilepsy out of Shadows-Toward Solving Epilepsy Problems in the 21st Century-
Bringing up a Challenging Child at Home.
Broken consciousness: Reflections of an epileptic
Brothers & Sisters: Just for You!
Brothers & Sisters: What Affiliates Can Do
Brothers and Sisters: A Guide for Families of Children with Epilepsy
Building New Understanding in Epilepsy: Maximizing Patient Outcomes Without Sacrificing Seizure Control
Bundle for Epilepsy Researchers
California Epilepsy/Seizure Disorder Needs Assessment Report
California Epilepsy/Seizure Disorder Needs Assessment. Appendix, Supplement. Survey Comments
Can Antiepileptic Drugs Aggravate Epilepsy?
Canadian League Against Epilepsy 2007. Can J Neurol Sci 2009 Aug ; 36 Suppl 2 : S1-S103
Canadian Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Surgery Workshop
Canine Epilepsy: An Owner's Guide to Living With and Without Seizures
Características Electrofisiológicas y Metabólicas del Foco Epiléptico
Caratteristiche cliniche e del neuroimaging nella sindrome delle calcificazioni occipitali bilaterali, epilessia e celiachia
Carbamazepin in der Neurologie
Carbamazepin in der Psychiatrie
Carbamazepine (Translated from Schmutz M's Carbamazepine. In: Frey H-H, eds. Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology, Vol 74, Chapter 16, Springer, 1985: 479-506)
Carbamazepine in Affective Disorder
Carbamazepine. Pharmacology and Clinical Uses
Carbamazepine's Place in Antiepileptic Drug Therapy
Cardiac Abnormalities in Patients with Refractory Epilepsy. Possible Relevance for Sudden Unexpected Death
Care for People Developing Epilepsy after The Age of 60; Epilepsy Action Membership Survey
Carla. Eine Geschichte über Epilepsie. 2te Aufl
Case Collection: Re-assessment of Individual Epileptic Patients In View of the International Classification of Epilepsies (1989)
Case Study on Epilepsy
Cases of the epilepsy, hysteric fits, and St Vitus's dance, with the process of cure: interspersed with practical observations to which are added, ... that has been found successful. The second ed. A reproduction of a rare classic published in London : printed for W. Meadows and J. Clarke, 1753
Catastrophic Epilepsies of Childhood.
Central Nervous System Infections and Epilepsy
Cerebellar Stimulation for Spasticity and Seizures
Cerebellar Stimulation in Man
Cerebral Blood Flow, Metabolism and Epilepsy
Challenge Epilepsy-New Antiepileptic Drugs
Challenges in the Management of Epilepsy. A special issue
Challenging Behavior in Children with Epilepsy
Challenging behaviour in children with epilepsy
Challenging Cases in Epilepsy
Changing Approaches to the Management of Seizures: Pharmacologic Considerations
Changing Concepts and Newer Diagnostic Methods in Epilepsy
Che cos'è l'epilessia
Child of the Morning
Childhood absence epilepsy: An epidemiological, neuropsychological & molecular genetic study (Acta universitatis tamperensis)
Childhood Epilepsies
Childhood Epilepsies and Brain Development
Childhood Epilepsies: Neuropsychological, Psychosocial and Intervention Aspects
Childhood Epilepsy
Childhood Epilepsy into Adulthood
Childhood Epilepsy with Cognitive Symptomatology
Childhood Epilepsy: A Pediatric- Psychiatric Approach. (Translated from Bouchared R, Lorriloux J, Guedeney C, Kipman SD. L'épilepsie Essentielle de l'Enfant- Une Approache Pédiatrique et Psychiatrique-. Presses Universitaires de France. 1975)
Childhood Epilepsy: Language, Learning and Behavioural Complications
Childhood Epilepsy: Psychopathology, Family Factors, and Parent Adjustment
Childhood Onset Epilepsy. Long-term Medical and Social Outcome
Childhood Seizure Disorders: Current and Future Treatment
Childhood Seizures
Children Who Have Fits
Children with acquired aphasia. 2nd ed
Children with Childhood Epilepsies. A Bound Volume of News and Correspondences Issued by the Association of Parents
Children with Epilepsy
Children with Epilepsy and Their Families: Needs and Services: a Review and Discussion (Central Research Unit Papers)
Children with Epilepsy as Adults. Outcome after 30 Years of Following-up
Children with epilepsy in Malta
Children with Epilepsy. A Barrier-Free Book for Children, Acknowledging Disability
Children with Epilepsy. A Parents Guide. 2nd ed
Children with Seizures ; A Guide for Parents, Teacher, and Other Professionals
Chronic Encephalitis and Epilepsy. Rasmussen's Syndrome
Chronic Epilepsy. Its Prognosis and Management
Chronic Toxicity of Antiepileptic Drugs
Chronopharmacology in Therapy of the Epilepsies
Circadian Rhythm and Epilepsy and the International Classification of the Epilepsies
Circle of Partnership, with a Video
Classification revisited
Climbing the walls: Family perspectives on epilepsy from the David Lewis Centre
Clinical and experimental studies of phenytoin in relation to plasma levels
Clinical and Pharmacological Aspects of Sodium Valproate (Epilim) in the Treatment of Epilepsy
Clinical Aspects of Body Fluid Concentration of Antiepileptics. Conference of AED Assay, Kyoto, 1977
Clinical Aspects of Clonazepam, as an Auticonvulsant-Based on About 270 Articles
Clinical Aspects of Visual Sense and Electroencephalograaphy
Clinical effectiveness, tolerability and cost-effectiveness of newer drugs for epilepsy in adults: a systematic review and economic evaluation
Clinical Effects of Carbamazepine and Its Epoxide Metabolite-Drug Metabolic and Kinetic Aspects
Clinical Electroencephalography in Epilepsy and Related Conditions in Children
Clinical Electroencephalography of Children
Clinical Epilepsy
Clinical Epileptology
Clinical Epileptology (2nd ed)
Clinical Epileptology, Revised edition
Clinical Examinations for Epilepsy
Clinical Guideline - Epilepsy Fascicule
Clinical magnetoencephalography and magnetic source imaging
Clinical Management of Seizures: A Guide for the Physician. 2nd ed
Clinical Neurophysiology in the Presurgical Evaluation of Patients with Intractable Epilepsy
Clinical Neurophysiology of Epilepsy
Clinical Neurophysiology of Photosensitive Epilepsy
Clinical Neurophysiology Vol 2: EEG, Paediatric Neurophysiology, Special Techniques and Applications
Clinical Neurosciences for Efficient Treatment--2nd Live Issue of Clinical Neuroscience/Ideggyogyaszati Szemle
Clinical Neurosciences for Efficient Treatment--Live Issue of Clinical Neuroscience/Ideggyogyaszati Szemle
Clinical Pharmacology of Anti-Epileptic Drugs
Clinical Pharmacology of Valporate
Clinical Practice for the Epileptics - With Emphasis on Anticonvulsant Medication
Clinical Practice of Epilepsy-Case Study
Clinical Practice of Pediatric Epilepsy - Recent Advances] (A Special Issue)
Clinical studies in epilepsy, An OCR edition of the original published by: State Hospitals Press in 1917
Clinical Study on Photosensitive Seizure. A Report of the Special Research Committee funded by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 1997
Clinical Use of Anticonvulsants in Psychiatric Disorders
Clinician's Guide to Epilepsy
Clinics of Rivotril (Clonazepam)-Round Table Discussion
Clinimetrics in Epileptology
Clobazam in the Treatment of Epilepsy
Clobazam No Tenkan Chiryo-Rinsho Hokoku No Review, 1990. (Translated from Hentschel B. Clobazam in the Treatment of Epilepsy. Clinical Review Revised. Hoechst, 1990)
Clobazam: Human Psychopharmacology and Clinical Applications
Clonazapam, an Anticonvulsant-Seizure Types and Prescription in 100 Cases
Cognitive and Behavioral Outcomes of Epileptic Syndromes
Cognitive and Behavioural Disorders of Epileptic Origin in Children
Cognitive aspects in idiopathic epilepsy (Neurology-laboratory and clinical research developments)
Cognitive Changes in Epilepsy: A Ten- Year Follow- Up
Cognitive Dysfunction in Children with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Cognitività, psicologia e psicopatologia in epilessia
Comment Proust Peut Éclairer Votre Pratique de l'Epileptologie
Comment Vivre avec Un Épileptique
Comment Vivre avec Une Personne Atteinte d'Épilepsie
Comorbidities of Epilepsy: Special Topics
Co-morbidity in Epilepsy and Migraine
Comparative and Cellular Pathophysiology of Epilepsy
Comparative study of organic epilepsy and psychogenic: The search for diagnostic differences
Compendium of the Epilepsies
Complementary And Alternative Therapies For Epilepsy
Complex Partial Seizures and Their Treatment
Compliance in Epilepsy
Complications of Epilepsy
Comprehensions des Thérapeutiques Antiépileptiques
Comprehensive Care for People with Epilepsy
Comprehensive Epileptology
Comprehensive Management of Epilepsy in Infancy, Childhood and Adolescence
Comprendre l'Epilepsie. Notions Élémentaires sur l' Épilepsie et les Épilepsies.
Computational Neuroscience in Epilepsy
Computer aid to diagnostic in epilepsy and Alzheimer's disease: Systems and methods for neuroimaging analysis
Computer-aided Decision-making for Epilepsy and Sleep Diagnostics
Conoscere l'epilessia
Consensus in Child Neurology. The Management of Epilepsy
Consensus Statement: The Evaluation and Treatment of People with Epilepsy and Affective Disorders
Consequences of Epilepsy and Its Treatment in Childhood and Adolescence
Contemporary Diagnosis and Management of the Patient with Epilepsy. 5th ed
Continuing Professional Development: Medico-legal Aspects of Epilepsy. A Collection of 20 Articles Appeared in Seizure vol 10 in 2001
Continuous Spikes and Waves During Slow Sleep. Electrical Status Epilepticus During Slow Sleep. Acquired Epileptic Aphasia and Related Conditions
Contribuiçao ao Estudo da Relaçao Ciclo Menstrual e Crises Epilépticas. Aspectos Cl'nicos, Eletrencefalograficos e Exames Subsidiarios
Contribuiçâo ao Estudo de um Modelo Experimental de Epilepsia
Contribution à l'Etude Expérimentale de l'Epilepsie Partielle
Controlled Clinical Trials in Neurological Disease
Controlled Trials of Antiepileptic Drugs
Convegno epilessia tra neurologia e psichiatria: un approccio multidisciplinare. Atti del convegno epilessia tra neurologia e psichiatria: Napoli 7 febbraio 1992
Conversations with Neil's Brain: The Neural Nature of Thought and Language
Convivir con epilepsia/ coexisting with epilepsy
Convulsiones en la Infancia. Diagnóstico y Tratamiento. 2nd ed
Convulsions and Conscisusness Disturbances-A Handbook
Convulsions in Children
Convulsions in Children-For the Proper Management
Convulsive Disorders in Children
Convulsive Disorders in Children. With Reference to Treatment with Ketogenic Diet
Convulsive Disorders in Children: Even Epilepsy being Curable
Convulsive Disorders in Infancy and Early Childhood
Convulsive Disorders. With Emphasis on Epilepsy. From Diagnosis To Management
Convulsive Seizures. How to Deal with Them. 2nd ed
Convulsività Infantile. Riunioni di Aggiornamento della Sezione per la Neurologia Pediatrica della SINPI
Coping When Your Child Has Special Needs
Coping with Epilepsy in Children and Young People
Coping with Epilepsy. 2nd ed.
Correlazione tra profili neuropsicologici e dati EEG nella epilessia con punte onda contin ue durante il sonno lento
Correlazioni elettrocliniche in pazienti con epilessia parziale: significato lateralizzante delle manifestazioni cliniche ictali di tipo motorio
Cortical Dysplasias and Epilepsy: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Management.
Cortical electrical stimulation in epilepsy surgery: Single-pulse electrical stimulation for localization of the epileptogenic zone
Cortical oscillations in health and disease
Cortical Self-Sustained After-Discharges in the Rat.
Cost of Epilepsy
Crises Epilépticas Espontâneas e Recorrentes em Ratos: Um Modelo Experimental de Epilepsia Parcial. - Recurrent and Spontaneous Epileptic Seizures in Rats: An Experimental Model of Partial Epilepsy
Crisi epilettiche ad esordio tardivo in una serie di pazienti con glioblastoma "seizure free" alla diagnosi: analisi di prevalenza, significato prognostico e fattori di rischio
Crisi toniche frequenti farmaco-resistenti come espressione di epilessia criptogenetica dell'adulto
Current and future therapeutic opportunities in the comorbidity between the epilepsies and affective disorders - Special issue
Current and Future Trends in Anticonvulsant, Anxiety and Stroke Therapy
Current Issues in the Drug Treatment of Epilepsy.
Current Problems in Neuropsychiatry: Schizophrenia, Epilepsy, the Tempolal Lobe
Current Themes in Epilepsy
Current Therapy in Epilepsy
Current topics in pediatric epilepsy
Current Trends in Epilepsy
Current Trends in Epilepsy: A Self-Study Course for Physicians
Daily Life of Children with Epilepsy - How to Live Everyday -
Dancing With Epilepsy - Painting Exhibition held in Taoyuan Hsien on November 10-15, 1998
Dancing with Epilepsy-Painting Exhibition held at National Dr Sun Yet-Sen's Memorial Hall, November 10-15, 1998
Danny wa Futsu no Otoko no Ko. (Translated from Young's What Difference Does it Make, Danny?, 1980)
Dans La Tourmente de l'Epilepsie
Das Anfallkranke Kind. Pädagogischer Ratgeber für Eltern. 9. Anfl
Das Anfallskind: Antworten auf Elternfragen zu Epilepsien im Kindes - und Jugendalter. 2te Aufl
Das Anfallskranke Kind
Das Anfallskranke Kind - Soziale und Psychische Aspekte
Das Anfallskranke Kind in der Sprechstunde. Symptomatik, Diagnostik und Therapic der Anfallsleiden im Kindesalter
Das Anfallskranke Kind. Band 5. -Diagnostik kindlicher Epilepsien-
Das Auto Mensch: Eine Interpretation von Epilepsie
Das EEG bei Epilepsien im Kindes- und Jugendalter
Das Eigentor oder die Geschichte vom Peter Guck-in-die-Luft; ein Buch zum Lesen und Vorlesen für Kinder (ab 10 Jahren) und Erwachsene, die Kinderbücher mögen und sich über die Krankheit Epilepsie Informieren Wollen
Das Elektroencephalogramm im Epileptischen Anfall-Atlas
Das Geheimnis um die Stehaufmännchen-Mama: Ein Buch für Kinder von 2 bis 7 Jahren, deren Eltern Epilepsie haben. Bilderbuch und Elternteil
Das Göttliche und die Natur in der Schrift über die heilige Krankheit
Das grosse TRIAS-Handbuch Epilepsie. Die Erkrankung erkennen und verstehen; Gut informiert: Anfallformen, Auslöser, Diagnose, Verlauf, Therapie; Den Alltag meistern: Alles über Beruf, Familie und Freizeit. 3te überarbeitete Auflage
Das ist Eine Alte Krankheit": Epilepsie in der Literatur; Mit Einer Zusammenstellung Literarischen Quellen und Einer Bibliographie der Forschungsbeiträge
Das ist Eine Alte Krankheit: Epilepsie in der Literatur
Das ketogene Rezeptbuch, Auflage 2009, 10 Jahre bis 13 Jahre
Das ketogene Rezeptbuch, Auflage 2009, 13 Jahre bis 15 Jahre
Das ketogene Rezeptbuch, Auflage 2009, 15 Jahre bis 18 Jahre
Das ketogene Rezeptbuch, Auflage 2009, 4 Jahre bis 7 Jahre
Das ketogene Rezeptbuch, Auflage 2009, 6 Monate bis 4 Jahre
Das ketogene Rezeptbuch, Auflage 2009, 7 Jahre bis 10 Jahre
Das ketogene Rezeptbuch. 2 Auflage
Das Lennox-Gastaut-Syndrom
Das Lennox-Gastaut-Syndrom: Diagnose, Behandlung und Unterstützung im Alltag (Broschiert)
Das Myoklonisch-astatische Petit Mal. Eine Verlaufsform Kleiner Epileptischer Anfälle des Kindsalters
Day by Day Living with Epilepsy.
De Betekenis vsn het Klinisch-Psychologisch Onderzoek Voor een Nadere Analyse de z. g. Genuine Epilepsie
De Effecten van Anti-epileptica op het Cognitieve Functioneren bij Epileptische Kindern
De Invloed van Anti-epileptica op Cognitieve Functies. Een Vergelijkend Medicijnenonderzoek: Depakine versus Tegretol
De invloed van epilepsie op de intelligentie.
De Medicamenteuze Behandeling van Epilepsie
Dealing with a spouse that has epilepsy
Decision Points in Epilepsy: Bedside to Bench--Annual Course. American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting, December 4, 2007
Decisions and Strategies in Drug Treatment of Epilepsy
Deep Brain Stimulation and Epilepsy
Deja vu: Derealization, tip of the tongue, temporal lobe epilepsy, extrasensory perception, astral projection, out-of-body experience, precognition, clairvoyance, astral body
Demystifier l'Epilepsie : Traitement en Mèdecine de Premier Recours
Depression and Epilepsy: A Closer Look at their Intimate Relationship
Depressione parkinson ed epilessia
Der Anfallskranke in der Aerztlichen Sprechstunde (Kliniktaschenbücher)
Der Blitz aus Heiterem himmel. Mein Leben mit Epilepsie. 5te Aufl
Der Epilepsiekranke
Der erste epileptische Anfall: Was steckt dahinter? Welche Untersuchenungen sind sinnvoll? Wie geht es weiter?
Der Geist Packt Dich und du Stürzt zu Boden. Ein Hmong Kind, Seine Westlichen Ärzte und der Zusammenprall zweier Kulturen (Translated into German from Fadiman A. The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, MacMillan 1998)
Der Mögliche Einfluss von Gliazellen auf die Entstehung von Epilepsie
Der Nußbaum. Ein Betroffener erzählt über Epilepsie
Der Status Epilepticus. Seine Aetiologie, Klinik und Letalität. Eine Klinisch-statistische Analyse
Development and Growth in Children of Epileptic Mothers. A Prospective Controlled Study
DFG Denkschrift Epilepsie
Diagnose Epilepsie: Kurz und bündig: Wie Sie die Krankheit verstehen, die besten Therapie für sich nutzen und ihren Alltag optimal gestalten
Diagnosi e trattamento delle epilessie
Diagnosis and Management of Neonatal Seizures
Diagnosis and Management of Seizures in Children
Diagnosis and Therapy of Epilepsy
Diagnosis and Treatment of Epilepsy
Diagnosis and Treatment of Epilepsy in Children
Diagnosis and Treatment of Epilepsy in Recent Years (dialogue)
Diagnosis and Treatment of Epilepsy. Osaka Symposium, June 30,1979
Diagnosis and Treatment of Epilepsy. Revised 4th Ed
Diagnosis and Treatment of the Epilepsies
Diagnosis and Treatment of the Psychiatric Disorders Associated With Epilepsy
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Problems in Pediatric Epileptology
Diagnostic des Crises Cérébrales Infantiles
Diagnostic Neuroimaging in Epilepsy
Diagnóstico y Tratamento de la Epilepsia en la Infancia
Diagnostik und Therapie cerebraler Anfälle im Kindesalter
Diamox-Clinics and Treatment of Epilepsy
Diary Epilepsy
Dictionary of Epilepsy: Part 1. Definitions
Dictionary of Epileptology
Dictionnaire Analytique d' Epileptologie Clinique
Die Anstalt in Kork (Baden). Von der "Heil- und Pflegeanstalt für epileptische Kinder" zum "Epilepsiezenturm Kork"
Die Bedeutung genetischer Faktoren in der Aetiologie der Epilepsien und der epilepsietypischen EEG-Muster. Eine Literaturstudie
Die Cerebralen Anfallsleiden, Epilepsien. Einführung für Patienten und deren Angehörige
Die Cerebralen Vegetativen Anfälle
Die Chirurgische Behandlung der Temporallappenepilepsie. Beziehungen zwischen Gedächtnisleistungen und Faktoren des Alterns
Die chronische Krankheit Epilepsie: Und die Probleme der betroffenen Kinder
Die Epilepsie
Die Epilepsien. Spezielle Pathologie and Therapie. 2te Aufl
Die Epilepsien: Diagnose und Behandlung. 3te Aufl
Die Epilepsien: Grundlagen, Klinik, Behandlung. 2te Aufl
Die Epileptischen Anfallskrankheiten. Ein Leitfaden für Erzieher, Fürsorger, Arbeits - und Berufsberater
Die Erblichen Myoklonisch-epileptisch-dementiellen Kernsyndrome. Progressive Myoklonusepilepsien-Dyssynergia Cerebellaris Myoclonica-Myoklonische Varianten der Drei Nachinfantilen Formen der Amaurotischen Idiotie
Die Heilige Krankheit 2: Schatten (Gebundene Ausgabe)
Die Heilige Krankheit. Band 1: Geister
Die Hirnnervenmyorhythmie, Ihre Pathogenese und Ihre Stellung im Myoklonischen Syndrom
Die Ketogene Diät, ketogene Back - und Koch-Rezepte, 1. Überarbeitung
Die Ketogene Diät. Rezepte einer Ernährungsberaterin nur in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Arzt
Die Kindlichen Anfallsleiden: Epileptische und Nicht Epileptische Anfälle
Die Kombination Hysterischer und Epileptischer Anfälle
Die Konvulsive Wirkung von Pilocarpin bei Ratten. Pharmakologische, Elektroenzephalographische und Morphologische Untersuchungen zur Bedeutung Zentraler Cholinerger Mechanismen für die Krampfgenese.
Die Manhattan Saft-Therapie . . . hilft bei Epilepsie: Deutsche Ausgabe [Taschenbuch]
Die modifizierte Atkins-Diät. Ein Mut-mach-Kochbuch für eine alternative moderne Epilepsietherapie
Die Myoklonischen Syndrome
Die Neuen Antiepileptika, Anwendung bei Erwachsenen und Kindern. 2te Aufl
Die Neurotoxizität von Topiramat im Unreifen Gehirn der Ratte
Die Pharmakotherapie der Epilepsien
Die Propulsiv-Petit Mal-Epilepsie. Klinik und Verlauf der sog. Blitz-, Nick- und Salaamkrämpfe
Die Simulation Von Geistesstorung Und Epilepsie (1904) [Taschenbuch]
Die sogenannten benignen Partialepilepsien im Kindesalter
Die Synkopalen Anfälle
Die Temporallappenepilepsie und Ihre Psychopathologie
Die Tropfenbande Besiegt Krebs, Fehlsichtigkeit, Epilepsie, Asthma und Neurodermitis - Illustriert
Die Wahrheit der Begegnung. Anthropologische Perspektiven der Neurologie
Die Zerebrovaskulär-bedingten Anfälle unter Besonderer Berücksichtigung der Anfälle im Höheren Lebensalter
Diet and Epilepsy
Differentialdiagnose cerebraler Anfälle
Divalproex/Valproate Monotherapy: An International Perspective
Dizionario dell'epilessia
Do Seizures Damage The Brain?
Documents on Problems of an Animation TV Program "Pocket Monster"
Documents Selectionnés parmi 500 Auteurs et Présentés au Colloque Internationale Béthesda sur I'Epilepsie du Lobe Temporal
Does Your Child Have Epilepsy? 2nd ed
Dostoevsky no Tenkan Saikou. Genpatsu Zenpan Tenkan Setsu (Translated from Gastaut's article Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky's Involuntary Contribution to the Symptomatology and Prognosis of Epilepsy. In: Epilepsia 1978; 19: 186-201)
Dostoievski et Flaubert: Ecritures de l'Épilepsie
Dotty the Dalmatian Has Epilepsy
DPH, 1975. A Supplement to the Broad Range of Use of Diphenylhydantoin
Driver Licensing Guidelines for Medical Advisory Boards. Relating Functional Ability to Class of Vehicle
Driving and epilepsy
Driving and Epilepsy-And Other Causes of Impaired Consciousness
DRPLA. From Clinical Neurology to Molecular Medicine
Drug for Control of Epilepsy: Actions on Neuronal Networks Involved in Seizure Disorders
Drug resistant epilepsies:Clinical forms, differential diagnosis, treatment
Drug Therapy for Epilepsy. 2nd ed
Drug Therapy for Epilepsy. Anticonvulsant Drugs: Usage, Metabolism and Untoward Reactions. Prevention, Detection and Management
Drug Therapy of Epilepsy
Drug Therapy of Epilepsy, with a Video
Drug Treatment of Epilepsy
Drug Treatment of Epilepsy in People with Intellectual Disability
Drug Trials in Epilepsy. A Physician's Guide
Drug-Resistant Epilepsies
Dx/Rx: Epilepsy
Dysmystifying Epilepsy. Management in Primary Care
Dysplasias of Cerebral Cortex and Epilepsy
Ean Katamnestisch Onderzoek van een Groep Patienten uit het Instituut voor Epilepsiebestrijding te Heemstede
Early Diagnosis and Treatment of CNS Damages Caused by Glutamate Receptor Autoantibody
Early Glial Dysfunction in Epilepsy
Economic Aspects of Epilepsy: An Overview. Summary of the Works by ILAE Commission on Economic Aspects of Epilepsy
Economic Evaluation of Epilepsy Management
Edith Herself
Education and Epilepsy. Proceedings of an International Workshop on Education and Epilepsy
Education of Children with Epilepsy
Educational Environment Around Epilepsy-A Report on the 2nd Survey of the Current Situations of the JEA Members
EEG - fMRI: Physiological basis, technique, and applications
EEG Atlas of Photosensitive Epilepsy Studied Using Low-Luminance Visual Stimulation
EEG in childhood epilepsy - Initial presentation and long-term follow-up
EEG in Childhood Epilepsy. Initial Presentation and Long-Term Follow-up (Translated from Doose's Das EEG bei Epilepsien im Kindes- und Jugendalter, Desitin, 2002)
EEG on DVD : Adult. An interactive reading session. DVD
Efeito do DSP4 Sobre um Modelo Experimental de Epilepsia - Effect of DSP4 on an Experimental Model of Epilepsy
Efeitos da Administrçâo do Veneno da Cascavel Sul-Americana (Crotalus Durissus Terrificus) Sobre O Sistema Nervoso Central de Ratos [Effects of the Administration of the South American Rattlesnake's Poison (Crotalus Durissus Terrificus) on the CNS of rats
Efeitos da Injeçâo Intranigral de Gama-Vinil-Gaba Sobre Convulsôes Quimicamente Induzidas - Effects of the Intranigral Injection of Gamma-Vinyl-Gaba on Chemically Induced Seizures
Effetti della stimolazione vagale cronica sulla struttura del sonno e sull'EEG di soggetti con epilessia farmaco resistente
Eighth Workshop on the Neurobiology of Epilepsy (WONOEP VIII), August 24-26, 2005, Villiers-le-Mathieu, France
Eikoku no Tenkan Sogotaisakuan-The Reid Report (Translated from Department of Health and Social Security, Welsh Office, Central Health Services Council's People with Epilepsy, 1969)
Ein beinahe fast normales Leben. Junge Menschen erzählen aus ihrem Alltag mit Epilepsie, 3te Aufl
Ein Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Epilepsie unter Berücksichtigung des Krankenmaterials der Provinzial Heil- und Pflegeanstalt Tapiau in den Jahren 1920-1925 [Gebundene Ausgabe]
Ein Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Epilepsie unter Berücksichtigung des Krankenmaterials der Provinzial Heil- und Pflegeanstalt Tapiau in den Jahren 1920-1925 [Unbekannter Einband]
Ein Elektrocorticografisch Onderzoek Naar de Invloed van Enkele Anticonvulsiva op Experimentale Fokale en Primair Generaliserende Epilepsie bij de Kat.
Eine Informationsschrift über Epilepsie. 12te Aufl
Einrichtungen zur Betreuung und Förderung von Anfallkranken
Einrichtungen zur Betreuung und Förderung von Anfallskranken
El Ni-o Convulsivo
El Sindrome de Lennox. Y Sus Diferentes Formas Clinico-Electroencefalograficas. Revision Basada En Un Centenar de Casos Personales de Punta-Onda Lenta Difusa
Electro-Clinical Features of the Psychomotor Seizure: A Stereoelectroencephalographc Study of Ictal Symptoms and Chronotopographical Seizure Patterns Including Clinical Effects of Intracerebral Stimulation
Electrocorticography: Current Trends and Future Perspectives
Electroencephalographic Activation with Megimide in Normal Subjects
Electroencephalographic criteria for nonconvulsive status epilepticus: synopsis and comprehensive survey
Electroencephalography - A Dictionary of Terms
Electronic Screen Games and Seizures
Electronic Screen Games and Seizures. Annual Report (Financial) (1995.04.01-1996.03.31)
Electronic Screen Games and Seizures. Annual Report (Financial) (1996.04.01-1997.03.31)
Electrophysiology of Epilepsy
Elements of Petit Mal Epilepsy
Elliot isn't strange …He just has epilepsy ; read, draw, puzzles and much more
Első Epilepszia Nap Magyarországon - Epilepsy Day in Hungary - (handbook)
Elucidation of Conditions Common to Both Epilepsy and Manic - Depressive Psychosis. Role of Dopamine at Single Neuron Level
Emberkert egy epilepsziás kamaszlány naplója - 2. kiad - A Diary of an Adolescent Girl. 2nd Ed
Embrace the Dawn: One Woman's Story of Triumph Over Epilepsy
Emotion and Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Empfehlungen zu Diagnose und Therapie von Epilepsien
Employment Discrimination and Epilepsy. A Handbook on Federal and State Law
Encyclopedia of Basic Epilepsy Research, Three-Volume Set. Online edition and Printed edition.
EPI Monitor. Program Manual and Master Diskette. Epilepsy Management Program to Track Patient Treatment History
Epi on board - Ich glaub, Ich krieg `nen Anfall
Epidemiological Studies of Epilepsy in Sydney, Australia
Epidémiologie des Epilepsies
Epidemiology of Childhood Epilepsy in Kaunas
Epidemiology of Seizure Disorders. Clinical Characterization and Analysis of Risk Factors in Children with Febrile Convulsions, Newly Referred Adults and Mentally Retarded Persons with Epilepsy
Epilepsi Hos Barn och Ungdom
Epilepsi hos Vuxna och Barn
Epilepsi Medikamentell Behandling
Epilepsi. 100 Temel Madde
Epilepsi. En Basisbog
Epilepsi. Kortfattet Loerebok for Medisinske Studenter og. Leger
Epilepsia Cercetari Clinice si Experimentale. Bucaresti
Epilepsia dalla A alla Z
Epilepsia e Alteraçâo dos Hormônios Sexuais: Estudo Através de um Modelo Experimental em Ratas - Epilepsy and Sexual Hormone Changes: Study through an Experimental Model in Female Rats
Epilepsia e Gestaçâo: Estudo Através de um Modelo Experimental
Epilepsia E Neurofisiologia Iberoamericana 85
Epilepsia e Neurofisiologia Ibero-Americana 85. Supplemento 2
Epilepsia en la práctica general - Epilepsy in the general practice
Epilepsia en ninos
Epilepsia en Pediatria
Epilepsia ja Suojatyö. Raportti Epilepsian Vuokai työkyvyttömyyseläkkellä olevien Suojatyötarpeesta (Epilepsy and Sheltered Work. A Report on Need for Sheltered Work in Epileptics on Disability Pension)
Epilepsia Ja Suojatyö. Raportti Epilepsian Vuoksi Työkyvyttömyyseläkkellä Olevien Suojatyötarpeesta
Epilepsia Ja Yhteiskunta. I. Suomalaisten Epilepsiatietous Ja-Asenteet. (Epilepsy and Society. I. Public Awareness and Attitudes Toward Epilepsy in Finland)
Epilepsia Ja Yhteiskunta. II. Koululaisten epilepsiatiedot ja-asenteet sekä niiden muuttumien tiedotuksen vaikutuksesta. Tatkimus turkulaisista peruskoulun 8. ja 9. luokan oppilaista. (Epilepsy and Society. II. Awareness and Attitudes Toward Epilepsy in S
Epilepsia Ja Yhteiskunta. III. Epilepsia ja Työura. (Epilepsy and Society. III. Epilepsy and Work Career of Persons with Epilepsy and on Occupational Handicap in Finland in the Period 1978-1980)
Epilepsia. 2nd ed
Epilepsia. Diagnóstico y Tratamiento
Epilepsia: 100 Principios Básicos
Epilepsia: Diagnóstico y Tratamiento
Epilepsia: nocoes fundamentais
Epilepsia: Principicos y Práctica
Epilepsia: Un Enfoque Multidisciplinario
Epilepsia? Instrucciones Pala Los Padres
Epilepsiapotilaan Lääkehoite. Kapseli 27
Epilepsiapotilaan Lääkehoito. (Drug Therapy of Patient with Epilepsy). Kapseli 27. Publ Lääkelaitos ja Kela
Epilepsias de Inicio Tardio - Late onset epilepsy
Epilepsias Temporais
Epilepsias y Epilepticos. Preguntas, Réspuetas
Epilepsie - Abkürzungen 2010/2011. 4te Aufl
Epilepsie - Abkürzungen 2011/2012. 4te Aulf
Epilepsie - auf den Punkt gebracht
Epilepsie - Bericht '98
Epilepsie - bleib cool! Ein Epilepsiemanga für Jugendliche
Epilepsie - Ein Eingriff in das Leben junger Menschen
Epilepsie - Ein interaktives Lexikon für Kinder und Jugendliche [Audio CD]
Epilepsie - Objekt Betheler Forschung
Epilepsie - Plötzlich und Unerwartet: Was Epilepsie ist und Was Sie Bedeutet - Rat für Betroffene, Angehörige und Betreuende
Epilepsie : Conseils du Médecin à Son Patient
Epilepsie : Von Anfall bis zur Zusammenarbeit. 2te Aufl
Epilepsie : Weiterer Schwerpunkt: Demenz, Diagnostik - Therapie. 8. bis 9. Mai 1998. Kurzfassung der Vorträge
Epilepsie 1978 (Epilepsy 1978). Epilepsie-bedingte Hirnschäden-Psychogene Anfälle-Audiovisuelle Anfallsanalyse
Epilepsie 1979; Ehe, Schwangerschaft, Geburt, Genetische Beratung
Epilepsie 1980; Psychosoziale Aspekte, Posttraumatische Epilepsien, Medicamentöse Behandlung, Diagnostische Methoden
Epilepsie 1981: Verlauf und Prognose, Neuropsychologische und Psychologische Aspekte
Epilepsie '82: Spät- und Residual-Epilepsien. Nebenwirkungen von Antikonvulsiva
Epilepsie 83. Genetik und Diagnostik der Epilepsien. 24 Jahrestagung der Deutschen Sektion der internationalen Liga gegen Epilepsie, Mannheim, 1983
Epilepsie 84. Antiepileptische Mono- oder Polytherepie, Medizingeschichte, Freie Vorträge
Epilepsie 86. Neurophysiologische Grundlagen epileptischer Anfälle. Bildgebende Verfahren in der Epilepsie-Diagnostik. Praxis der Pharmakotherapie
Epilepsie 87. Motorische Schablonen in epileptischen Anfall. Anfallsaktivität in der Ontogenese. Epilepsiechirurgie unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Kindesalters
Epilepsie 88. Rehabilitation. Epilepsie bei Mehrfachbehinderten, Kernspintomographie. Neuropathologie, Freie Themen
Epilepsie 89. Frontallappen-Epilepsien, Eigenschaften epileptischer Gewebe und experimentelle Ergebnisse, Auslšsung und Hemmung, Antiepileptika
Epilepsie 90. Hirnentwicklung und Epilepsie, Dynamik klinischer Epilepsieverläufe. EEG und MEG bei Epilepsien. Neue Aspekte für Diagnostik und Therapie
Epilepsie 91. Neurotransmitter und Epilepsien, Molekulargenetik der Epilepsien, Epilepsien mit komplex fokalen Anfällen, Epilepsiechirurgie und präope ... Epilepsie, Experimentelle Epilepsieforschung
Epilepsie 94 : Aktivierungsverfahren in der Diagnostik. Motorik und Epilepsie /Neue und "alte" Antiepileptika. Molekulargenetik und Genetik von Epilepsien
Epilepsie Adressen 2011/2012. 3., erheblich erweiterte Auflage
Epilepsie als Biographische Konstruktion. Eine Analyse von Erkrankungs- und Gesundungsprozessen Anfallserkrankter Menschen Anhand Erzählter Lebensgeschichten
Epilepsie bei Kindern
Epilepsie bei Kindern und Jugendlichen in der Schule. Ein Handbuch für Pädagoginnen, Pädagogen und Eltern
Epilepsie bei Kindern: Wie ihre Familie damit leben lernt. Was Epilepsie ist. Wie der Arzt untersucht und behandelt. So nutzen Sie die besten Chancen für ihr Kind
Epilepsie bei Schulkindern. Schriften über Epilepsie Band IV
Epilepsie der Mutter - ein Risiko?: Entwicklung von Intelligenz, Selbstkonzept und Elternbeziehung von heranwachsenden Kindern epilepsiekranker Frauen
Epilepsie en Foliumzuur. Een Dubbelblind Onderzoek naar het Effect Foliumzuur-Toediening bij Epileptici
Epilepsie en Intelligentiedaling
Epilepsie en Maatschappelijke (in) Tolerantie
Epilepsie en Psychiatrie
Epilepsie en Risico
Epilepsie en Verkeer. De Medische Geschiktheid van Epilepsie-patienten tot Deelname ann Gemotoriseerd Wegverkeer
Epilepsie et anomalies du développement du cortex cérébral (II). A special issue
Epilepsie et anomalies du développement du cortex cérébral. A special issue
Epilepsie et Etat Mystique. La Maladie de Sainte Therese d'Avila
Epilepsie et Mémoire
Epilepsie et Pathologies Cardiaques et Vasculaires. Cours de Perfectionnement en Epileptologie
Epilepsie et Psychiatrie
Épilepsie et Renaissance
Epilepsie et Risques
Epilepsie für Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene. Ambulanzen für Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene, Schwerpunktpraxen Epilepsie
Epilepsie im Bild. Darstellungen zur Fallsucht aus 6 Jahrhunderten. Eine Dokumentation der Geigy Pharma (1985/1986)
Epilepsie im Kindesalter. 2te Aufl
Epilepsie im Kindesalter. Eine Interdisziplinäre Aufgabe. 4te Aufl
Epilepsie Syndrome-Auf Einen Blick
Epilepsie und Antiepiletica
Epilepsie und Chaos: Grundlagen des Brain Modeling
Epilepsie und Depressivität : Epilepsiespezifische, Medikations- und psychosoziale Variablen als mögliche Determinanten emotionaler Befindlichkeit bei Anfallskranken einer Fachklinik
Epilepsie und die psychosozialen Auswirkungen bei Kindern und Jugendlichen
Epilepsie und die psychosozialen Auswirkungen für die Familie [Taschenbuch]
Epilepsie und Epilepsiebehandlung für den Praktiker
Epilepsie und Epileptische Anfälle
Epilepsie und Epileptische Anfälle: Praxisleitfaden
Epilepsie und Exzitabilität: Über die Wirkung Epilepsiechirurgischer Behandlungen bei Patienten mit Fokaler Epilepsie
Epilepsie und Flugreisen. Antiepileptika und Zeitumstellungen
Epilepsie und Führerschein. Gesetzliche Bestimmungen, Aktuelle Begutachtungs-Leitlinien und Hinweise zur Anwendung, Aufgaben, Pflichten und Rechte von Ärzten, Pflichten und Rechte von Patienten, Mobilitätshilfen bei fehlender Fahreignung und Tipps für den Alltag
Epilepsie und Hormone
Epilepsie und Hysterie. Heilpädagogische Diagnostik. 2. Teil der Berliner Vorträge 1965
Epilepsie und Ihre Randgebiete im Klinik und Praxis
Epilepsie und Kinderwunsch
Epilepsie und Kinderwunsch. 2te aktualisierte und erweiterte Anflage
Epilepsie und Kinderwunsch. Ein Leitfaden für die ärztliche Beratung. Begleitheft zum gleichnamigen Video (GlaxoSmithKline 2002)
Epilepsie und Kinderwunsch. Erfahrungsberichte
Epilepsie und Kinderwunsch. Und Wissenswertes über das Europäische Schwangerschaftsregister EURAP
Epilepsie und Teilleistungsstörungen: Von der Theorie zur Praxis [Taschenbuch]
Epilepsie und Verhalten. Entwicklung und Prüfung eines psychophysiologischen Behandlungsprogramms zur Selbstkontrolle epileptischer Anfälle
Epilepsie von A - Z. Medizinische Fachwoerter verstehen. 4te Aufl
Epilepsie, Connaissance du Cerveau et Société
Epilepsie, Diagnose und Therapie
Epilepsie, Eine Krankheit als Zuflucht
Epilepsie, Schule, Beruf: Eine Empirische Untersuchung der Einstelungen von Lehrern und Lehramtsstudenten zur Epilepsie und zu Epilepsiekranken Sowie von Aerzten in Bezug auf Mögliche Schularten für Epilepsiekranke Schüler
Epilepsie, Schwangerschaft und Fertilität. Fakten, Hintergründe und Empfehlungen
Epilepsie, Symptôme ou Maladie
Epilepsie, Tafel
Epilepsie. 100 Fragen, die Sie nie zu stellen wagten
Epilepsie. 100 Principes de Base
Epilepsie. Auszeichnungen und Preise, Stipendien und Stiftungen 2011/2012. 4te aktualisierte und überarbeitete Auflage
Epilepsie. Auszeichnungen und Preise, Stipendien und Stiftungen. 2010/2011
Epilepsie. Compte-Rendu des 7és Journées <>, Paris- La' Villette, 8 et 9 Décembre 2000
Epilepsie. De Nederlandse Bibliotheek der Geneeskunde. Deel 85
Epilepsie. Diagnose und Therapie.
Epilepsie. Diagnostik und Therapie für Klinik und Praxis
Epilepsie. Ein Illustriertes Wörterbuch für Kinder und Jugendliche sowie Eltern. 4., überarbeitete und erheblich erweiterte Auflage
Epilepsie. Ein Illustriertes Wörterbuch für Kinder und Jugendliche. 2te aktualisierte Auflage.
Epilepsie. Erscheinungsformen-Ursachen-Behandlung. 2te Aufl
Epilepsie. Etude Clinique, Diagnostique, Physiopathogénique et Thérapeutique
Epilepsie. Nützliches zu Behandlung und Beratung
Epilepsie. Ratschläge für Betroffene und ihre Angehörigen
Epilepsie. Therapie-Indikation, Neue Antiepileptika, Therapie-Resistenz
Epilepsie. Travaux du Département de Neuropsychiatrie Infantile (Pr de Negri) de l'Université de Génoa
Epilepsie. Vom Anfall bis zur Zusammenarbeit. Ausgabe fur die Schweiz. 2te Aufl
Epilepsie. Wenken voor Ouders en Opvoeders
Epilepsie: 100 principes de base (Translated from Theodore WH, Porter RJ. Epilepsy: 100 Elementary Princip;es. 3rd ed. Saunders, 1995)
Epilepsie: Antworten auf die 200 Häufigsten Fragen. Hilfreiche Informationen für Betroffene und Angehörige. 3te Aufl
Epilepsie: Eine Information für die Praxis
Epilepsie: Grundlagen und Therapie
Epilepsie: Grundlagen und Therapie (Optimierte Arzneimitteltherapie) [Taschenbuch]
Epilepsie: Informationen in Texten und Bildern für Betroffene, Angehörige und Interessierte
Epilepsie: Let Them Eat Cheesecake
Epilepsie: Moderne Aspekte zur Diagnostik, Therapie und Patientenführung. Aktuelle Interviews mit H. Penin
Epilepsie: Neue Chancen mit der Ketogenen Diät Wie Sie sie durchführen. So bleibt Ihr Kind bei der Stange
Epilepsie: Selbsthilfgruppen und Kontaktstellen; Schnellübersicht alphabetisch nach Ortschaften
Epilepsie: West-Syndrom, Lennox-Gastaut-Syndrom, Ketogene Dit, Ohtahara-Syndrom, Status Epilepticus, Sudep, Adrenocorticotropin [Taschenbuch]
Epilepsie: West-Syndrom, Pseudo-Lennox-Syndrom, Lennox-Gastaut-Syndrom, Rolando-Epilepsie, DRK-Schul- und Therapiezentrum Raisdorf, Entzugsanfall, ... Landau-Kleffner-Syndrom, Dravet-Syndrom
Epilepsie; Traitement, Assistance Et Mdecine Lgale [Taschenbuch]
Epilepsie'92. Mechanismen Sekundärer Epileptogenese-Nichtmedikamentöse Therapie/ Interactive ÜEerwachung-Therapiestrategien
Epilepsie'93. Prevention, Rehabilitation, Soziale Integration, Praeoperative Diagnostik: Neuroimaging, Neuropsychologie, Zerebral Missbildung und Epilepsie
Epilepsie-Bericht '85
Epilepsie-Bericht Schweiz 2002
Epilepsie-Bericht Schweiz 2002 EMV- Anforderungen Zuverlässig und Kostengünstig Umsetzen
Epilepsie-Eine Krankheit als Zuflucht. (Translated from Diebold G. L'Epilepsie. Une Maladie Refuge. Paris: Calmann-Lévy, 1999)
Epilepsien des Kindesalters. Therapie und Prognose
Epilepsien Heute. Psychiatrische und Psychologische Aspekte
Epilepsien im Höheren Lebensalter. Klinik und Besonderheiten der Pharmakotherapie
Epilepsien im Höheren Lebensalter. Klinik und Besonderheiten der Pharmakotherapie
Epilepsien im Kindes- und Jugendalter. 11te Neubearbeitete und erweiterte Auflage
Epilepsien im Schulalltag. Fragen, Antworten und Informationen
Epilepsien und Epileptische Syndrome im Kindes- und Erwachsenenalter: Klinische und Elektroenzephalographische Differentialdiagnose
Epilepsien und Epileptische Syndrome im Kindes-und Erwachsenenalter: Elektroenzephalographie
Epilepsien und Ihre Therapie
Epilepsien und Neurotransmission
Epilepsien. Hinweise und Ratschläge, edition Medizin
Epilepsien. Informationen und Ratschläge
Epilepsien. Leitfaden für die Praxis. 2te Aufl
Epilepsien: Aus Sicht der Sozialen Arbeit [Taschenbuch]
Epilepsien: Diagnostik und Therapie für Klinik und Praxis. 6te Aufl
Epilepsien: Differentialdiagnose und Therapie
Epilepsien: Fragen und Antworten. 7te Aufl
Epilepsien-Behandlungsgrundsätze und Spezielle Therapie mit Ergenyl
Epilepsies - Arbeiten Erlaubt ! Anfallskranke in Arbeitsleben
Epilepsies - Priciples of Clinical Epileptology
Epilepsies : Avancées Médicales et Sociales
Epilepsies : Avancées Médicales et Sociales. Actes de la Première Journée Francophone sur l'Epilepsie, Paris, 27 Août 2005
Epilepsies : Guide à l'Usage des Patients et de Leur Entourage
Epilepsies de l'Enfant : Troubles du Développement Cognitif et Socio-émotionnel
Epilepsies en Questions. Guide Pratique
Epilepsies et Epileptiques. Questions, Reponses
Epilepsies in Adults
Epilepsies in Children. (Translated from the Slovenian book of Jeraz J, Tiradar I)
Epilepsies in Children-Perspectives Toward the 21st Century-
Epilepsies in Girls and Women
Epilepsies of Childhood. 3rd ed
Èpilepsies partielles de l'enfant: state-of-the-art; Martinique 1999
Epilepsies Partielles Graves Pharmaco-resistantes de l'Enfant: Stratégies Diagnostiques et Traitements Chirurgicaux
Epilepsies, Aspects Juridiques Médico- Sociaux, Santé Publique
Epilepsies. 3rd ed
Epilepsies. Advices from a Specialist
Epilepsies. Clinical EEG, III. Part A
Epilepsies. Leurs Formes Cliniques, Leurs Traitements
Epilepsies: Aetiology, Diagnostic Procedures and Management
Epilepsies: From New Concepts to New Images
Epilepsies: Stratégies Thérapeutiques chez l'Adulte.
Epilepsie-Selbsthilfegruppen und Kontaktadressen in Deutschland
Epilepsiesyndrome - Therapiestrategien. (workshop). Leitfaden für Klinik und Praxis. 3te Aufl
Epilepsiesyndrome des Kindes- und Jugendalters. Interdisziplinäre medizinisch/ psychologische Studie über Klinik, medikamentöse Therapie, Prognose und Neuropsychologie
Epilepsie-Therapie: Nebenwirkungen, Neue Antiepileptika, Verlaufsaspekte nach Epilepsie-Operationen
Epilepsie-Wörterbuch für Kinder (Translated from Appleton RE, The Illustrated Junior Encyclopedia of Epilepsy. Maghull: Rody Education, 1995)
Epilepsiile = The epilepsies
Epilepsija (Epilepsy)
Epilepsija vaikysteje. - Epilepsy in Childhood
Epilepsi-Medicinska och Sociala Aspekter
Epilepsio Ja Yhteiskunta. IV. Suomalaisten Epilepsiatietous Ja-Asenteet Vuonna 1983 Verrattuna Vuoteen 1977 (Epilepsy and Society. IV. Awareness and Attitudes Toward Epilepsy in 1983 in Comparison to 1977 in Finland)
Epilepsy - a guide for teachers
Epilepsy - A Handbook for the Mental Health Professional
Epilepsy - A Holistic Approach: A Simple Guide on How to Help Your Epilepsy Through the Use of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
Epilepsy - diagnosis and therapeutical principles
Epilepsy - Disgnosis and Treatment
Epilepsy - For Better School Life - . An Advice from Medical Field. Revised ed
Epilepsy - For the Sake of Understanding and Help
Epilepsy - I Can Live With That ! Writings by People With Epilepsy
Epilepsy - It's Me Who is Neither Healthy nor Disabled
Epilepsy - Its New Trends -
Epilepsy - Jody's Journey: an Inspiring True Story of Healing With the Edgar Cayce Remedies
Epilepsy - Mental Symptoms and Behavior
Epilepsy - New Approaches to an Old Disease -
Epilepsy - Part 1
Epilepsy - Part 2
Epilepsy - Study of the Idiopathic Disease. (Reprint of 1907 Work)
Epilepsy - The Detective's Story
Epilepsy - the essential guide
Epilepsy - The Facts. 3rd ed
Epilepsy - the sacred disease. Practical manual
Epilepsy - today's encouraging outlook
Epilepsy - Treating Drugs in Daily Life
Epilepsy "cures" and "treatments". A reproduction of a book published 1920 in Chicago
Epilepsy & its Management
Epilepsy & my child toolkit; a resource for parents with a newly diagnosed child
Epilepsy & seizure: Complete handbook
Epilepsy & seziures. A self-study course
Epilepsy (1)] A Special Issue
Epilepsy (2)] A Special Issue
Epilepsy (Diseases and Disorders)
Epilepsy (Diseases and People)
Epilepsy (Facts About S.)
Epilepsy (Health Issues)
Epilepsy (Health Watch)
Epilepsy (Just the Facts)
Epilepsy (Link to Life)
Epilepsy (Perspectives on Disease and Illness)
Epilepsy (The Essential Guide to Natural Pet Care For Cats and Dogs)
Epilepsy (Understanding Illness)
Epilepsy (Ward Lock Family Health Guides)
Epilepsy : a booklet for the information of patients
Epilepsy : a guide for parents
Epilepsy : A New Approach . What Medicine Can Do; What You Can Do for Yourself - Revised paperback ed.
Epilepsy : a symposium. Proceedings of a symposium on epilepsy, held at Westmead Hospital, Sydney, on May 21st 1988
Epilepsy : continuing education from the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
Epilepsy : planning and support guide for education and children's services, revised edition
Epilepsy : the whole truth, 2nd ed
Epilepsy ; A Study in Medical Sociology
Epilepsy 1992 - 1995: The next four years service agreement with Community Services Victoria 1992/3 and strategy plan
Epilepsy 1993. State of the Art
Epilepsy 1997. From Science to Patient. Lecture Notes
Epilepsy '78. Perspectives on Epilepsy
Epilepsy '79. Perspectives on Epilepsy
Epilepsy '80/'81. Perspectives on Epilepsy
Epilepsy A to Z: A concise encyclopedia. 2nd ed
Epilepsy after Non-Missile Head Injuries. 2nd ed
Epilepsy an easy guide to causes, diagnosis and cure
Epilepsy and 3 per Second Spike and Wave Rhythms. A Clinical, Electroencephalographic and Prognostic Analysis of 346 Patients
Epilepsy and Alcohol. The Influence of Social Alcohol Intake on Seizures and Treatment in Epilepsy.
Epilepsy and Behavior
Epilepsy and Behavior '79. Proceedings of Wopsassepy I
Epilepsy and Behavior: A Guide for Parents
Epilepsy and Bone Health: Evaluation, Treatment, and Prevention of Bone Disorders
Epilepsy and Calcium
Epilepsy and Cognition.
Epilepsy and Co-morbidity: A Global Approach to Patient Management
Epilepsy and Convulsive Disorders in Children
Epilepsy and Developmental Disabilities
Epilepsy and disorders of consciousnes. Behavioural Neurology 2011; 24(1): 1-116
Epilepsy and driving
Epilepsy and Driving Licences
Epilepsy and Driving License Regulations
Epilepsy and Driving, a European View.
Epilepsy and Drugs Re-Visited. For Patients, Families and Physicians
Epilepsy and Education
Epilepsy and education : a medical symposium on changing attitudes to epilepsy in education : proceedings of a symposium sponsored by Labaz Sanofi UK Ltd, held at the Royal College of Physicians, London, 20 May 1986
Epilepsy and Education, with a Video
Epilepsy and Education: Cognitive Functions in Learning Behavior
Epilepsy and Education: Education Policies for the Child with Epilepsy
Epilepsy and EEG
Epilepsy and Employment
Epilepsy and Employment. General Aspects
Epilepsy and Employment-A Medical Symposium on Current Problems and Best Practices
Epilepsy and Epileptic Syndrome in Children
Epilepsy and Fits. A Family Doctor Booklet
Epilepsy and GABA Receptor Agonists: Basic and Therapeutic Research
Epilepsy and human rights : a badge of exclusion
Epilepsy and Human Sexuality
Epilepsy and I, Myself
Epilepsy and Insurance. Report of a Symposium in Wiesbaden 1966, and Other Papers
Epilepsy and Intellectual Disabilities
Epilepsy and intensive care monitoring. Principles and practice
Epilepsy and intensive care monitoring: Principles and practice
Epilepsy and its cure (1868). A facsimile reprint of rare classic
Epilepsy and Its Cure (1868). Rare reprint
Epilepsy and its successful treatment (1879). A facsimile reprint of a rare classic
Epilepsy and Its treatment. An OCR edition of the classic original published by: Saunders in 1904
Epilepsy and Its Variants
Epilepsy and learning : understanding the learning difficulties experienced by children with epilepsy : project report
Epilepsy and Learning Disabilities. Troina, Italy, April 28-30, 2000
Epilepsy and learning project: report
Epilepsy and mental handicap
Epilepsy and Mental Retardation
Epilepsy and migraine
Epilepsy and Motor Sysytem
Epilepsy and Movement Disorders
Epilepsy and Myself-Voices of 34 People Sound and Reach ! ‐ A New Edition
Epilepsy and Other Affections of the Nervous System, Which Are Marked by Tremor, Convulsion, or Spasm: Their Pathology and Treatment (1854)
Epilepsy and Other Chronic Convulsive Disease: Their Causes, Symptoms and Treatment (Reprint of 1885 Work).
Epilepsy and other chronic convulsive diseases; Their causes, symptoms, & treatment. An OCR edition of the classic original published by: Churchill in 1881
Epilepsy and other convulsive affections; Their pathology and treatment. An OCR edition of the classic original published by: J. Churchill in 1858
Epilepsy and Other Neurological Disorders in Coeliac Disease
Epilepsy and Pregnancy
Epilepsy and Pregnancy ; What Every Women with Epilepsy Should Know
Epilepsy and pregnancy: What every woman with epilepsy should know. Large edition
Epilepsy and Psychiatry
Epilepsy and Quality of Life
Epilepsy and Related Conditions - Recent Advances
Epilepsy and Related Disorders. 2 volumes
Epilepsy and Related Disorders. Bonus Issue
Epilepsy and reproductive health
Epilepsy and Risks: A First-Step Evaluation
Epilepsy and Seizures
Epilepsy and Self-help
Epilepsy and Sleep. Physiological and Clinical Relationships
Epilepsy and social attitudes : A historical review of the evaluation of these attitudes with emphasis on developments during the year 1935 to 1958 : Dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of master of social ser
Epilepsy and society
Epilepsy and Sudden Death
Epilepsy and the Corpus Callosum
Epilepsy and the Corpus Callosum 2
Epilepsy and the Family: A New Guide. 2nd Ed
Epilepsy and the Functional Anatomy of the Frontal Lobe
Epilepsy and the Functional Anatomy of the Human Brain
Epilepsy and the Ketogenic Diet
Epilepsy and the ketogenic diet (Nutrition and Health). Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2004
Epilepsy and the Law
Epilepsy and the law of therapeutics
Epilepsy and the Law. Revised 2nd ed
Epilepsy and the Law-A Medical Symposium on the Current Law
Epilepsy and the Military
Epilepsy and the Oral Manifestations of Phenytoin Therapy
Epilepsy and the Reticular Formation. The Role of the Reticular Core in Convulsive Seizures
Epilepsy and The Young Adult ; A Guide to Living with Epilepsy. 7th ed
Epilepsy and the Young Adult. A Guide to Living with Epilepsy
Epilepsy and You
Epilepsy and You. Information for People with Epilepsy, Parents, Teachers and Other Interested Persons
Epilepsy and Your Child - The 'At Your Fingertips' Guide. 2nd Ed
Epilepsy as a dynamic disease. Biological and Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering. Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2003 edition
Epilepsy as a Dynamic Disease. Hardcover
Epilepsy at the cutting edge: A symposium to honor Fred and Eva Andermann
Epilepsy Atlas - CT and EEG -
Epilepsy Australia: blueprint for the 90s. Proceedings of Epilepsy Society of Australia public forum at the Austin Hospital, Melbourne. 2 November 1989
Epilepsy A-Z: A Glossary of Epilepsy Terminology
Epilepsy Bereavement- National Sentinel Clinical Audit of Epilepsy- Related Death Report 2002
Epilepsy Bibliography 1900-1950. With Key-Word and Author Indexes
Epilepsy Bibliography 1950-1975. With Key-Word and Author Indexes
Epilepsy Bibliography. Books and Monographs (1945-2003). 8th ed
Epilepsy Care in Asia
Epilepsy Case Studies. A Compilation of 54 Clinical Studies with Introductory Chapters
Epilepsy Centres in Europe. A Survey of the Members of the European Association of Epilepsy Centres
Epilepsy Chart. 1st ed
Epilepsy Cured with Homoeopathic Medicines.
Epilepsy Education: A Resource Manual with Teaching Units and a Guide to Program Planning. 2ne edition
Epilepsy Educational Manual
Epilepsy Era with Bright Life
Epilepsy Explained
Epilepsy Explained ; A Book for People Who Want to Know More About Epilepsy
Epilepsy Explained. A Book for People Who Want to Know More
Epilepsy explained: A book for people who want to know more
Epilepsy Explaining
Epilepsy for 2,000 Years-Miscellaneous Historical Notes on Epilepsy
Epilepsy for Professional Health Carers. Assistance Manual, Vol 1
Epilepsy from A to Z. A Dictionary of Medical Terms. Translated into English from Krämer G. Epilepsie von A-Z: Medizinische Fachwörter Verstehen. 4te Auflage. Stuttgart: Thieme Verlag, 2004.
Epilepsy Genetics: The 21st Century
Epilepsy Guide. A Book on Epilepsy
Epilepsy Guide: Diagnosis and Treatment of Epileptic Seizure Disorders
Epilepsy Handbook
Epilepsy Handbook; A Guide to Understanding Seizure Disorders
Epilepsy Hysteria and Neurasthenia
Epilepsy I
Epilepsy I: Diagnosis and Treatment
Epilepsy II. Paroxysmal Disorders Excluding Epilepsy
Epilepsy II: Special Issues
Epilepsy in adolescence: Sanofi Winthrop satellite symposium (Buenos Aires, November 12, 1992)
Epilepsy in Aduts
Epilepsy in Africa (a bibliography)
Epilepsy in Association with Intracranial Tumor
Epilepsy in Babylonia
Epilepsy in childhood
Epilepsy in Childhood and Adolescence. 3rd ed
Epilepsy in Children
Epilepsy in Children & Adolescents
Epilepsy in Children 2nd ed
Epilepsy in children and adolescents
Epilepsy in Children and its Management in the Family. 2nd ed
Epilepsy in Children. 2nd ed
Epilepsy in Children. Diagnosis and Treatment
Epilepsy in Clinical Practice
Epilepsy in Clinical Practice: A Case Study Approach
Epilepsy in education : a manual for teachers
Epilepsy in Elderly People
Epilepsy in Focus. Addendum 1987. An International Epilepsy Catalog of Films, Videotapes and Slides
Epilepsy in Focus. Addendum 1989. An International Epilepsy Catalog of Films, Videotapes and Slides
Epilepsy in Focus. Addendum 1991. An International Epilepsy Catalog of Films, Videotapes and Slides
Epilepsy in Focus. Addendum 1993. An International Epilepsy Catalog of Films, Videotapes and Slides
Epilepsy in Focus. Addendum 1995. An International Epilepsy Catalog of Films, Videotapes and Slides
Epilepsy in Focus. An International Epilepsy Catalog of Films, Videotapes and Slides
Epilepsy in Iceland
Epilepsy in India
Epilepsy in Infants and Children
Epilepsy in its medico-legal relations to the case of max klingler
Epilepsy in Neurosurgery
Epilepsy in Nigeria: A Study of the Incidence, Pathogenesis, Clinical Patterns and Sociopsychological Problems of Epilepsy
Epilepsy in Our Experience. Accounts of Health Care Professionals
Epilepsy in Our Lives. Women Living with Epilepsy
Epilepsy in Our View. Stories from Friends and Families of People Living with Epilepsy
Epilepsy in Our Words. Personal Accounts of Living with Seizures
Epilepsy in Our World: Stories of Living with Seizures from Around the World
Epilepsy in Primary Care
Epilepsy in Society
Epilepsy in the Classroom
Epilepsy in the Elderly: Clinical Aspects and Pharmacotherapy
Epilepsy in the Elderly: Clinical Aspects and Pharmacotherapy (Transtlated from Krämer G Epilepsie im höheren Lebensalter. Thieme, 1998)
Epilepsy in the Elderly: New Directions
Epilepsy in the Family
Epilepsy in the Tropics.
Epilepsy in the Western Pacific Region, A Call to Action
Epilepsy in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region: Bridging the gap
Epilepsy in the World. Launch of the Second Phase of the ILAE/WHO Global Campaign Against Epilepsy, Geneva, February 12, 2001
Epilepsy in Women (Facts)
Epilepsy in women of child bearing age in Malta
Epilepsy In Women: Care And Management
Epilepsy in Women: The Scientific Basis for Clinical Management
Epilepsy in Young People
Epilepsy Management: From Neuroscience to Clinical Practice
Epilepsy Management-Guidelines for Physicians
Epilepsy on Our Terms. Stories by Children with Seizures and Their Parents
Epilepsy Parent and Family Networks Resource Manual
Epilepsy Q & A for Patients and Families, 4th ed
Epilepsy Reference Book. Direct and Clear Answer's to Everyone's Questions
Epilepsy Rehabilitation
Epilepsy Research FY 1973. A Report for the Epilepsy Advisory Committee to the National Institute of Health
Epilepsy Research Progress
Epilepsy simplified
Epilepsy Support Manual for Professional 2. The 2nd Epilepsy Support Seminar
Epilepsy Support Manual for Professionals 3. Report of The 3rd Epilepsy Support Seminar
Epilepsy Support Manual for Professionals 5. Report of The 5th Epilepsy Support Seminar
Epilepsy Support Seminar for Prefessionals 4. Report od The 4th Epilepsy Support Seminar
Epilepsy Support Seminar for Professionals 6. Report of The 6th Epilepsy Support Seminar 6
Epilepsy Surgery
Epilepsy Surgery - Current Status and Future of Epilepsy Treatment] (in Japanese)
Epilepsy Surgery - My Operative Procedures -
Epilepsy Surgery (2nd ed)
Epilepsy Surgery in Developing Countries
Epilepsy Surgery to Protect Brain
Epilepsy Surgery. 2nd ed
Epilepsy Surgery. Case Studies and Commentaries
Epilepsy Surgery: Principles and Controversies
Epilepsy surgery: The emerging field of neuromodulation
Epilepsy Surgery] A Special Issue
Epilepsy Surgery]. A Chinese Translation from Lüders HO, Comair YC, eds. Epilepsy Surgery. 2nd ed. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2000
Epilepsy Syndromes in Development
Epilepsy syndromes: Expert consult - online, print, and DVD
Epilepsy therapy
Epilepsy Through Life: Recent Advances in Understanding and Treating Epilepsy During Pregnancy, Childhood, Adulthood, and Old Age
Epilepsy Through the Life Cycle
Epilepsy Today in India
Epilepsy Today. Electroencephalography
Epilepsy Today. Epilepsy in Childhood
Epilepsy Updated. Causes and Treatment
Epilepsy Young and Old: A Review
Epilepsy Your Questions Answered
Epilepsy!No More Attack!
Epilepsy, An issue of neurologic clinics. The Clinics: Internal Medicine series, 27-4
Epilepsy, Behavior and Cognitive Function
Epilepsy, Emotional Disturbance and Adolescent Disorders
Epilepsy, Hope through Research
Epilepsy, hysteria, and neurasthenia - Their causes, symptoms, & treatment. A reproduction of a rare classic
Epilepsy, Infantile Spasms and Developmental Encephalopathy
Epilepsy, Learning and Behavior
Epilepsy, Pregnancy and Child
Epilepsy, Pregnancy, and the Child
Epilepsy, Psychiatry and Learning Difficulties
Epilepsy, Q&A
Epilepsy, responsibility and the Czolgosz case; Was the assassin sane or insane?. An exact reproduction of a book published by an unknown publisher in Chicago, in 1902 ?
Epilepsy, Sleep and Sleep Deprivation. 2nd ed
Epilepsy. (A Monograph)
Epilepsy. 199 Answers. A Doctor Responds to His Patients' Questions. 3rd ed
Epilepsy. 2nd ed
Epilepsy. A Clinical and Experimental Research
Epilepsy. A Clinical and Experimental Research. Monographs in Neural Sciences, Vol 5. Proceedings of the 2nd European Regional Conference on Epilepsy, Warsaw, October 5-7,1978
Epilepsy. A Clinical and Social Analysis of 1,020 Adult Patients With Epileptic Seizures
Epilepsy. A General Practice Perspective
Epilepsy. A Guide to Balancing Your Life
Epilepsy. A Guide to the Proper Understanding and Control
Epilepsy. A Handbook
Epilepsy. A Manual for Health Workers
Epilepsy. A Modular Teaching Pack Nurses
Epilepsy. A Resource For Teachers
Epilepsy. A Review of Basic and Clinical Research
Epilepsy. About All The New Knowledge
Epilepsy. An atlas of investigation and management series
Epilepsy. An Update on Research and Therapy
Epilepsy. British-Danish-Dutch Meeting. Proceedings of a Symposium held at the Epilepsy Centre 'Kempengaghe', Heeze, The Netherlands, October 28-30, 1981
Epilepsy. Children and Young People with Epilepsy. An Educational Package for Teachers
Epilepsy. Clinic and Research
Epilepsy. Compact Research Series
Epilepsy. Diagnosis and Management
Epilepsy. Diagnosis, Management, Quality of Life
Epilepsy. Diseases & Disorders
Epilepsy. Evaluation and Management of Epilepsy Today
Epilepsy. Frequency, Causes and Consequences
Epilepsy. It's Phenomena in Man
Epilepsy. Medicine for the Layman
Epilepsy. Natural Pet Care for Cats and Dogs Series
Epilepsy. Neural Mechanism of Susceptibility to Convulsions and Seizure Manifestation
Epilepsy. New edition
Epilepsy. Part of the Oxford Neurology Library
Epilepsy. Patient & Family Guide. 3rd ed
Epilepsy. Perspectives on Diseases and Disorders Series
Epilepsy. Psychiatric Aspects of Convulsive Disorders
Epilepsy. Scientific Foundations of Clinical Practice.
Epilepsy. Social and Medical Aspects
Epilepsy. What do I do now ?
Epilepsy. What It is, What Causes It and Advice on Its Successful Management
Epilepsy. Your Child Epilepsy
Epilepsy. You're not alone, Hardcover edition
Epilepsy. You're Not Alone: How to Cope with the Disorder. 2nd ed
Epilepsy: 100 Elementary Principles. 2nd ed
Epilepsy: 100 Elementary Principles. 3rd ed
Epilepsy: A Behavior Medicine Approach to Assessment and Treatment in Children. A Handbook for Professionals Working With Epilepsy
Epilepsy: A Clinical, Electroencephalographic and Statistical Study of 466 Patients
Epilepsy: A Comprehensive Textbook. 2nd ed. 3 vol
Epilepsy: A General Practice Problem
Epilepsy: A guide to balancing your life. Large print 16 pt edition
Epilepsy: A Handbook for Patients, Parents, Families, Teachers, Health and Social Workers
Epilepsy: A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, And Annotated Research Guide To Internet References
Epilepsy: A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References.
Epilepsy: A Medical Handbook for Physicians, Nurses, Teachers, Parents
Epilepsy: A Personal Approach
Epilepsy: A Practical Guide
Epilepsy: A Practical Guide to Coping
Epilepsy: A Question of Ethics
Epilepsy: A study of the idiopathic disease (1907). A facsimile reprint of a rare classic
Epilepsy: A Teacher's Handbook. 3rd ed
Epilepsy: A Team Approach to Effective Management
Epilepsy: A Window to Brain Mechanisms
Epilepsy: acceptance, peace and growth
Epilepsy: An Atlas of Investigation and Management
Epilepsy: Current Approaches to Diagnosis and Treatment
Epilepsy: Current Concepts. 2nd ed
Epilepsy: Diagnosis and Treatment. 2nd ed
Epilepsy: Diagnostic and Treatment Strategies for the Next Decade
Epilepsy: Electroclinical Syndromes
Epilepsy: Epilepsy. seizure types, status epilepticus, anticonvulsant, list of people with epilepsy, epilepsy and driving, Jean-Martin Charcot, seizure, non-epileptic seizure, psychogenic non-epileptic seizures
Epilepsy: Facts About Fits
Epilepsy: Global Issues For The Practicing Neurologist, World Federation of Neurology. Seminars in Clincal Neurology Vol 2
Epilepsy: Handbook for Patient and Family
Epilepsy: Index of Modern Information
Epilepsy: Information for You and Those Who Care About You, A Cleveland Clinic Guide
Epilepsy: Its Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
Epilepsy: Learning and Behaviour
Epilepsy: mechanisms, models, and translational perspectives (Neurological disease and therapy), 2nd edition
Epilepsy: Models, Mechanisms and Concepts
Epilepsy: Neurotransmitter, Behavior and Pregnancy
Epilepsy: Pocketbook. 4th ed
Epilepsy: Progress in Treatment
Epilepsy: Questions and Answers
Epilepsy: Recent Views on Theory, Diagnosis and Therapy of Epilepsy
Epilepsy: Selections from "The World Market for Neurotherapeutic Drugs" - Download: PDF - Edition: e-book (Acrobat reader)
Epilepsy: The essential guide. Large print edition
Epilepsy: The intersection of neurosciences, biology, mathematics, engineering, and physics
Epilepsy: The Ultimate Teen Guide. Reprint ed
Epilepsy: Therapeutic Advances and Commercial Opportunities.
Epilepsy: Webster's timeline history, 1886 - 1995
Epilepsy: Webster's timeline history, 1996 - 2004
Epilepsy: Webster's timeline history, 2005 - 2007
Epilepsy; Its pathology and treatment. Being an essay to which was awarded a prize of four thousand francs by the Académie Royale de Médécine de Belgique, December 31, 1889. An OCR edition of the classic original published by: F. A. Davis in 1890
Epilepsy; Its symptoms, treatment, and relation to other chronic convulsive diseases. An exact reproduction of a book published by Churchill, London, in 1861
Epilepsy; Questions and Answers. 2nd ed
Epilepsy-A Hidden Sickness with a Million Sufferers
Epilepsy-A Parent's Guide. Brainwave
Epilepsy-A Sacred Disease-
Epilepsy-An Optimistic Horizon
Epilepsy-At Your Fingertips- The Comprehensive and Medically Accurate Manual Which Tells You How to Deal with Epilepsy with Confidence! 2nd ed
Epilepsy-Basic Guidelines (Q-A Form)
Epilepsy-Comprehensive Review & Case Discussions
Epilepsy-Diagnosis and Treatment
Epilepsy-Diagnosis, Drug Treatment, Guidance for Living, Social Attitude
Epilepsy-Easy Learning
Epilepsy-Prejudices and Facts
Epilepsy-Problem Solving in Clinical Practice
Epilepsy-Problems of Marriage, Pregnancy, Genetic Counseling
Epilepsy-The Facts. 2nd ed
Epilepszia - Epilepsy
Epilepszia A-tól Z-ig. Orvosi Szakkifejezések Ertelmezése - Epilepsy from A-Z. dictionary of medical terms
Epilepszia családorvosok és klinikai társszakmák számára - Epilepsy : for physiocians and other propessionals
Epilepsziás betegségtörténetének kórtörténetének diagnosztikai problémák - nehezen kezelhető betegek - Diagnostic Problems in Intractable Epilepsy
Epilepsziás tünetegyüttesek diagnosztika, terápia és pszicohaszociális vonatkozások - Diagnosis, Therapy and Psychosocial Issues of Epileptic Syndromes
Epileptic (A graphic novel translated from the French book "L'Ascension du Haut Mal", 6 vols, 1996-2003)
Epileptic Attack and Head Protective Gear
Epileptic Brain Damage. Histopathological Studies on Rats with Experimental Status Epilepticus
Epileptic Drop Attacks
Epileptic Encephalopathies of Childhood.
Epileptic Encephalopathy. II. Conditions with Myoclonus
Epileptic Seizure Pattern
Epileptic Seizures
Epileptic Seizures and Syndromes. With Some of Their Theoretical Implications
Epileptic seizures and the EEG. Measurement, models, detection and prediction
Epileptic Seizures and Their Triggering Factors. With Documents of the Past Meetings of Epilepsy Society in Tohoku Region as an Appendix
Epileptic Seizures: Clinical and Electrographic Features, Diagnosis and Treatment
Epileptic Seizures-Behavior-Pain
Epileptic Seizures-Pathophysiology and Clinical Semiology. (Book with CD-ROM for Windows & Macintosh)
Epileptic Syndromes in Infancy and Early Childhood
Epileptic Syndromes in Infancy, Childhood and Adolescence, 4th ed with Video.
Epileptic Syndromes: Genetic, Diagnostic, and Therapeutic Aspects
Epileptics in Prison
Épileptiques/Épilepsies. Évolution des Demandes et Adaptation des Reponses dans le Domaine des Épilepsies. Epileptics/Epilepsies. Evolution of the Expectancies and Adaptation of the Responses in the Field of Epilepsies
Epileptische Absencen. Studie zur Anfallsstruktur, Pathophysiologie und zum Klinischen Verlauf
Epileptische Anfälle
Epileptische Anfälle. Entstehung und Therapie
Epileptische Anfälle: Phaenomenologie, Differentialdiagnose und Therapie
Epileptische Gelegenheitskrämpfe im Kindes-und Jugendalter. Ursachen, Wiederholungsrisiko, Prognose, Therapie
Epileptische Sturzanfälle
Epileptogenic and Excitotoxic Mechanism
Epileptogenic cortical dysplasia: Emerging trends in diagnosis, treatment, and pathogenesis. Merritt - Putnam Symposium. American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA - December 6, 2008
Epileptologie und Seelsorge im Epilepsie-Zentrum Bethel
Epileptology. Clinical and Basic Aspects
Epileptology: Military Art, Art of Healing or Science? Inaugural address by Dr H Meinardi on the occasion of his accession to the endowed chair in epileptology at the Catholic University of Nijmegen on February 22,1985
Epilessia del cane: approccio clinico, controllo terapeutico ed aspetti comparativi con l'uomo
Epilessia dell'età evolutiva
Epilessia dell'età evolutiva. Diagnosi e terapia
Epilessia e Cultura Psichiatrica
Epilessia e Gravidanza
Epilessia ed eventi psicopatologici
Epilessia in area critica. Epilessia in rianimazione. Epilessia nell'emergenza-urgenza
Epilessia in area critica. Epilessia nel paziente anziano, Epilesia in area neurochirurgica. Nuovi farmaci antiepilettici in area critica
Epilessia in corso di sclerosi multipla: una comorbidità da chiarire
Epilessia notturna del lobo frontale: analisi genetica di una famiglia: individuazione e descrizione di un nuovo gene responsabile della forma autosomica dominante (autosomal dominant frontal lobe epilepsy ADNFLE)
Epilessia parziale benigna del lattante: un contributo per la classificazione internazionale
Epilessia, qualità della vita e rappresentazione di sé
Epilessia, una storis: dal morbo sacro alle molecole
Epilessia. Pregiudizi Realta
Epilessia. Un approccio interdisciplinare
Epilessia: aspetti clinici e sociali
Epilessia: la malattia sacra
Epilessia: parliamone insieme
Epilessia: Pensiero, Comportamento, Emozioni
Epilessia: viviamola insieme/il neurochirurgo: Claudio Munari; il paziente : Tacisio Levorato
Epilessie e disturbi dell'apprendimento
Epilesy and Society: Realities and Prospects. Proceedings of the European Congress on Epilepsy and Society, held in Rome, Italy, on April 22-25, 1987
Epilpesie in de Praktijk
episoden: Menschen mit und ohne Epilepsie erzählen
Equal Partners: A Physician's Call for a New Spirit of Medicine
Er-Arbeitungsbuch Epilepsie MOSES. Modulares Schulungsprogramm Epilepsie. 2te Aufl.
Erica Has a Problem: Epilepsy
Es spielt mich fallen
Essay on epilepsy. In which a new theory of that disease is attempted, from which the proximate cause is investigated, and indications brought from ... of the method of cure. By W. Threlfal, A digital copy of original 18th century manuscript, London : printed for Z. Stuart, 1772
Essentials of Clinical Epilepsy. 2nd ed
Essentials. Convulsions and Consciousness Disturbances - How to Manage -
Estimulaçao Dicótica Comsonate-vogal (ED-CV) em Pacientes com Epilepsia Parcial - Dichotic Listening CV Test in Patients with Partial Epilepsy
Estudo das Atividades Epilépticas e Fases do Sono no Homem. - Study of Epileptic Activity and Human Sleep Phases
Estudo das Influências Catecolaminérgicas e Serotoninérgicas em um Modelo Experimental de Epilepsia Hipocampal - Studies of the catecholoaminergic and serotoninergic influences on an experimental model of hippocampal epilepsy
Estudo das Variaçôes da Atividade da Atpase em Dois Modelos de Induçâo Epiléptica - Study of the Variations of ATPase in Two Models of Epileptic Induction
État de mal épileptique : état de la question
Eternal love: Romantic poetry straight from the heart, 2nd edition
Eterogeneità neurologica e psichiatrica della epilessia temporale: uno studio cluster analitico della competenza scolastica
Etudes in de Neuropsychologie. Psychologische Onderzoeken bij Patienten met Gelocaliseerde Cerebrale Stoornissen
Eugen Bleuler Kishitsusei Seishin Shogai To Tenkan (Translated from Bleuler M, neubearbeitet. Eugen Bleuler Lehrbuch der Psychiatrie, 15te Aufl. Berlin: Springer, 1983)
European Congress Proceedings. European Congress of Epileptology, Oporto, Portugal, September 6-10, 1994
European White Paper on Epilepsy
European White Paper on Epilepsy - call for action
European white paper on epilepsy- call to action
Evaluating the Efficacy of Antiepileptic Treatments
Evaluation of Drug Therapy
Evaluation of Epilepsy Surgery in Norway 1949-1988
Evaluation of Epileptic Patients for Temporal Lobe Surgery and Post-operative Follow-up. An Electrophysiological Study with Neuropsychological, Psychiatric and Clinical Correlates
Event-related Potentials in Patients with Epilepsy : From Current State to Future Prospects
Everything a child needs to know about epilepsy
Everything You Need to Know About Epilepsy
Evidence‐based Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of Epilepsy
Evolution and Prognosis of Epilepsies
Evolution of seizures within the Lennox-Gastaut syndrome spectrum. Epileptic Disorders 2011 ; 13 Suppl 1 : S1-S43
Evolutionary Regularities as Reflection in Epileptiform Reaction of Animals. Translation from Russian
Examinations for Epilepsy, with a Video
Excitatory Amino Acid Antagonists
Excitatory Amino Acids and Epilepsy.
Excitotoxicity-induced Neuropathological Changes in the Rodent Hippocampus. Possible Functional Consequences and Drug Treatments.
Experiences on Epilepsies (Accompanied with modern Japanese translation by Machii Y and Chiba H)
Experimental Analysys of the Epileptic Electrogram
Experimental Epilepsy Induced by Folate Derivatives.
Experimental Epilepsy.
Experimental Models of Epilepsy - A Manual for the Laboratory Worker
Experimental Studies and Controlled Clinical Testing of Valproate and Vigabatrin
Experimental studies of mental defectives: A critique of the Binet-Simon tests and a contribution to the psychology of epilepsy (1912), Paperback. Rare reprint
Experimentelle Epilepsieforschung
Experimentelle Untersuchungen über Epileptische Reaktionen
Explorative Research on Newer Diagnostic and Therapeutic Modalities for Epilepsies by Means of New Technologies. sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
Exploring World Attitudes towards Epilepsy. Report of a Meeting in New York, September 1969, and Additional Papers
Extraversie, Sterkte van Het Zenuwstelsel en Neuroticisme bij 34 Epileptische Patienten Opgenomen in Het Instiuut voor Epilepsie-bestrijding te Heemstede
Eyelid Myoclonia with Absences
Facilitazione di eventi ritmici corticali nella epilessia mioclonica progressiva: studio con stimolazione magnetica transcranica e registrazione poligrafica
Facing Me: Breaking the Bonds of Seizure Confinement, a Journey in Faith and Restoration
Fainting. 2nd ed
Fakta om Epilepsi (translated edition of Sands & Minters' The Epilepsy Fact Book, 1977)
Falling sickness, 2 revised edition, Kindle edition
Falls in Epileptic and Non-epileptic Seizures During Childhood
Famoses - Modulares Schulungsprogramm Epilepsie für Familien: Ein Kurs für Kinder mit Epilepsie [Taschenbuch]
Farmacoterapia ed altre opinioni terapeutiche in epilessia
Farmakoterapija epilepsije (Pharmacotherapy of epilepsy)
Farther observations upon the effects of camphire and calomel. Upon the effects of calomel in the dropsy. Upon bath waters. And upon the epilepsy. ... upon these subjects formerly published. Digital copies of original 18th century manuscripts
Fast Facts-Epilepsy. 4th Ed
Father Barking Jointly with His Mentally Defective Son
Fattori di rischio per ritardo mentale associato ad epilessia parziale ad esordio precoce e kinesiterapie e Kinesipatie encefaliche
Fattori eziologici perinatali nell'insorgenza dell'epilessia dell'infanzia
Febrile Convulsions
Febrile Convulsions. A Reappraisal
Febrile Seizures
Febrile Seizures - Modern Perspectives -
Febrile Seizures. A Biochemical Study on Cerebrospinal Fluid and Blood in Children
Febrilni Krêcêu Dêtl - Febrile Seizures in Children
Felbamate: A New Compound for the Treatment of Epilepsy
FESTfreude Fotoreportage
Fifty Years of Phenytoin
Fight Against Epileps -'79
Fight Against Epilepsy -1
Fight Against Epilepsy -2
Fight Against Epilepsy -'80
Fight Against Epilepsy -'81
Fight Against Epilepsy -'82
Fight Against Epilepsy -'83
Fighting seizures with surgery; a picture book to help you know what to expect
Final Report
Fits and Faints
Fits as a Risk for Children
Fitzhenry & Whiteside: Epilepsy (Understanding Illness)
Flip & Flap: Eine Geschichte über Nervenzellen, Epilepsie und die Friedastraßen-Band. 2 Aufl
Florida's Five-Year-Action Plan for Epilepsy
Focal Epilepsies: Seizures, syndromes and management
Focal Epilepsy. Clinical Use of Emission Tomography
Focus Localization. Multimethodological Assessment of Localization-related Epilepsy
Focus on epilepsy
Focus On Epilepsy Research
Focus on Vigabatrin
Folate Metabolism and Diphenylhydantoin in Experimental Epilepsies.
Folic Acid, Epilepsy and the GABA-A Receptor Complex.
For the Sake of Good Thrive of Epileptic Children and Active Social Participation of Epileptic People
Forced Normalization and Alternative Psychoses of Epilepsy
Formal Aspects of Vigilance During Petit Mal Paroxysm
Fortschritte und Probleme in der Epilepsietherapie
Fotosensibiltà ed epilessia fotosensibile: studio di una casistica in età evolutiva
Fourth International Symposium on Sodium Valproate and Epilepsy
Free at Last: My Lifetime Battle to Overcome Epilepsy
From First Unprovoked Seizure to Newly Diagnosed Epilepsy
Frontal Lobe Seizures and Epilepsies
Frontal Lobe Seizures and Epilepsies in Children
Frontline of Epilepsy Research - Proceedings of the First Winter Neuroscience Congress in Japan
Frontline of Epilepsy Research (2). Boundaries between Bench and Clinic
Frühkindliche Anfälle und Epilepsie-Syndrome
Functional and Morphological Changes of Brain in Epileptic Patients with Psychosis
Functional Imaging in the Epilepsies
Functional Neurosurgery. 2nd Ed.
Fundamental Mechanisms of Human Brain Function. Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy as an Investigative Resource
Fundamentals and Clinics of Depakene
Funzioni cognitive e comportamentali nei pazienti con epilessia
Fusen O Tobase! (Translated from Southall I. Let the Balloon Go. Australia: Methuen & Co., 1968)
Future Research in Epileptology
GABA and Benzodiazepines Receptors.
GABA Mechanisms in Epilepsy
Gabapentin: nuove acquisizioni e prospettive
Gabitril: Current Aspects, Future Perspectives
Gamma-Aminobuttersäure (GABA)-System in Wirkungsmechanismus Antikonvulsiver Stoffe. Tierexperimentelle Untersuchugen zur Pharmakologie von GABA, Hemmstoffen des GABA-Abbaues und Valproinsäure
Gates and Rowan's nonepileptic seizures with DVD. Cambridge Medicine, 3rd edition
Gefährliche Ordnung. Diagnose: Epilepsie
Geigy Symposium on Epilepsy
Gelingendes Scheitern. Epilepsie als Metapher in der Deutschsprachigen Literatur des 20. Jahrhunderts
Gemeinsame Mechanismen bei Epilepsien und Affektiven Störungen. Neurologische Analysen
General Considerations for the Clinical Evaluation of Drugs
Generalized Epilepsy. Neurobiological Approaches
Generalized Epilepsy: Neurobiological Approaches
Generalized Non-convulsive Epilepsy: Focus on GABA-B Receptors
Generalized Seizures: From Clinical Phenomenology to Underlying Systems and Networks
Genetic Analyses of Epilepsies and Febrile Seizures. The Cumulative Research Report Subsidized by the Ministry of Education, 1997-1999
Genetic Aspects of Human Behavior
Genetic Basis of the Epilepsies
Genetic Factors in Epilepsies with Primarily Generalized Minor Seizures
Genetic Strategies in Epilepsy Research
Genetica delle epilessie idiopatiche: possibile modello di trasmissione della epilessia con assenze
Genetics and Epilepsy
Genetics and Epileptic Syndromes. AES Annual Course held in New Orleans, December 5, 2004
Genetics and the Electroencephalogram
Genetics of epilepsy and genetic epilepsies. Mariani Foundation Paediatric Neurology : 20
Genetics of Epilepsy: A Review
Genetics of Focal Epilepsy, Clinical Aspects and Molecular Biology
Genetics of the Epilepsies
Genetik und Diagnostik der Epilepsien.
Genius and Epilepsy. 2nd ed
Gesichter der heiligen Krankheit. Die Epilepsie in der Literatur.
Getting Adam Back... A Mother's Triumph Over Epilepsy and Autism (eBook)
Getting on with Epilepsy
Gewitter im Gehirn - Epilepsie. Wissen, Behandeln, mit der Krankheit leben
Gliomi cerebrali ed epilessia
Glutamat und GABA. Bedeutung für die Ausbreitung und Begrenzung Epileptischer Aktivität
Good morning beautiful : Winning the battle over seizures
Gram L, Dam M's Epilepsy Explained
Great place for a seizure
Grey areas in epilepsy
Growing up with Epilepsy. A Practical Guide for Parents
Growing Up With Epilepsy: A Practical Guide for Parents
Growth Factors and Epilepsy
Guide de l'Épilepsie
Guide des Etablissement Spécialisé pour Epileptiques à I'Usage des Professionnels de Santé. Guide Social Pratique en Epileptologie (GSPE). 2009
Guide des Établissements Spécialisés pour Épileptiques à l'Usage des Professionnels.
Guide to Clinical Trials
Guidebook of Ketogenic Diet Therapy for Childhood Epilepsies
Guideline for the Clinical Evaluation of Antiepileptic Drugs (Adults and Children)
Guidelines for Comprehensive Epilepsy Centres. Report of the Superspecialty Services Subcommittee of the Australian Health Minister's Advisory Council, 1990
Guidelines for the Clinical Evaluation of Anticonvulsant Drugs (Adults and Children)
Guidelines for The Management of Epilepsy in India
Gyermekkori epilepsziáról szülőknek - About Childhood Epilepsy- for Parents
Half A Brain is Enough ; The Story of Nico (2nd ed)
Halluzinationen bei Epilepsien und Ihre Differentialdiagnose
Halsey's Pride
Hand in hand: I have epilepsy too
Hand Trembling, Frenzy Witchcraft, and Moth Madness: A Study of Navajo Seizure Disorders
Handbook of EEG interpretation
Handbook of Epilepsy Care
Handbook of Epilepsy Treatment. 3rd ed
Handbook of Epilepsy. 4th ed
Handbook of Epilepsy]. A Chinese Translation from Browne TR, Holmes GL. Handbook of Epilepsy. 3rd ed. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2004
Handbook of Epileptology 2nd ed
Handbook of Infantile Spasms. Your Child was Diagnosed Having Infantile Spasms, then ... ?
Handbook of International Epilepsy Centers
Handbook of Pediatric Epilepsy
Handbook of Surgical Epileptology. Findings About Brain Fanction
Handbook of West Syndrome (Infantile Spasms)] 2nd ed
Handbook on the neuropsychology of epilepsy
Handbuch der Epilepsien: Klinik, Diagnostik, Therapie und Psychosoziale Aspekte
Handbuch Epilepsie und Arbeit
Händigkeit und Epilepsie
Having Epilepsy
Having Epilepsy. The Experience and Control of Illness
Head Injuries and Post-traumatic Epilepsies
Health Guidance in Childhood Convulsions
Heilige Krankheit: Epilepsie in Antiker Medizin, Astrologie und Religion
Heillos, Heilig, Heilbar. Die Geschichte der Epilepsie von den Anfängen bis Heute..
Help for the Epileptic Child. A Handbook for Parents, Nurses, Teachers, and Epileptics of All Ages
Hemmung der anfallsassoziierten Induktion von P-Glycoprotein als neues therapeutisches Konzept für pharmakoresistente Epilepsien [Taschenbuch]
Henri Gastaut and the Marseilles School's Contribution to the Neurosciences
Heredity in Epilepsy. An Electroencephalographic Study of Relatives of Epileptics
Heritage ; they came to change the course of a river and changed the course of their lives
Herpin's Contribution to the Knowledge of Epilepsy: A Translation of an Early French Epileptologist's 19th Century
Het Epileptische Kind de Observatiekliniek Onderzoek naar de Observatiemogelijkheden in de Leefgroepen aan de Hand van een Observatie. Schema, Speciaal Opgezet ten Behoeve van de Leidsters van Epileptische Kinderen.
Het Lennox-Gastaut Syndroom. Bijdrage van het Kwantitatief Cortex Onderzoek bij 2 Gevallen
Hide and Seek with Wind - An Apocalypse of Epilepsy -
Hikitsuke ・ Keiren Wa Shoni Tenkan Wo Utagae - Epilepsy Should be Suspected in Case of Fits. Convulsions in Children - New Edition
Hippocampal Resections and Their Pharmacotherapy in Experimental Epilepsy
Hippocampus in Experimental Models of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. Amino Acid-mediated Neurotransmission and Nerve Cell Injury Following Transsection of Fimbria-fornix and the Electrical Stimulation of Perforant Pathway in Rat.
Hippokratische Schrift Ueber die Heilige Krankheit
Hirneigene Schutzmechanismen bei Epileptischer Aktivität
Hirnversehrtheit, Persönlichkeit, Gesellschaft: Ergebnisse Aerztl. Nachsorge unter bes. Berücks. der Epilepsie
Historias Clínicas de epilépticos - Clinical reports from people with epilepsy
History of the Epilepsy Movement in the United States
Hokatsuteki Tenkan Chiryo-Tenkan To Tomoni Ikiru-. (Translated from Gumnit RJ. The Epilepsy Handbook. New York: Raven Press, 1995)
Hokkaido Epilepsy Research XXIII
Houkatsuteki Tenkan Chiryo - Tenkan To Tomoni Ikiru - Comprehensive Epilepsy Management - Living with Epilepsy
How Much do You Know About Epilepsy?
How Proust can enhance your practice of epileptology
How to Assist and Manage a Convulsive Episode
How to Assist and Observe an Epileptic Fit. With a Text and Video, VHS ・ Beta
How to Cope Well with Epilepsy
How to Do to Care an Epileptic Fit?
How to Help with Epilepsy
How to Live with Epilepsy
How to Manage Convulsions
How to Manage Worrisome "Convulsion" - Explanation by a Specialist Easy to Understand
How to Recognize and Classify Seizures. A Supplement to the Film and Videocassette with the Same Title. 2nd ed
How to Start Epilepsy Self-help Groups. An Abridged Version of the Manual for Epilepsy Self-help Groups
How to Use Antiepileptic Drugs? Questions & Answers
Humanology of Epilepsy
Hyperekplexia-Startle Disease
Hypnotism, Hysteria and Epilepsy. A Historical Synthesis
Hypothalamic Hamartoma
Hypothalamic Hamartoms and Epilepsy
I farmaci antiepilettici. Indicazioni cliniche in neurologia e psichiatria
I farmaci antiepilettici: osservazioni farmacologiche
I have epilepsy
I Have Epilepsy - Everyone is different
I Have Epilepsy (One World)
I Want to Work Despite Having Fits-Epilepsy and Workplace- (video and text)
Ictal and Subictal Neurosis
Ictogenesis and epileptogenesis
Idiopathic generalized epilepsies
Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsies with Myoclonic Jerks
Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsies. Clinical, Experimental and Genetic Aspects
Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsies: A Review and Modern Approach
Idiosyncratic Reactions to Valproate: Clinical Risk Patterns and Mechanisms of Toxicity
If walls could talk: Don't let epilepsy control you!
Ijouji - Abnormal Children
Il bambino con epilessia
Il male dell'anima. L'epilessia fra '800 e '900
Il male sacro.Discorso intorno all'epilessia
Il problema dell'epilessia nell'età evolutiva sotto il profilo psico-pedagogico, sociologico e giuridico
Il riconoscimento delle emozioni in soggetti con epilessia temporale mesiale
Il ruolo fisiopatologico del canale del potassio KIR gliale nell'omeostasi extracellulare del K+in situ e nell'epilessia: studi elettrofisiologici e farmacologici
Illustriertes Epilepsie- Wörterbuch für Kinder
Imaging and Pathology of Intractable Epilepsy] (in Japanese)
Imaging Approaches to Small Animal Models of Epilepsy
Imitators of Epilepsy, 2nd ed
Immunological levels in patients on antiepileptic drugs
Impact of M-current on neuronal excitability: The epilepsy-related KCNQ2/KCNQ3 voltage-gated potassium channels (M-channels) in hippocampal neurons: Electrophysiology and immunocytochemistry
Implicazione dei neuropeptidi e dei fattori trofici in modelli sperimentali di epilessia del lobo temporale
Improving Epilepsy for Life
Improving services for people with epilepsy: Department of Health action plan in response to the National Clinical Audit of Epilepsy-Related Death
In spite of epilepsy; Being a review of the lives of three great epileptics,--Julius Caesar, Mohammed, Lord Byron,--The founders respectively of an empire, a religion, and a school of poetry. A reproduction of a book published in 1913
In Tema di Epilettologia
Indexes to the Epilepsy Accessions of the Epilepsy Information System. Volume 1. 00001-10000
Indexes to the Epilepsy Accessions of the Epilepsy Information System. Volume 2. 10001-20000
Indexes to the Epilepsy Accessions of the Epilepsy Information System. Volume 3. 20001-30000
Indexes to the Epilepsy Accessions of the Epilepsy Information System. Volume 4. 30001-40000
Indexes to the Epilepsy Accessions of the Epilepsy Information System. Volume 5. 40001-50000
Infantiili-Spasmi-Oireyhtymä Lapsilla. Tutkimus 214: Stä vuosina 1960-76 Syntyneestä potilaasta. - Infantile Spasm Syndrome in Children. A Study of 214 Patients Born in 1960-76
Infantile Spasms
Infantile Spasms and West Syndrome
Infantile Spasms. A Review of the Literature and a Study of 112 Cases
Infantile Spasms. Treatment and Outcome of Quality of Life
Infantile Spasms: Diagnosis, Management and Prognosis
Infantle Spasms. Treatment and Prognosis
Influence of Anticonvulsants on Pregnant and Puerperal Mothers, Fetuses and Newborns
Informationstafeln Epilepsie. 3te Aufl
Inherited Forms of Epilepsy
Inhibitory Circuits and Subcortical Innervation of the Rat Hippocampus: Implications for Normal Function and Pathophysiological Processes.
Initial Individualized Selection of Long - term Anticonvulsant Drugs by Neurologists.
Insanity: its causes, prevention, and cure : including apoplexy, epilepsy, and congestion of the brain. 2nd edition. A reproduction of a book published by Churchill, London, in 1852
Integrale Epilepsiebehandeling
Integrating Advances in Pediatric Epilepsy Treatment Options into Clinical Practice
Intensive Neurodiagnostic Monitoring
Interaction Epilepsy-sleep-antiepileptics. A Clinical Neurophysiological Study.
Intermittent Diazepam Prophylaxis in Febrile Convulsions
International Bureau for Epilepsy 1961 - 2011. 50 years focussed on epilepsy. Looking back and gazing forward. A condensed history of IBE’s first 50 years
International Catalogue of Films, Video Tapes and Slides. Epilepsy in Focus
International Directory of Epilepsy Selfhelp Groups
International Experiences and Perspective: Zonisamide.
International Glossary of Antiepileptic Drugs, 4th edition
International League Against Epilepsy: 1909 - 2009 : A Centenary History
International Seminar on Medico-Social Aspects of Epilepsy, Bangalore, 18th & 19th October 1986
International Symposium NEWroscience 2008 - Contemporary Neuroscience, Epilepsies and the Arts, International Symposium NEWroscience 2008, Brazil
International Workshop on Flunarizine in Epilepsy. Beerse, May 24, 1985. Health Science Review
Interviewing guides for specific disabilities : the epilepsies
Intracranial Electroencephalography
Intractable Epilepsies
Intractable Epilepsy
Intractable Epilepsy in Adults (video and text)
Intractable Epilepsy in Childhood
Intractable Epilepsy. Experimental and Clinical Aspects
Intractable Focal Epilepsy
Intractable Seizures: Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention
Intractavle Epilepsy. Living and Education
Intraoperative neurophysiology. A comprehensive guide to monitoring and mapping
Introduction to epilepsy
Investigations et Traitement Chirurgical des Épilepsies
Ions in the Brain. Normal Function, Seizures, and Stroke
Ipocalcemia e convulsioni: epilessia o ipoparatiroidismo?
Issues & Answers; Exploring Your Possibilities: A Guide for Teens and Young Adults with Epilepsy
Issues and Answers: A Guide for Parents of Children with Seizures, Aged Six to Twelve
Issues and Answers: A Guide for Parents of Children with Seizures. Birth to Age Six
Issues and Answers: A Guide for Parents of Teens and Young Adults with Epilepsy
Issues in Epilepsy
Issues in Epilepsy and Quality of Life
Issues in Epilepsy-An Agenda for the 21st Century
Italian League Against Epilepsy (LICE) Official Reports 2005-2006 and Proceedings of the 28th National Congress, Bari, Italy, May 18-21,2005
Italian League Against Epilepsy (LICE). Official Reports 2007-2008 and Proceedings of the 29th and 30th National Congresses, Pisa, June, 2006, and Reggio-Calabria, May 2007
It's a Wonder!? Friends with Epilepsy
It's only epilepsy. Diagnosis, medication & treatment. How to manage seizures, family work and relationship issues
It's time to go home when the ferris wheel breaks ; cautionary tales for a dangerous world
Jakob und Seine Freunde
Jasper's Basic Mechanisms of the Epilepsies. 3rd ed.
JuaNita with a capital N
Jugend-Tagesbuch: Epilepsie
Julia, Mungo, and the Earthquake: A Story for Young People About Epilepsy
Just Kids:Visiting a Class for Children with Special Needs.
Juvenile Epilepsy: Report of a Study Group
Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy
Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy: The Janz Syndrome
Kaleidoskop: State of the Art und bisher nicht beachtete Aspekte von hoher Relevanz [Taschenbuch]
Karen's epilepsy
Karin and Max. Geschichten von einem Jungen und seiner geistig behinderten, epilepsiekranke Schwester
Keine heile Welt: Leben mit einem behinderten Kind
Kérdések és válaszok az epilepsziáról epilepsziával élőknek és hozzátartozóiknak: a betegek kérdései alapján - Questions and Answers about Epilepsy for Epileptic Patients and Their Relatives.(Based on Questions by the Patients
Keto cookbook: Innovative delicious meals for staying on the ketogenic diet
Keto Kid: Helping Your Child Succeed on the Ketogenic Diet
Ketogenic Diet and Related Dietary Treatments
Ketogenic diets: Treatments for epilepsy and other disorders. 5th edition
Kind und Epilepsie: Ganzheitliche Behandlungs- und Betreuungskonzepte für Kinder mit Epilepsie
Kinder mit Epilepsien
Kinder und Jugendliche als Patienten. Eine Gesprächsanalytische Studie zum Subjektiven Krankheitserleben Junger Anfallspatienten in Pädiatrischen Sprechstunden
Kinder-Epilepsie Handboek. Een Beknopte Leidraad voor de Praktijk
Kindling 2
Kindling 3
Kindling 4
Kindling 5
Kindling 6, Advances in Behavioral Biology, Volume 55, Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2005 edition
Kindling 6. Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Kindling, held June 4-6, 2004, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Kindling and Behavior - Special Issue. International Standard Serial No. 1388-2457
Kindling Epileptogenesis in CAI Area of the Rat Hippocampus. An Electrophysiological and Immunocytochemical Approach.
Kindling Phenomenon-A New Approach to Epilepsy and Psychosis
Kindling. A Symposium on Basic Research in Neuroscience, Vancouver, May16-17, 1975
Kindling: An Inquiry into Experimental Epilepsy.
Kindling: Dall'Epilessia Sperimentale Alla Psicopatologia
Kiválasztottak, megszállottak, nyavalyatöröttek - Numbers, Cacodaemons, Invalids. Epilepsy in belles-lettres
Kleines Lexikon der Epileptologie
Klinik und Therapie der Epilepsien im Kindesalter
Klinische Aspekte zur Pathophysiologie Nicht-epileptischer Anfälle. Probleme der Nervösen Regulation
Klinische Elektroenzephalographie des Kindes- und Jugendalters. Ein Atlas der EEG- Aktivität altersbezogene Normkurven und Pathologie
Knoglemineralindhold hos epilepsipatienter i antikonvulsiv behandling
Know someone with epilepsy. Understanding health issues
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice in Antiepileptic Drug Monitoring
Kognitive Dysphasie und Angst: Linguistische Untersuchungen bei Patienten mit Epilepsie und Angsterkrankung [Taschenbuch]
Kognitive und Emotionale Aspekte bei Epilepsie: Eine Neuropsychologische Untersuchung von Epilepsiepatienten
Koko the service dog; a seizure response dog shares his story
Konfrontation Epilepsie. Eine ungewoehnliche Erfolgsgeschichte.
Kongress Epilepsie (Novo Nordisk): Copenhagen, 22, 23. Mai 1997. Version 1.0
Konzeptionelle Überlegungen zu einer Psychomotorischen Intervention mit Erwachsenen Menschen mit Einer Geistigen Behinderung und Epilepsie
Kopfkorrektur oder der Zwang gesund zu sein. Ein behindertes Kind zwischen Therapie und Alltag. Überarbeitete Neuausgabe
Kotenkanyaku no Kecchunodo. Yakubutsu Chiryo no Kiso to Rinsho (Translated from Eadie & Tyrer's Anticonvulsant Therapy. Pharmacological Basis and Practice. 3rd ed. 1989.)
Koyo Sabetsu To Tenkan. America No Hoseido Ni Kansuru Tebikisho] (Translated from Hardin's Employment Discrimination and Epilepsy)
Krämpfe im Kindesalters. I Teil
Krampfschädigungen des Gehirns
Krankheit der ungezählten Namen: Ein Beitrag zur Sozial-, Kultur- und Medizingeschichte der Epilepsie anhand ihrer Benennungen vom Altertum bis zur Gegenwart
Kreuzweg Epilepsie : Der Leidensweg einer Schülerin
'L' Epilessia'
La Clinique de l'Epilepsie : Réintroduire le Sujet dans le Champ Médical
La Enfermedad Epileptica
La Epilepsia
La epilepsia: una enfermedad compleja - Epilepsy: a complex disease
La literatura médica sobre epilepsia, siglos XVI- XIX: análisis bibliométrico
La luna, il sangue, l'incenso. Intervista sull'epilessia tra scienza e mito
La malattia del genio. Studio sull'epilessia del lobo temporale in Van Gogh
La Pacotille
La personalizzazione della cura in epilessia
La Prédisposition à l'Epilepsie
La Prise en Charge Globale® de l'Épilepsies
la SPECT nei bambini con epilessia e disturbi di apprendimento
La Stéréo-Électroencéphalographie dans l'Epilepsie
La terapia farmacologica delle epilessie. Farmacologia clinica e strategie terapeutiche
La valuatzione cognitiva nell'epilessia focale
Labor and Employment of the Epileptic Patients-A Report of the Survey on the Current Status-
Lachen als Epileptische Manifestation
Lacosamid. 2.aktualisierte und erweiterte Auflage
Lacosamide. 2ème édition revue et complétée
L'adolescence, l'adolescent et l'épilepsie
Lafora's Disease: A Contribution to Choice and Specificity of Diagnostic Biopsies
Lamotrigine - A Brighter Future -
Lamotrigine- A New Advance in the Treatment of Epilepsy
L'anamnesi delle crisi epilettiche del bambino
Landau Kleffner Syndrome : a parent's guide. 2nd ed
Landau-Kleffner-Syndrom: Sprache - Verhalten - Sprachtherapie . 2te Aufl
Language and Epilepsy
Las Convulsiones en los Ninós. Guiá Práctica Informativa Para Padres, Maestros y Personal Paramédico
Las Epilepsias en Centroamérica - Epilepsy in Central America
L'Ascension du Haut Mal, tome 1
L'Ascension du Haut Mal, tome 2
L'Ascension du Haut Mal, tome 3
L'Ascension du Haut Mal, tome 4
L'Ascension du Haut Mal, tome 5
L'Ascension du Haut Mal, tome 6 (Album)
L'Ascension du Haut Mal, volume 6 (Cartoon)
Lauter Stolpersteine. Über das Leben mit Epilepsie. 2te Aufl
Le Convulsione Febbrili e le Epilessia. Attualità Cliniche e Terapeutiche
Le epielssie infantili benigne. Convegno di verona 21 aprile 1978
Le epilepsie nella vita scolastica
Le Epilepsie: Queste Sconosciute. 2nd Ed.
Le Epilessie
Le Epilessie della Prima e Seconda Infanzia
Le epilessie dell'età evolutiva
Le epilessie miocloniche in età evolutiva Riunione della sezione Emilia Romagna della Società italiana di Neuropsichiatria Infantile Bologna 24 aprile 1976
Le Epilessie Oggi. 3rd ed
Le Epilessie Progressive Infantili
Le epilessie. Diagnosi e trattamento
Le epilessie. Patologia speciale e terapia
le epilessie: guida pratica
Le epilessie: manuale pratico
Le epiloessie progressieve infantili : atti del 1° congresso nazionale della società italiana di neuropediatria Viterbo 26-27 settembrte 1975
Le Petit Mal et Ses Frontières
Le Premier Quartier de la Lune
Le Problème de l'Hérédité dans les Syndromes Epileptiques
Le psicosi epilettiche nell'infanzia
Le régime cétogène chez l'enfant
Le Secret de Jeremy
Le Syndrome de Lennox-Gastaut
Le Test de Rorschach et la Personalité Epileptique
Learning about Epilepsy
Learning about Epilepsy. 2nd ed
Learning Disability and Epilepsy: An Integrative Approach
Leben mit Epilepsie. Modulares Schulungsprogramm Epilepsie MOSES
Leben Ohne Brot: Die Wissenschaftlichen Grundlagen der Kohlenhydratarmen Ernährung. 16 Aufl
Leben ohne Kohlehydrate. Die Langzeit-Anwendung Kohlenhydratarmer Diäten. 2te Aufl
Lectures on Epilepsy
Lectures on Epilepsy -1
Lectures on Epilepsy -2
Lectures on Epilepsy -3
Lectures on Epilepsy -4
Lectures on Epilepsy -5
Lectures on Epilepsy -6
Lectures on Epilepsy -7
Lectures on Epilepsy -8
Leczenie farmakologiczne w padaczce - Pharmacological treatment in epilepsy
Lee : The Rabbit with Epilepsy
L'EEG dans l'Epilepsie de l'Enfant - EEG in Childhood Epilepsy
L'EEG en pediatrie . Collection : Neurologie et épilepsie-Hors collection
Lefty Carmichael Has a Fit
Leistungs- und Verhaltensstörungen bei Kindlichen Epilepsien
L'Encéphalopathie Myoclonique Infantile avec Hypsarhythmie (Syndrome de West)
L'Enfant Epileptique
L'Enfant Épileptique Débile Moyen
L'Enfant Epileptique. Le Comprendre et l'Aider
L'Enfant Foudroyé: Comprendre l'Enfant Épileptique
Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome
L'epielssia nella sindrome di Angelman: correlazioni fra fenotipo e genotipo
L'Epilepsie à la Réunion. Epidémiologie, Clinique et Etiologies de l'Epilepsie dans une Ile à Isolats Multiples
L'Epilepsie chez l'Enfant et l'Adolescent
L'Epilepsie chez les Cardiaques
L'Epilepsie Chronique
L'Épilepsie du Sujet. Etudes Psychoanalytiques.
L'epilepsie en classe
L'Épilepsie Essentielle de l'Énfant. - Une Approche Pédiatrique et Psychiatrique -
L'Epilepsie Expérimentale
L'Épilepsie, Une Maladie Refuge
L'Épilepsie. 3rd ed
L'Épilepsie. Nouvelle Ed
L'Épilepsies en Classe. Questions, Reponses et Information.
L'epilessia nella storia Ritratti di famosi epilettici
L'epilessia nell'infanzia e nell'adolescenza
Les Antiépileptiques-En Un Clin d'Ocil
Les Eépilepsies. Parlons-en !
Les Epilepsies
Les Épilepsies : Questions-Réponses, 12 Témoignages, Fiche Pratique
Les Epilepsies de l'Adulte
Les Epilepsies de l'Enfant
Les épilepsies et les épileptiques. A reproduction of a book published from Félix Alcan, Paris, in 1890
Les Epilepsies Infantiles. Problèmes de Diagnostic et de Traitement
Les épilepsies temporales sans atrophie hippocampique: Aspects électro-cliniques et enjeux chirurgicaux
Les Epilepsies. 2nd ed
Les Epileptiques ne se Cachent Plus pour Guérir ‐ Dialogue à l'Usage des Pratiquants de l'Epilepsie.
Les Etats de Mal Epileptiques. CR Réunion Européenne d'Information Electroencéphalographique. Xe Colloque de Marseille, 1-4 Octobre, 1962
Les Grandes Activités du Lobe Occipital
Les Grandes Activités du Lobe Temporale. Actualités Neurophysiologiques de la Salpétrière
Les Manifestations Epileptiques. Première Partie. Etude Analytique
Les Myoclonies
Les Réseaux en Epileptologie. Programme des 8es Journées Françaises de l'Epilepsie, Toulouse,11-13 Novembre 2004.
Les Syndromes Épileptiques de l'Enfant et de l'Adolescent, 4ème Édition avec Video.
Les Traitements des Epilepsies de l'Adulte
L'Etablissement pour Enfants Epileptiques Rééducables du "Plovier" à St. -Marcel-Lès Valence. Résultats et Statistiques de Trois Annèes de Fonctionnement
Let's Talk About Epilepsy (The Let's Talk Library)
Levetiracetam: Epilepsy
L'Exploration Chirurgicale Stéréotaxique du Lobe Temporal dans l'Epilepsie Temporale
Liebe deine Epilepsie: Nicht nur für Epileptiker
Lijecenje epilepsija (Therapy of epilepsy)
Lily (Translated into German by Hens, Gregor from Robinson R : Electricity. London : Picador, 2007)
Limbic Epilepsy and the Dyscontrol Syndrome
Limbic Seizures in Children
Limbisches System und Epilepsie. Neuere Erkenntnisse über Aufbau, Function, Störungen und Operabilität des Sogenannten Viszeralhirns
Linkage analysis in a familial case of idiopathic generalized epilepsy and its implication in drug development
L'intervention chirurgicale dans les épilepsies. Haarlem (1897). Rare reprint
Lipid Mediators in Ischemic Brain Damage and Experimental Epilepsy
Live Learn, And Be Happy With Epilepsy
Lives like loaded guns: Emily Dickinson and her family's feuds
Living in the shadows : families who care for children with uncontrolled epilepsy or epilepsy and another disability
Living well with epilepsy : notes from the SEE Program
Living well with epilepsy ; Report of the 1997 National Conference on Public Health and Epilepsy
Living Well with Epilepsy and Other Seizure Disorders : An Expert Explains What You Really Need to Know
Living Well With Epilepsy and Other Seizure Disorders: An Expert Explains What You Really Need to Know.
Living well with epilepsy II ; Report of the 2003 National Conference on Public Health and Epilepsy : Priorities for a public health agenda on epilepsy
Living Well with Epilepsy. 2nd ed
Living with Epilepsy
Living with Epilepsy - Independent Living for Adults -
Living With Epilepsy (Living Well Chronic Conditions)
Living with epilepsy, kindle ed
Living with Epilepsy. 2nd ed
Living with Epilepsy. New edition
Living with Epilepsy: A Guide to Taking Control
Living with Epilepsy; Long-term Prognosis and Psychosocial Outcomes.
Living with Epileptic Child
Living with Epileptic Seizures
Living with Mysterious Epilepsy. My 48-Year Victory Over Fear
Living with seizures
Living with the uncertainty of uncontrolled epilepsy: a study of how parents cope with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and the role of a parent support group
Lo spettro dei fenomeni parossistici durante il sonno: dalle parasonnie alle crisi epilettiche: studio sulla frequenza di parasonnie nei pazienti affetti da epilessia frontale notturna (EFN) e nei loro familiari
Lo sviluppo neuropsicologico del bambino affetto da epilessia precoce: studio longitudinale
Long Term Care and Sheltered Workshops. Report of a Meeting in Paris, France, 1967
Long-term Monitoring in Epilepsy
Long-term outlook of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and related epilepsies: Care for a lifetime
Long-terminale evolution of epileptic encephalopathies. Collection: Topics in epilepsy
Loreclezole: A Clinical Evaluation of its Safety and Efficacy as Anticonvulsant
Low Carb Made Easy
Low-carb diets and the link between common illnesses: PCOS, CFS, Ddiabetes, obesity, and epilepsy
Lying Awake. A Novel
Lying: A Metaphorical Memoir
Madeline and the Great (Old Escape Artist)
Magnetic Resonance in Epilepsy. Neuroimaging Techniques. 2nd Ed
Magnetic Resonance Scanning and Epilepsy
Mal di Luna
Malá a Psychomotorická Epilepsie Détského Véku - Minor and Psychomotor Epilepsy in Childhood
Malades, Médecins et Épilepsies : Une Approche Anthropologique.
Malformations: What's a Doctor to Do? Neural Tube Defects from Bench to Bedside
Mami, me siento rara! La experiencia de una nina con epilepsia [Mommy, I feel funny! A child's experience with epilepsy] - Spanish translation
Managemant of Epilepsy
Management by Common Sense: A Frank Look at Epilepsy in the Workplace.
Management of Acute Seizures in Children
Management of Difficult Seizures. A Self-Assessment Review (Workbook)
Management of Epilepsy : Hope and Hurdles - Critical Reviews and Clinical Guidance
Management of Epilepsy: Consensus Conference on Current Clinical Practice
Management of Patients with Drug-resistant Partial Epilepsy
Managing epilepsy
Managing Epilepsy and Co-exisiting Disorders
Managing Epilepsy and Co-existing Disorders
Managing Epilepsy in Women Across the Reproductive Cycle
Managing Epilepsy with Women in Mind
Managing Epilepsy: A Clinical Handbook. 2nd ed
Managing seizure disorders : A handbook for health care professionals
Managing Seizure Disorders. A Handbook for Health Care Professionals Developed by the Epilepsy Foundation of America
Managing Your Epilepsy: Advice From A Distinguished Expert in Seizures and Epilepsy
Manifestações Viscerais da Epilepsia-Estudo Clinico e Encefalografico de 14 Cases
Manifestation Mechanism of Epilepsy by Using El Mice As a Model
Manual de Epilepsias (Textbook of Epilepsies)
Manual of antiepileptic drug therapy, 2010 edition
Manual of Epilepsy Management for Professionals, No 7
Manual para el manejo medico integral de las personas con epilepsia- Una guía para el tratamiento biomédico y psicosocial - Handbook for the integral treatment of epilepsy. A guide for the biomedical and psychosocial treatment
Manuale italiano di epilettologia.
Manuel. Die Geschichte eines Jungen mit Epilepsie, die mit einem Tumor begann
Mapas de Actividad Electrica Cerebral
Mapping Epileptic Circuitry
Marsmomente. Informationen zur Epilepsie für Jugendliche / Marsmoment 1: Epilepsiebilder [Taschenbuch]
Marsmomente. Informationen zur Epilepsie für Jugendliche: Marsmoment 2: Warum wird man krank?
Marsmomente. Informationen zur Epilepsie für Jugendliche: Marsmoment 3: Epileptische Auren und Anfallsunterbrechung [Taschenbuch]
Marsmomente. Informationen zur Epilepsie für Jugendliche: Marsmoment 4: Anfallsformen und Erste Hilfe [Taschenbuch]
Marsmomente. Informationen zur Epilepsie für Jugendliche: Marsmoment 5: Epilepsie erkennen oder diagnostizieren? [Taschenbuch]
Marsmomente. Informationen zur Epilepsie für Jugendliche: Marsmoment 6: Veränderungen im Leben durch Epilepsie [Taschenbuch]
Marsmomente. Informationen zur Epilepsie für Jugendliche: Marsmoment 7: Sprechen über Epilepsie [Taschenbuch]
Marsmomente. Informationen zur Epilepsie für Jugendliche: Marsmoment 8: Selbst handeln bei Epilepsie [Taschenbuch]
Marsmomente. Informationen zur Epilepsie für Jugendliche: Marsmoment 9: Epilepsie-Behandlung [Taschenbuch]
Masked Epilepsy
Matching the Medicine to the Patient
Matching treatments to seizures and syndromes. Annual course 2008: American Epilepsy Society
Me and My World: All About Epilepsy
Measurement of the Level of Diphenylhydantoin and Phenobarbital in Patients with Epilepsy
Mechanism of Action of Benzodiazepines
Mechanism-based Modelling of Functional Adaptation, Applied to Anticonvulsant Drug Action.
Mechanisms of action of antiepileptic drugs
Mechanisms of Chronic Models of Epilepsy
Mechanisms of Drug Resistance in Epilepsy- Lesson from Oncology: No 243
Mechanisms of Epileptogenesis. -The Transition to Seizure
Medical and Educational Manual for Epileptics
Medical Management of Selected Neurological Disorders: Epilepsy, Spasticity and Pain
Medical Risks in Epilepsy
Medico-Social Prognosis of Children with Epilepsy. Epidemiological Study and Analysis of 245 Patients
Medikamentno lijecenje epilepsije (Medical treatment of epilepsy)
Medikamentöse Therapie der Epilepsien unter Kontrolle der Antiepileptika-Serumspiegel
Medikidz Explain Epilepsy: Whats Up with Bill
Medizinische Grundlagen der Epilepsie
Medizinisches und Theologisches zur Epilepsie. Neue Forschungsergebnisse aus dem Epilepsiezentrum
Meeting Special Needs: a Practical Guide to Support Children with Epilepsy
Mein Kind hat Epilepsie: Aufklärung und Hilfe für Eltern
Mein Leben mit Epilepsie. Der Neubeginn
Memorandum Epilepsy (Translated from Janz's DFE Denkschrift Epilepsie, 1973)
Memorandum of the Epilepsy Treatment
Men and epilepsy : Epilepsy Action
Menstrual cycle and epilepsy: Premenstrual reproductive study
Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, and Epilepsy in Alabama: A Sociological Analysis
Mental Symptoms in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and Temporal Lobe Gliomas
Merkmale epileptischer Bildnerei. Mit Pathographie van Gogh
Merritt-Putnam Lectures on Status Epilepticus. CME Monograph
Metabolic Determinants of Infant Epilepsy
Metabolic Mechanism of an Anticonvulsant, Sodium Valproate (Depakene)
Metabolism of Antiepileptic Drugs
Methods of Analysis of Anti-epileptic Drugs
Methods of cure, in some particular cases of insanity: The epilepsy, hypochondriacal affection, hysteric passion, and nervous disorders. Prefixed with ... each of those complaints. By W. Perfect, A digital copy of original 18th century manuscript in print, by T. Fisher, at Rochester, London, [1777]
Mi Epilepsia Y Yo: Testimonios. Translation from Schachter SC. Brainstorms. Epilepsy in Our Words. Raven Press, 1993
Michaels Fall. Mein Kind ist Epilepsiekrank. Erfahrungs-und Ermutigungs-bericht einer Mutter
Migraine and Epilepsy
Migraine et Epilepsie
Mike has epilepsy
Miles to Go Before I Sleep: My Grateful Journey Back From the Hijacking of Egypt Air Flight 648
Missing Michael: A Mother's Story of Love, Epilepsy, and Perseverance
Mit Epilepsie leben. Aspekte beruflicher und sozialer Integration von Menschen mit Epilepsie
Mobiles Langzeit-EEG
Mobilität und Epilepsie
Modelle zur Versorgung schwer behandelbarer Epilepsies
Modelle zur Versorgung Schwer-Behandelbarer Epilepsien: Abschlusspublikation zu den Modellfoerderungen in der praechirurgischen Epilepsiediagnostik und Epilepsiechirurgie im Rahmen des Modellprogramms der Bundesregierung zur Verbesserung der Versorgung ch
Models of Seizures and Epilepsy
Modern Approach to Antiepileptic Drug Treatment
Modern Challenges in the Global Care of Patients with Drug Resistant Epilepsy
Modern Epileptology
Modern Information on Epilepsy. A Special Issue
Modern Management of Epilepsy. Bailliere's International Practice and Research (Neurology)
Modern Perspectives in Epilepsy
Modern Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy
Modificazione del comportamento degli epilettici conseguente al trattamento moderno anticonvulsivante
Modificazioni plastiche del sistema bradichinina e neuropeptide Y in un modello di epilessia del lobo temporale, il klinding: studi in vitro ed in vivo
Modulation of epilepsy-like activity by tonic inhibition: Evaluation of the effects of Gaboxadol on neuronal hyperactivity
Molecular and Cellular Targets for Antiepileptic Drugs
Molecular Biology of Epilepsy] A Special Issue
Molecular Genetics and Epilepsy: Foundation for Therapeutic Advances
Molecular Neurobiology of Epilepsy.
Molecular Pathogenesis of Epilepsies] A Special Issue
Mom, I Have a Staring Problem : A true story of petit mal seizures and the hidden problem it may cause : learning disability
Moments That Disappear: Children Living With Epilepsy (Don't Turn Away)
Mommy, I feel funny! A child's experience with epilepsy
Monotherapy in the management of epilepsy: Study designs and results
Monotherapy versus Polytherapy in Epilepsy. Experimental and Clinical Studies.
Mood Disturbances, Psychoses and Epilepsy
Moritz mein Sohn. [Taschenbuch]
Moritz Mein Sohn. Alles, was wir brauchen, ist Kraft und ein gnädig gestimmtes Schicksal. 5te Aufl
Morphologische Aspekte der Epilepsien. Pathogenetische, Pathologisch-anatomische und Klinische Probleme der Epilepsien
Mortality and Epilepsy
Moz̆nosti chirurgickej liec̆by ohniskových epilepsií. - The possibilities of the surgical treatment of focal epilepsies
Muttersein mit Epilepsie - Mamma hat Epilepsie: Ein praktischer Ratgeber [Gebundene Ausgabe]
My Daddy Has Epilepsy. 2nd Ed (Paperback)
My Epileptic Lurcher
My Friend Emily
My Friend Has Epilepsy
My Friend Matty-A Story About Living With Epilepsy
My Mommy Has Epilepsy. 2nd Ed (Paperback. color)
My Mum has Epilepsy.
My name is Philip George: a life's journey
My seizure dog
My Sickness - Epilepsy -. Basic Knowledge to Solve Your Worries
My Story
My Way of Therapy of Epilepsy
Myoclonic Epilepsies
Myoclonic Seizures
Myoclonus and Paroxysmal Dyskinesias
Myoclonus Epilepsy
Myoclonus Epilepsy - Recent Advances
Nanchi Tenkan - Intractable Epilepsy. Review in Psychiatry, No. 10
National epilepsy audio-visuals catalogue : an Australian epilepsy catalogue of videotapes, films, slides, audiotapes
National Seminar on Social Aspects of Epilepsy
National sentinel clinical audit of epilepsy-related death : Epilepsy - death in the shadows. Report 2002
National Survey of Photosensitivity and Seizures Induced by Electronic Screen Games (video games, console games, computer games)
Natriumvalproat Orfiril i Behandlingen av Epilepsi
Nature and Nurture in Epilepsy and Psychiatry - Implications for New Treatment Strategies
Nebenwirkung von Antiepileptika
Need to Know: Epilepsy
Nemzetközi Epilepsziaellenes Liga Magyar Tagozatának 4., Magyar EEG és Klinikai Neurofiziológiai Társaság 39. Kongresszusa Hévíz, 1999. november 3-6 [The 4th Congress of Hungarian Antiepilepsy League and 39th Congress of Hungarian EEG and Electrophysiolo
Neocortical Epilepsies
Neonatal Electroencephalography
Neonatal Seizures
Nerves in Collision
Neuausgabe der ersten deutschen Übersetzung von Tissot SA. Abhandlung von der Epilepsie oder fallenden Sucht (1771) (französisches Original "Traité de L'epilepsíe" von 1770)
Neue Ergebnisse der Epilepsieforschung. Physiological Aspects of Regulation between Chaos and Reflex
Neural Mechanism of Epilepsy - A Study Through Kindling
Neural Substrates of Limbic Epilepsy
Neuroanatomical contributions to understanding brain development, plasticity, and neurological disorders: A tribute to H. Jürgen Wenzel
Neurobehavioral Changes in Epilepsy
Neurobehavioral Problems in Epilepsy
Neurobiological Links of Epilepsy, Bipolar Disorder, and Anticonvulsants
Neurochemistry of Epilepsy: Seizure Mechanisms and Thier Management
Neurocutaneous Syndromes in Children
Neuroimaging and Epilepsy: The Role of New Techniques
Neuroimaging in Epilepsy
Neuroimaging in Epilepsy - Principles and Practice. 2nd ed
Neuroimaging: Advanced and Applications
Neurokutane Syndrome und Epilepsie: Neurofibromatose - Tuberöse Sklerose - Andere Phakomatosen
Neurological and Electroencephalographic Correlative Studies in Infancy
Neurological Syndromes VI - Epilepsy Syndromes
Neurological Syndromes VI-Epileptic Syndromes-
Neurological, Psychological and Social Factors Related to Employability of Persons with Epilepsy
Neurology - Epilepsy and Paroxysmal Diseases
Neurology in Practice: Epilepsy
Neurology in Southern California. A Historical Perspective
Neurology of Pregnancy, 2nd edition
Neuromagnetic Signals: Developmental Aspects and Applications to Epileptic Disorders.
Neuronal Migration Disorders and Childhood Epilepsies
Neuronal Substrates of Sleep and Epilepsy
Neuronale Hemmungen in Epileptischen Herden
Neuronale Schäden durch Epilepsien. Klinisch-neuropathologische Korrelationsversuche zur Frage der Krampfschäden beim Menschen
Neurons Containing Calcium-binding Proteins in the Human Amygdaloid Complex.
Neurontin: Expanding the Clinical Experience
Neuropathology of Epilepsy
Neuropathology of Focal Epilepsies. An Atlas. Macroscopic-histological Findings from 444 Operated Patients with Therapy-resistant Epilepsy Including 33 Case Reports
Neuropharmacology of Cyclic Nucleotides: Role of Cyclic AMP in Affective Disorders, Epilepsy, and Modified Behavioral States
Neuropharmacology of Epilepsy: Pathophysiology and Drug Mechanism.
Neuropharmacology. Methods in Epilepsy Research.
Neurophysiological Mechanisms of Epilepsy
Neurophysiologische Grundlagen und Klinik der Epileptischen Reaktionen: Aspekte der Entwicklungsdiagnostik und des Krankheitsprozesses
Neuropretection and Epilepsy: Recent Development and Future Possibilities
Neuroprotection and Antiepileptogenesis
Neuropsicologia e funzioni mentali dell'epilessia in età evolutiva
Neuropsychiatric Issues in Epilepsy. Progress in Epileptic Disorders Series
Neuropsychiatry of epilepsy, 2nd edition
Neuropsychological and Psychiatric Changes after Cortical Resection in Patients with Intractable Epilepsy
Neuropsychological Aspects of Epilepsy Surgery.
Neuropsychological Models of Human Memory: Contributions from Epilepsy.
Neuropsychologie der Epilepsien
Neuropsychologische Nebenwirkungen antiepileptischer Therapie. Ein theoretischer und empirischer Beitrag
Neuropsychology of Childhood Epilepsy
Neuropsychology of childhood epilepsy. Advances in Behavioral Biology, Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2001 edition
Neuropsychology of Epilepsies in Children and Youth
Neuropsychology of Epilepsy and Epilepsy Surgery. Oxford Workshop Series American Academy of Clinical Neuropsyshology
Neuropsychology of Epilepsy. Critical Issues in Neuropsychology
Neuropsychology of Partial Epilepsy
Neurosurgery and Epilepsy
Neurosurgical Aspects of Epilepsy
Neurosurgical Aspects of Epilepsy. Proceedings of the Fourth Advanced Seminar in Neurosurgical Research of the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies, Padova, May 17-18, 1989
Neurosurgical Management of the Epilepsies
Neurosurgical Treatment in Psychiatry, Pain and Epilepsy
Neurotransmitter Amino Acids in Epileptic Convulsions and During Vigabatrin Treatment.
Neurotransmitters and Epilepsy.
Neurotransmitters and Epilepsy. Contemporary Neuroscience
Neurotransmitters in Epilepsy.
Neurotransmitters, Seizures, and Epilepsy
Neurotransmitters, Seizures, and Epilepsy II
Neurotransmitters, Seizures, and Epilepsy III
New Anticonvulsant Drugs
New Anticonvulsants: Advances in the Treatment of Epilepsy
New Antiepileptic Drugs
New Antiepileptic Drugs in Childhood Epilepsy
New Antiepileptic Drugs in Psychiatry
New Antiepileptic Drugs: Basic Science and Clinical Use in Children and Adults
New Antiepileptic Drugs: Discovery, Development, and Update
New Antiepileptic Drugs: From Discovery to Practical Use. Clinical Directions for the Future
New Autiepileptic Drug Development. Preclinical and Clinical Aspects
New Developments in Antiepileptic Drug Therapy
New Horizons and My Angels
New horizons in epilepsy and stroke : a festschrift for Dr Peter Bladin
New Horizons in the Development of Antiepileptic Drugs
New Horizons in the Development of Antiepileptic Drugs Ⅱ: The Search for New Targets
New Horizons in the Development of Antiepileptic Drugs III: Innovative Strategies. Conference Review and Related Mini-review of the Workshop.
New Insights into the Management of Partial Seizures
New Options for Epilepsy - Focus on Zonisamide.
New Options for the Treatment of Epilepsy: Topiramate in Perspective
New Perspectives in Pharmacotherapy of Epilepsy] A Special Issue
New Research on Epilepsy and Behavior
New strategies for preventing epileptogenesis. Neuroscience Letters 2011; 497(3): 153-256
New Trends in Epilepsy and its Treatment
New Trends in Epilepsy Management: The Role of Gabapentin
New Trends in Pediatric Epileptology
New Vistas in Pediatric Epilepsy
Newer Antiepileptic Therapies
Newly Diagnosed Epileptic Seizure Disorder in Adults. A Prospective Follow-up Study on 100 Patients
Newly Identified Epileptic Seizures: Diagnosis, Procedures and Management
Nichtlineale Analyse raum-zeitlicher Aspekte der hirnelektrischen Aktivität von Epilepsiepatienten
Niedermeyer's electroencephalography: Basic principles, clinical applications, and related fields. 6th edition
No way, not me: A true story
Nocturnal Sleep Stereoelectroencephalography and Polygraphy in Epileptics
Noha Atlas] (Translated from Lüders H, Noachter S. Atlas und Klassifikation der Electroenzephalographie. Wehr: Ciba-Geigy Verlea, 1994)
Nonconvulsive Status Epilepticus
Non-epileptic childhood paroxysmal disorders
Non-epileptic seizures
Non-Epileptic Seizures. 2nd Ed
Nonkonvülzif Status Epilepticus
Nontraditional Epilepsy Treatment Approaches.
Norman Geschwind: Selected Publications on Language, Behavior, and Epilepsy
Northern Epilepsy Syndrome. An Inherited Childhood Onset Epilepsy with Mental Retardation
Notfalltherapie, Antiepileptika, Psychostimulantien, Suchttherapeutika Und Sonstige Psychopharmaka. 2te Aufl
Novel therapeutic approaches to epileptogenesis. 10th Workshop on the Neurobiology of Epilepsy (WONOEP), June 23-26, 2009, Pécs, Hungary
Nowe leki przeciwpadaczkowe - New antiepileptic drugs
Nuevos Aspectos del Tratamiento de la Epilepsia. La Farmacocinética de las Drogas Antiepilépticas. Aplicationes Clinicas
Nursing Management of Epilepsy
Nutritional Factors in Mechanism and Treatment of Epilepsy
O Jedności i Mechanizmie Rozmaitych Postaci Padaczki - Unity and mechanisms of different epilepsy forms
O psihomotornoj epilepsiji
O Teste de Rorschach no Diagnostico da Epilepsia Temporal
Observations on the treatment of epilepsy. An exact reproduction of a book published by Press of the Day Publ Co, New London, CN, in 1895
Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and epilepsy: The prevalence and clinical predictors of sleepiness in southeast Asian patients
Occipital Seizures and Epilepsies in Children
Ogonblick som försvinner (photo documentary)
On Epilepsy and Epileptiform Seizures
On Epilepsy and Epileptiform Seizures : Their Causes, Pathology, and Treatment
On Epilepsy and epileptiform seizures. Their causes, pathology, and treatment. 2nd edition. A reproduction of a book published by Churchill, London, in 1861
On epilepsy, hysteria and ataxy, 3 lectures. An OCR edition of the classic original. Publisher and year are unknown
On epilepsy: Anatomo-pathological and clinical notes. An exact reproduction of a book published by William Wood & Co, New York, in 1870
On the curability of certain forms of insanity, epilepsy, catalepsy, and hysteria in females. An exact reproduction of a book published in 1866
On the cure of epilepsy, paralysis, St. Vitus' dance and other diseases of the nervous system. An OCR edition original rare book from the publisher's website (GeneralBooksClub.com)
On the minute structure and functions of the spinal cord and medulla oblongata: and on the proximate cause and rational treatment of epilepsy. A reproduction of a book of by WD Moore, published by the New Sydenham Society, London, 1859
On the right track; a report of a statewide community consultation about the future direction of the Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria. December 1988
On the threatenings of apoplexy and paralysis, inorganic epilepsy, spinal syncope, hidden seizures, the resultant mania, etc. A reproduction of a book published by Longman, Brown, Green and Longman, London, in 1851
On The Treatment of Epilepsy] A Special Issue
Ontogênese das Crises Convulsivas Induzidas Pela Pilocarpina em Ratos: Estudo Comportamental, Eletrencefalográfico e Neuropatológico [Ontogenesis of Convulsions Induced by Pilocarpine in Rats: Behavioral, Electroencephalographic and Neuropathological Stud
Ontogenésedas Crises Convulsivas Induzidas Por Um Agonista Inverso Dos Receptores Benzodiazepínícos: Estudo Comportomental, Electrográfico e Histopatológico
Operative Techniques in Epilepsy Surgery
Operative Therapie der Epilepsien 6. Weissenauer Epilepsie Tagung
Optimizing Epilepsy Management: Seizure Control, Medication Tolerability, and Co-morbidities
Optimizing Patient Outcomes in Epilepsy: The Road to Progress
Optimizing Therapy of Seizures in Specific Clinical Situations
Orchestra in our brain: The story of a child with epilepsy
Organization of Intrinsic Connections in the Rat Amygdaloid Complex.
Országos Pszichiátriai és Neurológiai Intézet Epilepszia Centrum - The National Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology - Epilepsy Center
Our child has seizures! Epilepsy in children: a guide for parents
Our child has seizures, A guide for parents by Professor Dr Ansgar Matthes and Dr Hansjörg Schneble. (English translation of Epilepsiezentrum Kork, herausg. Unser Kind hat Anfälle, Ein Wegweiser für Eltern)
Our mummy has epilepsy
Out of the shadows: a champion's return to the spotlight
Over Psychotische Toetanden bij Epilepsie
Overtreatment in Epilepsy: Mechanisms and Management. A Special Issue
Oxcarbazepine: Experience and Future Role
Padaczka - Epilepsy
Padaczka - Epilepsy
Padaczka Najtrudniejsze są odpowiedzi na proste pytania - Epilepsy. The most difficult is to answer for simple question
Padaczka, Porady ala Chorych - Epilepsy, Guide for patients
Padaczka. Przesądy i Rzeczywistość - Epilepsy. Prejudice and Reality
Padaczka-Diagnostyka・ Leczenie・Zapobieganie - Epilepsy-Diagnosis, Treatment, Prophylaxis
Pädagogische Ratgeber bei Epilepsie mit beruflichen Perspektiven, 5te Aufl
Paediatric Epilepsy 1990
Paediatric Epilepsy Syndromes and Their Surgical Treatment
Paediatric Perspectives on Epilepsy
Pagan's Scribe: Book Four of the Pagan Chronicles
Panayiotopoulos Syndrome: A Common and Benign Childhood Epileptic Syndrome
Papel do Sistema Extrapiramidal na Susceptibilidade ÜE Crises Convulsivas de Origem Límbica em Ratos
Papers on Epilepsies. In a Collection of His Papers (131-256 p.)
Papers Presented at the Seventh Workshop on the Neurobiology of Epilepsy (WONOEP VII).
Parenting and You: A Guide for Parents with Seizure Disorders
Paresen und Epileptische Reaktionen in Initialstadium des Hirntraumas
Parke-Davis Symposium on Epilepsy
Partial Seizure Disorders: A Guide for Patients and Families
Partial Seizures and Interictal Disorders. The Neuropsychiatric Elements
Partners in advocacy : Affiliate action guide
Past Forgetting: My Memory Lost and Found.
Pastoraal-Psychologische en Pastoraal-Theologische Vragen Rondom het Verschijnsel Epilepsie
Pathogenetic Mechanism of Post-traumatic Epilepsy
Pathophysiology and Therapy of Epilepsy - A Special Issue
Patient Compliance in Medical Practice and Clinical Trials
Patterns for Epilepsy Care: Worldwide Perspectives
Pediatric and Adult Electroencephalography
Pediatric Aspects of Epilepsy
Pediatric Epilepsy
Pediatric Epilepsy and Epilepsy Surgery (A Special Issue)
Pediatric Epilepsy Case Studies : From Infancy and Childhood Through Adolescence
Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery
Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery. Preoperative Assessment and Surgical Treatment
Pediatric Epilepsy.
Pediatric Epilepsy. Diagnosis and Therapy. 3rd ed
Pediatric Epilepsy: Current Challenges
Pediatric Epilepsy: Diagnosis and Therapy. 2nd ed
Pediatric Epilepsy: Update
Pediatric Epileptology
Pediatric Epileptology: Classification and Management of Seizures in the Child
Pediatric neurology & epilepsy
People Suffered from Epilepsy. A Bound Volume of News and Correspondences Issued by the Association of Epileptics
People with Epilepsy
People With Epilepsy. How They can be Helped
Performance em Epilepsia
Periodic Synchronous Discharge
Persistent Hippocampal Neurogenesis and Epilepsy
Personality in Epilepsy
Perspectives of Molecular Genetic Approach to Epilepsy
Perspectives on vigabatrin
Perspektiven der Epilepsiechirurgie im Kindesalter
Petit Mal Epilepsy: A Search for the Precursors of Wave-Spike Activity
Phamacokinetics and Metabolism of the Antiepileptic Drug Sodium Valproate (Dapakine, Epilim)
Pharmacodynamic Analysis of Antiepileptic Drug - Drug Interactions in Vivo.
Pharmacoeconomics in treatment of epilepsy
Pharmacokinetics and Therapeutics in Epilepsy.
Pharmacologic Advances in the Treatment of Epilepsy. A CME Self-Study Program
Pharmacologic Treatment of Epilepsy: Current Trade-offs and the Role of Levetiracetam
Pharmacoresistance: From Clinic to Mechanism
Pharmacotherapy of epilepsy. 2nd ed
Pharmakotherapie der Epilepsien. Behandlungsstrategien und Klinische Pharmakologie. 3 Aufl
Pharmakotherapie der Epilepsien. Tabellarische Darstellung unter Besonderer Berücksichtigung der Pharmakokinetik. 4 Aufl
Phase Synchrony Dynamics in Photosensitive Epilepsy.
Phenytoin-induced Gingival Overgrowth in Epileptic Children : A Clinical, Histological and Biochemical Study.
Phenytoin-induced Teratology and Gingival Pathology
Photic Driving Response Elicited by Low-luminance Visual Stimulation: An Atlas
Photosensitive Epilepsy. A Review of the Literature and a Study of 460 Patients
Photosensitive Epilepsy. EEG Diagnosis by Low-luminance Visual Stimuli and Preventive Measures
Photosensitive Epilepsy. New 2nd ed
Photosensitivity and Epilepsy: A Review
Photosensitivity in Epilepsy. Electrophysiological and Clinical Correlates
Physikalische Kartierung der für benigne neonatale Epilepsie (EBN1) relevanten Chromosomenregion 20q13
Physiological and Biochemical Mechanism of Guanidino Compound-induced Convulsions
Physiological Aspects of Epilepsy
Physiology, Pharmacology & Development of Epileptogenic Phenomena
Piece of mind: My journey to peace amid seizures, a tumor, and brain surgery
Plan for Nationwide Action on Epilepsy
Plasticity in Epilepsy: Dynamic Aspects of Brain Function.
Plus de Gym pour Danny
Polygraphische Untersuchungen des Nachtschlafes Epileptischer Kinder. Ein Experimenteller Beiträge unter Besonderer Berücksichtigung der Motorik
Poor Miss Finch
Positionelle Identifizierung der Krankheitsgene bei idiopathisch generalisierten Epilepsien [Taschenbuch]
Positron emission tomography (PET) for epilepsy: Assessment report
Poss's School Days. An Activity Based Story Book for Young Children
Posttraumatic Epilepsy
Posttraumatic Epilepsy and Pharmacological Prophylaxis
Posttraumatic Epilepsy: Treatable Epileptogenesis. 27th Annual Merritt-Putnam Symposium. American Epilepsy Society Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, December 1, 2007
Post-traumatic Epilepsy-Document from the Penfield Memorial Society Meeting
Practical Epileptology
Practical approach to electroencephalography
Practical Epileptology
Practical Guide to Epilepsy
Practical manual for epilepsy treatment
Practical Pediatric Epileptology
Practical Therapeutics of Epilepsy
Praeoperative Diagnostik für die Epilepsiechirurgie
Praktische Epilepsiebehandlung-Praxisorientierte Diagnose und Differentialdiagnose, Rationale Therapiestrategien und Handlungs-orientierte Leitlinien
Praktische Keuzecriteria voor Anti‐epileptica.
Praxis der Epileptologie. Klassifikation, Symptomatologie, Aetiologie, Diagnostik, Prophylaxe, Therapie, Sociale Probleme. 2te Aufl
Praxisbuch Epilepsien. Diagnostik, Behandlung, Rehabilitation
Pregabalin - From Molecule to Medicine
Pregnancy and Teratogenesis in Epilepsy
Prescribing medicines in pregnancy. An Australian categorizaztion of risk of drug use in premancy. 4th edition
Present Situation of Health Aids to Patients with Epilepsy in Ulaanbaatar City
Presurgical Assessment of the Epilepsies With Clinical Neurophysiology and Functional Imaging
Presurgical Evaluation and Surgical Therapy of Focal Epilepsy
Presurgical Evaluation of Epileptics: Basis, Techniques, Implications
Prevalencia de la Epilepsia: Un Estudio de la Poblacion
Preventing Childhood Epilepsy
Prevention of Epilepsy and its Consequences
Primary Generalized Epilepsy with Sporadic Myoclonias of Myoclonic Petit Mal Type. A Clinical, Electroencephalographic, Statistical, Genetic Study of 399 Probands
Principles of therapy in the epilepsies
Prise en Charge des Épilepsies Partielles Pharmacoresistents
Problems for People with Epilepsy beyond Seizures. 2006 Annual Course, American Epilepsy Society
Problems of Epilepsies
Problems of Epilepsies (Lecture Series by Representatives of International Bureau for Epilepsy)
Problems of Treatment
Proceeding of the 4th Asian and Oceanian Epilepsy Congress and the 36th Congress of the Japan Epilepsy Society, Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan, September 11-14, 2002.
Proceedings for the 11th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Branch of the International League Against Epilepsy, Moriyama, November 4-5, 1977
Proceedings for the 12th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Branch of the International League Against Epilepsy, Atami, 24-25 November 1978
Proceedings for the 13th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Branch of the International League Against Epilepsy, Nagasaki, October 19-20, 1979
Proceedings for the 14th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Branch of the International League Against Epilepsy, Okayama, November 7-8, 1980
Proceedings for the 15th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Branch of the International League Against Epilepsy, Kagoshima, November 19-20, 1981
Proceedings for the Ninth Annual Meeting of the Japanese Branch of the International League Against Epilepsy, Yamanaka-ko, October 31-November 1, 1975
Proceedings for the Tenth Annual Meeting of the Japanese Branch of the International League Against Epilepsy, October 29-30, 1975, at Bandai Atami, Fukushima Prefecture
Proceedings of the 1st Cooperative Meeting on Epilepsy and EEG of Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland, Vienna, 12-13 November 1982
Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Branch of the International League Against Epilepsy, Kanazawa, October 7-8, 1989
Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Branch of the International League Against Epilepsy, held in Tokyo, October 6-7, 1989
Proceedings of the 24th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Branch of the International League Against Epilepsy held in Naha, Okinawa, November 16-17, 1990
Proceedings of the 25th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Branch of the International League Against Epilepsy, Shizuoka, October 4-5, 1991
Proceedings of the 26th Annual Meeting of the Japan Epilepsy Society, Nagoya, October 1-2, 1992
Proceedings of the 27th Annual Meeting of the Japan Epilepsy Society, Hirosaki, October 1-2, 1993
Proceedings of the 28th Annual Meeting of the Japan Epilepsy Society and the Japanese Branch of the International League Against Epilepsy, Okayama, October 13-14, 1994
Proceedings of the 29th Congress of the Japan Epilepsy Society, Beppu, Japan, October 5-6, 1995
Proceedings of the 30th Congress of the Japan Epilepsy Society, Tama, Tokyo, Japan, October 4-5, 1996
Proceedings of the 31st Congress of the Japan Epilepsy Society, Kyoto, Japan, September 18-19, 1997
Proceedings of the 32nd Congress of the Japan Epilepsy Society, Yokohama, Japan, October 9-10, 1998
Proceedings of the 33rd Congress of the Japan Epilepsy Society, Sendai, Japan, October 22-23, 1999
Proceedings of the 34th Congress of the Japan Epilepsy Society, Tokyo, Japan, September 21-22, 2000
Proceedings of the 35th Congress of the Japan Epilepsy Society, Tokyo, Japan, September 27-28, 2001
Proceedings of the 37th Congress of the Japan Epilepsy Society, Sendai, Japan, October 30-31, 2003
Proceedings of the 38th Congress of the Japan Epilepsy Society, Shizuoka, Japan, September 30-October 1, 2004.
Proceedings of the 3rd Global Epilepsy Summit, Cape Town, South Africa, 22-23 January 2005
Proceedings of the 3rd London-Innsbruck Colloquium on Acute Seizures and Status Epilepticus, April 7-9, 2011, Oxford, UK. Epilepsia 2011 Oct ; 52 Suppl 8 : 1-85
Proceedings of the 5th Asian & Oceanian Epilepsy Congress.
Proceedings of the 6th Asian & Oceanian Epilepsy Congress, 2007
Proceedings of the first meeting on immunity and inflammation in epilepsy : Mechanistic insights and therapeutic perspectives, September 16–18, 2010, Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research, Milano, Italy, under the auspices of CEA-ILAE, AES and AIFA. Epilepsia 2011 May ; 52 Suppl 3: 1-53
Proceedings of the Innsbruck Colloquium on Status Epilepticus, Innsbruck, Austria, April 2-5, 2009
Proceedings of the Workshop in Epilepsy Surgery in Asia, Shizuoka, Japan, 2006
Proceedings. Symposium on the Occasion of the Opening of the Biomagnetic Center Erlangen
Profili neuropsicologici in soggetti con epilessia parziale
Prognosis of Epilepsies
Prognostische Validität Neuropsychologischer Tests in der Beruflichen Rehabilitation von Jungen Menschen mit Epilepsie
Program & abstracts of the 4th Asian and Oceanian Epilepsy Congress organized in collaboration with the 36th Annual Congress of the Japan Epilepsy Society, Karuizawa, September 11-14, 2002
Progrès en Épileptologie Pédiatrique
Progress in Epileptic Spasms and West Syndrome.
Progressi in Epilettologia
Progressive Myoclonus Epilepsies
Progressive Myoclonus Epilepsy
Progressive Myoklenus-Epilepsie: Unverricht's Myoklonie (1903) [Taschenbuch]
Progressive Nature of Epileptogenesis
Promise and Progress in the Treatment of Epilepsy
Pseudo - Epileptic Seizures. Differential Diagnosis and Psychological Characteristics.
Pseudoepilepsy: The Clinical Aspects of False Seizures
Pseudo-epileptic Seizures
Pseudo-epileptic seizures : a guide to management
Psichofarmaboterapija èpilepsii (Psychopharmaka in der Epilepsie: Russische Ausgabe.)
Psychiatric Aspects of Epilepsy
Psychiatric Comorbidity in Children and Adolescents with Epilepsy
Psychiatric Comorbidity in Epilepsy. Basic Mechanisms, Diagnosis and Treatment
Psychiatric Complications in the Epilepsies: Current Research and Treatment
Psychiatric Controversies in Epilepsy
Psychiatric Issues in Epilepsy
Psychiatric Issues in Epilepsy. A Practical Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment. 2nd ed
Psychiatrie in Praxis und Klinik / Untersuchung psychisch Kranker, Psychiatrie und die soziokulturellen Wissenschaften, AIDS und Psychiatrie, Psychiatrie und Epilepsie
Psychiatrische Epileptologie: Psychiatrie für Epileptologen - Epileptologie für Psychiater
Psychische Störungen bei Epilepsie
Psychische Störungen bei Epilepsie. Psychosen, Verstimmungen, Persönlichkeitsveränderungen
Psychische und Soziale Prognose der Epilepsie im Kindes- und Jugendalter
Psychodiagnostische Problemen van de Epilepsie
Psychodynamik der Epilepsie: Verifikation psychodynamischer Konstellationen bei Epilepsiekranken anhand einer empirischen Untersuchung ihrer Selbstsicht, Affektivität und Bewältigungsstrategie
Psychoedukatives Training zur Verbesserung der Selbsthilfefähigkeiten von Menschen mit Epilepsie
Psychogenne napady rzekomopadaczkowe diagnostyka różnicowanie postępowanie - Psychogenic pseudoepileptic seizures, diagnosis, treatment
Psychological Disturbances in Epilepsy.
Psychomotor Epilepsy. A Polydimensional Study
Psychopathologische und Pathogenetische Probleme Psychotischer Syndrome bei Epilepsie
Psychopathology and Psychotherapy of Epilepsy
Psychopathology in Epilepsy; Social Dimensions
Psychopathology of Physical Diseases - Psychological Aspects of Psychoses ・ Epilepsy ・ Toxic Mental Illnesses
Psychopharmacology of Anticonvulsants
Psychosocial Function in Epilepsy. Rehabilitation after Surgical Treatment for Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Psychosomatic Disturbances in Epilepsy
Psychosomatik Nicht-epileptischer Anfälle
Psychosoziale Probleme bei Epilepsie : Entwicklungs- und Ablösungskrisen
Psychotropic Drugs and Epilepsy
Putnam, Merritt, and the Discovery of Dilantin
Puzzling Cases of Epilepsy,2nd Ed
Q & A about Epilepsy
Quality of Life and Quality of Care in Epilepsy. Update 1993
Quality of Life for the People with Epilepsy
Quality of Life in Epilepsy
Quality of Life in Epilepsy. Beyond Seizure Counts in Assessment and Treatment
Quantitative Analytic Studies in Epilepsy
Quantitative Assessment in Epilepsy Care
Quantitative Neuroscience: Models, Algorithms, Diagnostics, and Therapeutic Applications
Qué se Puede Lograr en el Tratamiento del Epiléptico? Pronóstico de la Epilepsia a Largo Plazo y Posibilidades de Supresion del Tratamiento
Quellen zur Geschichte der Epilepsie
Quo Vadis Epilepsy Research? Towards Closer Interactions Between Bench and Bedside.
Quo Veniste? Epilepsy Research in the Netherlands?
Ragged Owlet. A story of triumph over epilepsy
Rapport 2008: Traitements Chirurgicaux de l'Épilepsie - Société de Neurochirurgie de Langue Française - 58e Congrès - Tours -
Rational Antiepileptic Drug Therapy
Rational Approaches to Anticonvulsant Drug Therapy
Rational Pharmacotherapy of Epilepsy
Rational Polypharmacy
Rational Polypharmacy in the Treatment of Epilepsy
Rayons X, Radio-Isotopes et EEG dans l'Epilepsie
Reading EEGs: A practical approach
Readings in Epilepsy
Recent Advances in Antiepileptic Drug Pharmacokinetics
Recent Advances in Epilepsy
Recent Advances in Epilepsy Research
Recent advances in epilepsy research, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2004 edition
Recent Advances in Epilepsy, No 1
Recent Advances in Epilepsy, No 2
Recent Advances in Epilepsy, No 3
Recent Advances in Epilepsy, No 4
Recent Advances in Epilepsy, No 6
Recent Advances in Epilepsy, Vol 5
Recent Advances in Pediatric Epilepsy: 1. Experimental Mechanisms and New Diagnostic Techniques
Recent Advances in Pediatric Epilepsy: 2. Management of Difficult Seizure Problems
Recent Advances of Antiepileptic Drugs-Pharmaco-dynamic Characteristics and How to Use-] (Translated from the Lecture given by Penry JK at Fukuoka, November 22,1978)
Recent Contributions of Benzodiazepines to the Management of Epilepsy
Recent Development in Epilepsy Research
Recent Developments in Epilepsy
Recent Developments on Valproate and Its Metabolites
Recent Surgical Treatment of Epilepsies
Rechtsfragen bei Epilepsie. 6te Aufl
Recommended Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment in Specialized Epilepsy Centers
Reden über Epilepsie: Mut zur Offenheit, Wen sie informieren sollten, Selbstbewusst den Alltag leben. 2te Aufl
Références Epileptologiques Internationales. No 1-No 11 (1986-1989: Quarterly per year)
Reflex Epilepsies: Progress in Understanding.
Reflex Epilepsy, Behavioral Therapy and Conditional Reflexes
Reflex Epilepsy: Clinical and Neurophysiological Studies in a Tropical Country in Asia
Reflex Mechanisms in the Genesis of Epilepsy
Reflex Seizures and Reflex Epilepsies
Refractory Epilepsy
Regulation of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism. Neurosurgical Treatment of Epilepsy. Rehabilitation in Neurosurgery
Rejoice in the Light. A Woman's Journey out of the Mystery of Epilepsy
Relaçôes Recíprocas Entre Epilepsia Hipocampal e Fases do Ciclo Sono-Vigilia no Rato
Relation Between the Secondary Optic Fibre and the Centrencephalic System.
Relationship between Monoamines and Seizure Susceptibility
Relazioni tra sonno epilessia e farmaci antiepilettici
Report by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Epilepsy : the human and economic cost of epilepsy in England; wasted money wasted lives
Report of a Sub-Committee of the Standing Medical Advisory Committee, Scottish Home and Health Department-Scottish Health Services Council
Report of An 20-Year-Follow-Up Investigation of Infantile Seizure Patients by Questionnaire Survey
Report of Committee on Uncontrolled Epilepsy
Report of the commission to investigate the extent of feeblemindedness, epilepsy and insanity, and other conditions of mental defectiveness in Michigan. An exact reproduction of a book published by Wynkoop Hallenbeck Crawford Co, Lansing, MI, in 1915
Report of the Working Group on Services for People with Epilepsy
Representing epilepsy: Myth and matter (Liverpool University Press - Representations: Health, Disability, Culture and So)
Research in Epilepsy
Research Progress in Epilepsy
Researches on Epilepsy. Memorial Articles for the Seven Years Tenure of Prof T Wada
Researches on epilepsy; Its artificial production in animals, and its etiology, nature and treatment in man, First part of a series of experimental and clinical researches applied to physiology and pathology. A reproduction of a classic; its Original Publisher: Boston, Clapp; Publication date: 1857
Resent Advances in Childhood Epilepsy
Respite Care: Time Out For Families
Respite Care; Time out for Families: Affiliates can Help
Revolution in Epilepsy. Neurosurgeons' and Mothers' Challenge to Intractable Epilepsy
Richtig Entscheiden, Sicher Therapieren - Epilepsie
Riconoscimento di espressioni facciali in soggetti affetti da epilessia temporale: unoo studio di risonanza mgnetica funzionale
Right Knowledge About Epilepsy - To Live as a Healthy Subject -
Rolandic Epilepsy. A Neuroradiological, Neuropsychological and Oromotor Study
Rolandic Epilepsy. Clinical Significance of Quantitative Spatial and Temporal EEG Analysis of Rolandic Spikes
Role of Valproate Across the Ages
Round table conference on the surgical treatment of the epilepsies and its neurophysiological aspects, Smolenice, 1st October 1960
Run Patty Rum. The Story of a Very Special Long-Distance Renner Who Lights the Way For Others
Run, Patty, Run (biography)
Running from the Devil: A Memoir of a Boy Possessed
Ruolo dei canali del K+ herG nello sviluppo neuronale nella fisiopatologia dell'epilessia
Ruptures : L'Epilepsie ou une vie en clair-obscur
Rusty's Story. Revised ed.
r-Vinyl GABA (Vigabatrin) : An Update on a New Treatment for Epilepsy
Saishin Tenkan no Shindan To Chiryo. (Translated from Penry's Epilepsy, 1986)
Sand in meinen Augen. Ein persönlicher Erfahrungsbericht über eine nicht alltägliche Krankheit
Saving Jessie. A Diary of Rasmussen's Syndrome
Schizophrenie-ähnliche Psychosen bei Epilepsie : Retrospektive Kasuistische Untersuchung anhand der Epilepsiekranken Patienten der Betheler Kliniken
Schlitzohr würde mir fehlen. Du willst wissen wie es war mit dem behinderten Sohn? Komm, ich erzähle es Dir... [Taschenbuch]
School Planning: A Guide for Parents of Children with Seizure Disorders
Schools & Centers for Epilepsy
Schwermut, Wahn und Fallsucht in der Abendländischen Dichtung
Schwierige Fragen in der Behandlung Anfallskranker Kinder
Science and Epilepsy. Neuroscience Gains in Epilepsy Research
Science and Seizures. Revised ed
Scientific Meeting for Launch of the Institute of Epileptology, King's College, University of London, November 15,1994, London
Scolarisation et Insertion Sociale de l' Énfant Épileptique. Recherche menée par le G.R.I.N.E. (Groupe de Recherches et d'Information du Noed sur l'Epilepsie)- Lille
Scolarisation et Insertion Sociale de l'Enfant Epileptique
Searching in the Dark. One man's Struggle with epilepsy.
Second European Congress of Epileptology The Hague, The Netherlands, September 1-5, 1996
Secondary Epileptogenesis
Seize the day! Stronger than epilepsy
Seize your day: an unpredictable journey: living life with epilepsy
Seized: Celebrities with epilepsy like Danny Glover, Lindsey Buckingham, Prince, and more
Seized: My Life With Epilepsy
Seized: Temporal Lobe Epilepsy As a Medical, Historical, and Artistic Phenomenon
Seizing Control: Live with Epilepsy
Seizure Disorders
Seizure Disorders in Children
Seizure disorders in the workplace
Seizure Disorders: A Pharmacological Approach to Treatment
Seizure Free from Epilepsy to Brain Surgery: I Survived, and You Can, Too! 2 Revised edition
Seizure Prediction in Epilepsy: From Basic Mechanisms to Clinical Applications
Seizure Recognition and Observation. A Guide for Allied Health Professionals. 2nd Ed
Seizure Recognition and Treatment
Seizures and Convulsions in Infants, Children and Adolescents: Practical Informative Guide for Parents, Teachers and Paramedical Personnel
Seizures and Epilepsy
Seizures and Epilepsy in Childhood: A Guide for Parents. 3rd ed
Seizures and Epilepsy in Children. A Practical Guide
Seizures and Epilepsy in the Elderly
Seizures in critical care: A guide to diagnosis and therapeutics. Current Clinical Neurology, 2nd edition. Current Clinical Neurology. 2nd edition
Seizures of Childhood. A Population-based and Clinic-based Study
Seizures, Epilepsy, and Your Child. A Handbook for Parents, Teachers, and Epileptics of All Ages
Seizures. Medical Causes and Management
Seizures: Incidence, Diagnostic Aspects and the Costs of Epilepsy.
Seizures: Medical causes and management, Current Clinical Practice, Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2002 edition
Selbsthilfe bei Epilepsie
Selbstkontrolle bei Epilepsie. Zwischen Autonomie und Abhängigkeit: Selbst- und Fremdbestimmung bei Epilepsie
Selbstkontrolle Epileptischer Anfälle: Ein Verhaltensmedizinischer Ansatz zur Selbstkontrolle Epileptischer Anfälle bei Jugendlichen und Erwachsenen
Selected publications from the Instituut voor Epilepsiebestrijding Heemstede : volume 1 (1971 - 1984)
Selected Topics in Epileptology 1
Selected Topics in Epileptology 2
Selected Writings of John Hughlings Jackson
Sense of coherence in parents of children with epilepsy
Services for Children with Epilepsy. A Guide for Public Health Personnel
Severe Epilepsies, Epileptic Syndromes and Status Epilepticus in Childhood. Prevalence, Classification, Associated Neuroimpairment and Choices of Treatment
Severe myoclonic epilepsy - Dravet syndrome : Thirty years later. Epilepsia 2011 ; 52 Suppl 2 : 1-104
Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy in Infancy. Q & A
Shadows of discrimination : a study of epilepsy in Queensland
Sharing Experiences of Epilepsy with You
Shoni no Shinsei Tenkan - Shonikagakuteki Oyobi Seishinigakuteki Sekkin (Translated from Bouchard R, Lorilloux J, Guedeney C, Kipman SD. L'Epilepsie Essentielle de 1'Enfant - Une Approche Pédiatrique et Psychiatrique -. Paris: Presses Universitaire de Fra
Shoni no Shinsei Tenkan - Shonikagakuteki Oyobi Seishinigakuteki Sekkin (Translated from Bouchard R, Lorilloux J, Guedeney C, Kipman SD. L'Epilepsie Essentielle de 1'Enfant-Une Approche Pédiatrique et Psychiatrique-. Paris: Presses Universitaires de Franc
Shoni No Tenkan (Translated of J. Aicardi's Epilepsy in Children, 2nd edition, published by Raven Press in New York, 1994)
Signos EEG, Que No Comportan Necesariamente Patologia: Su Valorac'ó n Clinica Neurologica
Silas Marner ; The Weaver of Raveloe (2nd ed ?)
Simpósio sobre Terapêutica Anticomicial
Simultaneous EEG and fMRI: Recording, analysis, and application
Síndromes epilépticos: estudio clínico, electroencefalografico y psicológico
Situation Médico-Psychosociale de l'Epileptique en Belgique en 1960
Skusenosti s chirurgickou liecbou epilepsii - napsali
Sleep 1976; Memory Environment, Epilepsy, Sleep Staging
Sleep and Epilepsy
Sleep and Epilepsy. Special Issue
Sleep and Epilepsy: A Clinical Spectrum
Sleep and epilepsy: Common bedfellows. J Clin Neurophysiol 2011; 28(2): 101-164
Sleep, 1974: Instinct, Neurophysiology, Endocrinology, Episodes, Dreams, Epilepsy & Intracranial Pathology
Social Adjustment and Functioning of Chronically Ill and Impaired Children and Adolescents
Social epileptology: Understanding social aspects of epilepsy. Series: Social Issues, Justice and Status
Social Functioning and Seizure States of Young Adults with Onset of Epilepsy in Childhood. An Epidemiological 20-Year Follow-Up Study
Society, behaviour and epilepsy. Neurology-Laboratory and Clinical Research Developments: Psychology Research Progress
Somatostatin in Experimental and Human Epilepsy.
Somewhat Odd is The Issue of Epilepsy Discruinination in a Kadokawa Textbook shwon in a Tsutsui's Novel "Mujin Keisatsu"
Sonno ede epilessia: 1) modulazione dell'attività epilettica ijntercritica in sonno. 2)registrazioni intrcerebrali in soggetti con epilessia temporale e crisi ipercinetiche in sonno
South Asians and Epilepsy ; Understanding Health Experiences, Needs and Beliefs : Report
Souvenirs des études stéréotaxiques du cerveau humain. Collection : Neurologie et épilepsie-Hors collection
Sozialarbeit bei Epilepsie 10 [Taschenbuch]
Sozialarbeit bei Epilepsie 4: Beiträge und Materialien. Vierte Fortbildungsveranstaltung für Sozialarbeiter in Epilepsieambulanzen und Epilepsieberatungsstellen 19. bis 21. September 1996 in Cottbus [Taschenbuch]
Soziale Aspekte der Krankheitsbewältigung bei Epilepsie [Taschenbuch]
Sozialmedizinische und Therapeutische Aspekte der Psychischen Veränderungen bei Epilepsie
Spasmophilie et Déficit Magnésique
Speaking out: Partners in Advocacy - Family Action Guide
Speaking out: Partners in Advocacy - Tools & Resources
Speaking out: Partners in Advocacy-Understanding the Process
Special issue on Epilepsy Research UK Workshop 2010 on "Preictal Phenomena''
Special Issue on Epileptic Seizure Prediction
Special Issue: Abstracts from the 2007 Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy SocietyPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, Nevember 30-December 4, 2007
Special Issue: Abstracts from the 2008 Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society, Seattle, Washington, December 5-9, 2008
Special Issue: Chromosomal Aberration and Epileptic Syndrome, Part 1
Special Issue: Chromosomal Aberration and Epileptic Syndrome, Part 2
Special Issue: Epilepsy 1: Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment
Special Issue: Epilepsy 2: Case Studies in Clinical Epilepsy Practice
Special Issue: Symposium on the Biological-Psychiatric Aspects of Epilepsies
Special People, Special Ways.
Special Topics in Stereotaxis; Epilepsy, Disorders of Behavior and Autonomic Balance
SPECT in Various Neurological Disorders-Epilepsy. Abstracts of the 5th Meeting, Tokyo, March 1, 1997
Spectrum of Rolandic Epilepsy. Agreements, Disagreements and Open Questions
Spikes: Exploring the Neural Code (Computatinal Neuroscience)
Spiral Staircase ; My Climb Out of Darkness
Standard electroencephalography in clinical psychiatry: A practical handbook, Wiley practical handbooks for psychiatry sereis
State of the Science in EEG and Epilepsy-1986. 3 vols
Status epileptici
Status Epilepticus
Status Epilepticus in Adults and Children: New Developments in Pathogenesis and Treatment
Status epilepticus in children
Status Epilepticus in Infants and Young Children. Basic Mechanisms, Clinical Evaluation, Prognosis and Treatment
Status Epilepticus. A Clinical Perspective
Status Epilepticus. Its Clinical Features and Treatment in Children and Adults
Status epilepticus: A clinical perspective. Current Clinical Neurology, Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2005 edition
Status Epilepticus: Mechanisms and Management
Status Epilepticus: Mechanisms of Brain Damage and Treatment
Status of the Affliction and the Fighting Life Against It. A Report of the First Investigation in the Members of the Association
Status Psychomotoricus und Seine Differentialdiagnose
Step by Step Treatment of Epilepsy
Stereoselective studies of ethosuximide
Stereotactic Treatment of Epilepsy
Sterfte bij Epilepsie. Scriptie bij Wetenschappelijke Stage Geneeskunde
Stigma and Epilepsy in the 21st Century: Time to Heal
Stimolazione corticale transossea nell'epilessia
Stimulation du Nerf Vague Dans le Traitement de l'Épilepsie
Stolpersteine-na und?: Mit Epilepsie Leben
Straightforward approach to understanding epilepsy and seizure disorders
Strategies for the Rational Drug Treatment of Epilepsy
Students with Seizures: A Manual for School Nurses.
Students with Seizures: A Manual for School Nurses. 2nd edition
Studies on Clinical Efficacy of Marketed Antiepiletic Drugs
Studio clinico e genetico-molecolare di 50 famiglie con epilessia
Studio epidemiologico analitico di tipo caso-controllo sui fattori di rischio dell'epilessia infantile
Studio farmacogenomico sui polimorfismi dei geni dei canali del sodio voltaggio-dipendenti in pazienti con epilessia focale farmacoresistente
Studio funzionale del recettore nicotinico umano mutante (b2-287) associato ad una forma di epilessia notturna del lobo frontale
Studio tramite magnetoencefalografia di soggetti affetti da epilessia
Sturge-Weber syndrome: The resource guide for a reason, a season, and a lifetime
Subthalamic and Thalamic Stereotactic Recordings and Stimulations in Patients with Intractable Epilepsy
Sudden death and epilepsy ; the views and experiences of bereaved relatives and carers. Report 2002 ; a qualitative study conducted in parallel with the National Clinical Audit of Epilepy-Related Death
Sudden Death in Epilepsy. A Comprehensive Review of the Literature and Proposed Mechanisms
Sudden death in epilepsy: Forensic and clinical issues
Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy. A Global Conversation
Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy: Continuing the global conversation
Super Maxi-Star. Les Épilepsies de l'Enfant
Supplementary Sensorimotor Area
Supporting Children with Epilepsy
Surgery for Epilepsy. Contemporary Issues in Neurological Surgery
Surgical Therapy of Epilepsy
Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy
Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy in Children
Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy in Children.
Surgical Treatment of Intractable Epilepsies. Practical Guidebook
Surgical Treatment of the Epilepsies. 2nd ed
Survey of Existing Services and Facilities for the Epileptic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Survey of Existing Services and Facilities for the Epileptic in the Commonwealth of Virginia
Survey of Existing Services and Facilities for the Epileptic in the State of Mississippi
Survey of Existing Services and Facilities for the Epileptic in the State of Montana
Survey of Existing Services and Facilities for the Epileptic in the State of New Mexico
Survey of Existing Services and Facilities for the Epileptic in the State of Oregon
Surveying Facilities Available to the Person with Epilepsy
Surviving The Spider's Net: A Family's Struggle With Abuse And Epilepsy
Suvremeno lijecenje epilepsije (Contemporary treatment of epilepsy)
Sviluppo neuropsicologico e problemi comportamentali nei bambini affettia da sclerosi tuberosa: correlazioni con epilessia risonanza magnetica e spect
Switch: A Mystery
Sword and Seizure: Muhammad's Epilepsy & Creation of Islam
Symposium Keppra®: L'Expérience Française
Symposium on Epilepsy, January 11-13, 1965
Symposium on Medical Care for Epilepsy-Recent Advances-
Symposium on Seizures. A bound volume of reprints
Symposium on the Therapeutic Use of the Anticonvulsant Ro5-4023 (Clonazepam) in Different Forms of Epilepsy, Copenhagen, 26th May 1972
Sympsium on Epilepsy
Synchronization of EEG Activity in Epilepsie
Syncope: An evidence-based approach
Syndrome Neuro-Végétatif dans l'Epilepsie Expérimentale
Syndromes Épileptiques de l'Enfant et de l'Adolescent - 3ème édition
Syndromes Épileptiques et Troubles Psychotiques
Synkopen und Sturzanfälle;Diagnostik, Differentialdiagnostik und Therapie für die Praxis
Syphilis of the brain and spinal cord: showing the part which this agent plays in the production of paralysis, epilepsy, insanity, headache, neuralgia, hysteria, hypochondriasis (1879). Rare reprint
Száz kérdés és válasz az epilepsziáról epilepsziával élőknek és hozzátartozóiknak a betegek kérdései alapján írta - One Hundred Questions and Answers about Epilepsy for Epileptic Patients and Their Relatives. (Based on Questions by the Patients)
Taet på Epilepsi
Tagesbuch Epilepsie. 2te Aufl
Taking control of your epilepsy: a workbook for patients and professionals
Taking Seizure Disorders to School. A Story About Epilepsy
Taking the 'epileptic' out of epilepsy: A guide for teenagers and families living with epilepsy
Társadalombiztosítási és szociális ellátások tájékoztató füzete epilepsziabetegek számára - Overview of Insurance and Social Work for Patients with Epilepsy
Taschenatlas Epilepsien (Sondereinband)
Teaching Students About Epilepsy
Tegretol in Epilepsy
Tegretol in Epilepsy. Report of an International Clinical Symposium
Tegretol: the emergence of a first-line anti-epileptic agent
Temkin. Tenkan Byoishi-sho. The Japanese synopsis translated from Temkin 0: The Falling Sickness. A History of Epilepsy from the Greeks to the Beginning of Modern Neurology. 2nd ed. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1971
Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Temporal lobe epilepsy and neurosis : an examination of the relationship between a particular variety of epilepsy and the phobic anxiety-depersonalization syndrome : with special reference to differential diagnosis
Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and the Mind-Brain Relationship: A New Perspective
Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Surgery
Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, Mania and Schizophrenia and the Limbic System
Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. A Biographical Study 1948-1986
Temporal Lobe Epilpsy. With Special Reference to Surgical Results, Neuropathology, and Social Conditions
Temporal Pole and Mesiotemporal Epilepsy
Tenkan - Epilepsy
Tenkan - Saikin no Chishiki - (Translated from Wada JA, ed. What's New on Epilepsy. Vancouver: Ciba-Geigy Canada, 1979)
Tenkan (Translation from Gastaut's The Epilepsies, 1954)
Tenkan Atlas & Video (Translated from Lüders HO, Noachtar S. Atlas und Video epileptischer Anfälle und Syndrome, 1995)
Tenkan Geka Chiryo Kihon Shishin - Minimum Requirement for Epilepsy Surgery
Tenkan Guide. (Translated from Niedermeyer's Epilepsy Guide, 1983)
Tenkan Handbook. (Translated from Browne TR, Holmes GL. Handbook of Epilepsy. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 1997)
Tenkan Jiten (Translation from Gastaut's Dictionary of Epilepsy, Part 1,1973)
Tenkan kanbetsu shindangaku [Differential diagnosis of epilepsy]. Translated from Kaplan PW, Fisher RS, editors. Imitators of epiepsy. 2nd ed. New York : Demos. 2006
Tenkan Kyoshitsu (Epilepsy Classroom) 2nd ed
Tenkan no Chiryo-Yakubutsu, Seishinshakai, Geka (Translated from Schmidt D's Behandlung der Epilepsien: Medikamentös, Psychosozial, Operativ)
Tenkan no Jijitsu (Translated from Hopkins's Epilepsy: The Facts. 1981)
Tenkan No Jiko-kanri (Self-management of Epilepsy)
Tenkan no Primary Care - Jicchi Shinryo no Shishin (Translated from McIntrye's The Primary Care of Seizure Disorders, 1982)
Tenkan no Rekishi. Vol 1. Kodai kara 18 Seiki made
Tenkan no Rekishi. Vol 2. 19 Seiki to Jackson
Tenkan No Rinsho - Clinical Aspects of Epilepsies
Tenkan no Seikagaku (Translation of Tower's Neurochemistry of Epilepsy, 1960)
Tenkan no Yakubutsu-Ryoho (Translated from Livingston's Drug Therapy for Epilepsy, 1966)
Tenkan O Motte Ikiru Josei No Tameni. (Translated from Betts T, Crawford P. Women and Epilepsy. London: Martin Dunitz, 1998)
Tenkan Q & A. May I Ask You Questions Like These?
Tenkan Rehabilitation (Translated from Wright GN. Epilepsy Rehabilitation. Boston: Little, Brown & Co, 1975)
Tenkan Shinryo Manual - Manusl of Clinical Practice for Epilepsy
Tenkan Shinryo Manual (Translated from Matthes's Epilepsien, 1984)
Tenkan Shinryo no Jissai (Translated from Solomon GE, Plum F. Clinical Management of Seizures. A Guide for the Physician, 1976)
Tenkan Shinryo no Jissai. (Translated from Solomon GE, Kutt H, Plum F's Clinical Management of Seizures, 2nd ed, 1983)
Tenkan Shinryo-Shishin to Shiteno 100 no Gensoku. 3rd ed (Translated from Theodore WH, Porter RJ. Epilepsy. 100 Elementary Principles. 3rd ed. London: Saunders, 1995.)
Tenkan Shokogun Bunrui (Translated from ILAE, ed. Revised Classification of Epilepsies, Epileptic Syndromes and Related Seizure Disorders, 1989)
Tenkan Shokogun. Joseph Roger Koen Shu (Translated from the Discourse and Discussion Concerning Epileptic Syndromes Delivered by Dr Joseph Roger during His Trip to Japan, 1988)
Tenkan Shoukougun - Epileptic Syndromes
Tenkan Text. One Hundred Questions & Answers on Epilepsy. 2nd ed
Tenkan To Kazoku (Translated from Lechtenberg R. Epilepsy and the Family. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1984)
Tenkan To Kimi - Tadashii Rikai To Tsukiaikata (Translation from Buchanan N. Epilepsy and You. Information for People with Epilepsy, Parents, Teachers and Other Interested Persons. Baltimore: Williams & Wilkins, 1987)
Tenkan To QOL (Translated from Trimble MR, Dodson WE, eds. Epilepsy and Quality of Life New York: Raven Press, 1984)
Tenkan To Ryoiku
Tenkan To Tatakau Joakim. Joachim Who Fights Against Epilepsy (Translated from Bergman T. Ogonblick som Försvinner, 1992)
Tenkan Wo Megutte - Hokkaido Epilepsy Research - XIX.
Tenkan Wo Megutte - Hokkaido Epilepsy Research - XVII. Epilepsy and Neuroimaging
Tenkan Wo Megutte - Hokkaido Epilepsy Research - XVIII.
Tenkan Wo Megutte - Hokkaido Epilepsy Research - XX.
Tenkan Wo Megutte - Hokkaido Epilepsy Research - XXI.
Tenkan Wo Megutte - Hokkaido Epilepsy Research - XXII.
Tenkan Wo Megutte - Hokkaido Epilepsy Research - XXIII.
Tenkan Wo Megutte - Hokkaido Epilepsy Research - XXIV
Tenkan Wo Megutte - Hokkaido Epilepsy Research - XXV
Tenkan Wo Megutte - Hokkaido Epilepsy Research - XXVI
Tenkan Wo Megutte - Hokkaido Epilepsy Research - XXVII
Tenkan Wo Megutte [Hokkaido Epilepsy Research] XXVIII
Tenkan. Chiryo To Kaigo No Kiso-Chishiki (Translated from Taylor MP. Managing Epilepsy in Primary Care. Oxford: Blackwell, 1996)
Tenkan. Igaku, Shinrigaku, Fukushigaku Kara No Approach. (Translated from Laidlaw J, Richens A, eds. A Textbook of Epilepsy. 2nd ed. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone, 1982)
Tenkan-Henzutsu (Translation from Lennox's Science and Seizures, 1946.)
Tenkan-Iryo ni Okeru Iryo no Yakuwari (Translated from the Lecture 'Role of the Neurologist in the Comprehensive Management of the Epileptics' by Lombroso CT)
Tenkan-Kodo-Ninchi Kino (Translated from Trimble MR, Reynolds EH, eds. Epilepsy, Behavior and Cognitive Function. Chichester: John Wiley, 1988)
Tenkan-Sono Rinsho To Chiryoho - Epilepsy-Clinical Practice and Management
Terapia farmacologica dell'epilessia. Linee generali
Teratogene Werking van Fenytoine
Teratogenesis in Maternal Epilepsy. New Aspects of Prevention
Teratogenicity of Anti-epileptic Drugs: Molecular Mechanisms and Preventative Measures
Terminology in Epileptology
Terminology in Epileptology] 4th ed
Textbook of Epilepsy Surgery
The "Daily Telegraph" Epilepsy and Seizures
The 10th Anniversary Memorial Book 2006 of Division of Epilepsy Surgery and Functional Neurosurgery, National Nishi-Niigata Central Hospital, Niigata, Japan
The 1997 Annual Report of the Research Committee on "A Collaborative Study on Causes, Prognosis and Therapy of Intractable Epilepsies - Experimental and Clinical Study -", supported by the Research Grant (7 Shi-1) for Nervous and Mental Disorders from th
The 2002 Report of the Research Committee on Clinical Evidence of Medical Treatment for Status Epilepticus in Childhood, sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
The 2004 Report of the Research Committee on Clinical Evidence of Medical Treatment for Status Epilepticus in Childhood, sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
The 9th Annual Report of the Japan Epilepsy Research Foundation (1997)
The Adolescent Female with Epilepsy: Mood, Menstruation, and Birth Control
The Adult Population of Epileptic Colonies
The Americans With Disabilities Act: A Guide to Provisions Affecting Persons with Seizure Disorders
The angel I walk with: A child's journey with epilepsy and the vagus nerve stimulator (VNS) solution
The Antiepileptic Drug Level Quality Control Program. A List of Voluntary Participants
The appeal
The Assessment of Cognitive Function in Epilepsy
The Atlas of Epilepsies And Their Management
The Australian Medical Association home medical guide to epilepsy
The Basal Ganglia and the Epilepsies: Translating Experimental Concepts to New Therapies
The Benzodiazepines
The Booklet on Epilepsy for the Epileptic Children
The Borderland of Epilepsy - A Reappraisal
The border-land of epilepsy: Faints, vagal attacks, vertigo, migraine, sleep symptoms, and their treatment
The Borderland of Epilepsy: Faints, Vagal Attacks, Vertigo, Migraine, Sleep Symptoms, and Their Treatment (1907).
The Boy Inside : A Journey Through Life and Epilepsy
The Brainstorms Village. Epilepsy in Our World
The Broad Range of Clinical Use of Phenytoin: Bioelectrical Modulator
The Broad Range of Use of Diphenylhydantoin
The Causes of Epilepsy: 10th European Congress on Epileptology, Teaching Course, October 4, 2012 - London, UK
The causes of epilepsy: Common and uncommon causes in adults and children. (Cambridge Medicine)
The Cerebellum, Epilepsy, and Behavior
The Challenge of Epilepsy. Complementary and Alternative Solutions. 3rd Ed
The Child with Convulsions: A Guide for Parents, Teachers, Counselors, and Medical Personnel
The Child With Epilepsy
The Child with Febrile Seizures
The Cleveland Clinic Guide to Epilepsy. Cleveland Clinic Guides
The Clinical Neurophysiology of Epilepsy. A Survey of Current Research
The Clinical Psychologist's Handbook of Epilepsy. Assessment and Management
The Clinical Relevance of Kindling
The Comprehensive Clinical Management of the Epilepsies, 2nd ed
The Comprehensive Evaluation and Treatment of Epilepsy - A Practical Guide
The Cost of the epilepsies to individuals, families and to the nation
The Dental Implications of Epilepsy
The Dentate Gyrus and Its Role in Seizures
The Development Epileptic Brain
The Development of Services for Epilepsy in the 1970's
The Diagnosis and Management of Seizure Disorders
The diagnosis and management of the epilepsies. II. Drug/treatment
The Diagnosis and Treatment of Convulsive Disorders in Children
The Diagnosis and Treatment of Epilepsy
The Diagnosis of Epilepsy
The Economic Burden of Epilepsy. Papers Prepared by Members of the ILAE Subcommission on the Economic Burden of Epilepsy
The Educator's Guide to Students With Epilepsy
The EEG Atlas of Adulthood Epilepsy (Translated from Rajna P, Halász P's Book, Innonmark, 1990)
The EEG Atlas of Adulthood Epilepsy
The Epidemiology of Epilepsy: A Workshop.
The Epilepsies
The Epilepsies - Seizures, Syndromes and Management]. A Chinese Translation from Panayiotopoulos CP, ed. The Epilepsies. Seizures, Symdromes and Management. Oxfordshire: Bladen Medical Publ, 2005
The Epilepsies 2
The Epilepsies 3. Blue Books of Neurology Series. Vol 33.
The Epilepsies. Diagnosis and Management
The Epilepsies. Electro-Clinical Correlations
The Epilepsies. Modern Diagnosis and Management, 3rd ed
The Epilepsies. Part I
The Epilepsies. Part II
The Epilepsies. Seizures, Syndromes and Management. Based on the ILAE Classification and Practice Parameter Guidelines. CD ROM with Patient Videos and EEG
The Epilepsies: A Critical Review
The Epilepsies-Etiologies & Prevention
The Epilepsy and Osteoporosis Link
The Epilepsy Fact Book
The Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria; strategy plan 1996-2001
The Epilepsy Handbook. Overcoming Common Problems
The Epilepsy Handbook. The Practical Management of Seizures. 2nd ed
The epilepsy prescriber's guide to antiepileptic drugs (Cambridge Medicine)
The Epilepsy Reference Book. New edition
The Epileptic Cramp Attack as a Psychosomatic Reaction. A Psychobiological Study
The Epileptic Focus.
The Epileptic in Home, School and Society: Coping with the Invisible Handica
The Epileptic in Industry. Vootdrecht Gehouden Tijdens het
The Epileptic Seizure: Its Functional Morphology and Diagnostic Significance. A Clinico-electrographic Analysis of Metrazol-induced Attacks
The epileptic syndromes
The etiology of idiopathic epilepsy
The Evidence for How We Diagnose and Treat Epilepsy Patients. American Epilepsy Society Annual Course 2005
The Evidence-based Rationale for Monotherapy in Appropriate Patients with Epilepsy
The eye treatment of epileptics: A critical review of certain factors that may lead to convulsive seizures and the treatment of epilepsy without drugs. A reproduction of a book published before 1923
The Falling Sickness. A History of Epilepsy from the Greeks to the Beginnings of Modern Neurology. 2nd ed
The first seizure clinic : Psychosocial characteristics of patients and the effect of an epilepsy support program. A thesis submitted in fullfilment of the requirements for admission to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy of Swinburne University of Technology. website link to
The future of automated seizure detection and prediction
The Generalized Epilepsies: A Clinical Electroencephalographic Study
The gillyvors
The Glutamate Synapse as a Therapeutic Target
The History of Epileptic Therapy: An Account of How Medication was Developed
The History of Modern Epilepsy: The Beginning, 1865-1914 (Contributions in Medical Studies)
The Human and Economic Cost of Epilepsy in England: Wasted Money Wasted Lives: Report by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Epilepsy
The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Epilepsy
The Illustrated Junior Encyclopedia of Epilepsy
The impact of epilepsy on the psychosocial functioning of young people
The impact of epilepsy on the psychosocial functioning of young people. A thesis submitted in partial fullfilment of the requirements for admission to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Health) of Swinburne University of Technology. website link to
The Infinite Mind: Epilepsy, edition: Audio CD
The interictal spike: What does it mean ? - Special issue
The Ketogenic Cookbook. Epilepsy Foundation's catalog #273TKC
The Ketogenic Diet. A Treatment for Epilepsy. 4th ed
The knowledge of and attitudes towards epilepsy among Maltese University students
The Last Book in the Universe
The Latest Handbook for Epileptic Patients
The Legacy of Tracy J. Putnam and H. Houston Merritt: Modern Neurology in the United States
The Legal Rights of Persons with Epilepsy. A Survey of State Laws and Administrative Policies Relating to Persons with Epilepsy, with a Special Section on Model Legislation. 5th ed
The Legal Rights of Persons with Epilepsy. An Overview of Legal Issues and Laws Affecting Persons with Epilepsy, 6th edition
The Limbic System. Functional Organization and Clinical Disorders
The lion’s secret; a story about epilepsy
The Management of a First Seizure - Still a Major Debate
The Management of Epilepsy
The Management of Epilepsy in Developing Countries. An ICBERG Manual
The Management of Epilepsy in Dogs
The Management of Resistant Epilepsy
The manhattan juice-therapy . . . is helpful with the illness of epilepsy: English edition
The many mysteries of Kaylee Marie: treasure
The Medical Care of Epilepsy in Scotland. Report of Sub-Committee of the Standing Medical Advisory Committee
The Medical Treatment of Epilepsy
The mesial temporal lobe epilepsies
The Mid-Career Epileptic. Problems of the Onset of Epilepsy in Adulthood
The Molecular Genetics of Progressive Myoclonus Epilepsy (EPMI): Positional Cloning of the Cystatin B Gene and Characterization of a Novel Minisatellite Expansion Mutation
The Mongolian gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus) for the study of the epilepsies and anticonvulsants
The music room
The Neurobehavioral Treatment of Epilepsy
The Neurobiology of Epilepsy and Aging
The neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses (Batten disease). 2nd edition. Contemporary neurology series (Cloth)
The Neuropathology of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
The Neuropsychology of Epilepsy
The Nonconvulsive Epilepsies: Clinical Manifestations, Diagnostic Considerations, and Treatment
The Nurse and Epilepsy
The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Seizures and Epilepsy: A Revised and Updated Directory for the Internet Age
The Overview of Literatures on Tegretol
The Parke-Davis Manual on Epilepsy. Useful Tips That Help You Get the Best of Life.
The paroxysmal disorders (Cambridge Medicine). English edition of an original "Paroxysmale Störungen in der Neurologie"
The Peculiarity of Clinical Picture and Surgical Treatment of Focal Epilepsy in Mongolia
The PEHO Syndrome. Progressive Encephalopathy with Edema, Hypsarrhythmia and Optic Atrophy
The Physiopathogenesis of the Epilepsies
The Place of Sodium Valproate in the Treatment of Epilepsy
The Political Economy of Epilepsy in Rural Kentucky
The Primary Care of Seizure Disorders. A Practical Guide to the Evaluation and Comprehensive Management of Seizure Disorders
The Problems of Epilepsy as Viewed by Parents and Ratients
The Proceedings of the 16th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Branch of the International League Against Epilepsy, Sapporo, September 17-18, 1982
The Proceedings of the 17th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Branch of the International League Against Epilepsy, Kyoto, November 10-11, 1983
The Proceedings of the 18th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Branch of the International League Against Epilepsy, Utsunomiya, October 5-6, 1984
The Proceedings of the 19th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Branch of the International League Against Epilepsy, Ohtsu City, October 4-5, 1985
The Proceedings of the 20th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Branch of the International League Against Epilepsy, Tokyo, November 28-29, 1986
The Proceedings of the 21th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Branch of the International League Against Epilepsy, Takamatsu, October 1-2, 1987
The Proceedings of the First London Colloquium on Status Epilepticus-University College London, April 12-15, 2007
The prognosis of newly diagnosed and treated epilepsies in adults
The Prognosis of Patients with Epilepsy
The Psychoendocrine Aspects of Epilepsy
The Psychological Treatment of Epilepsy: A Behavioral Approach
The Psychopathology of Epilepsy
The Psychopharmacology of Epilepsy
The Psychoses of Epilepsy
The Psychosocial Burden of Epilepsy - Ameliorating the Impact
The Rational Basis of the Surgical Treatment of Epilepsies
The Rehabilitation of the Young Epileptic: Dimensions and Dynamics
The Report of the 2nd Seminar of Epilepsy Assistance
The Report of the 3rd Seminar of Epilepsy Assistance
The Report of the 4th Seminar of Epilepsy Assistance
The Report of the 5th Seminar of Epilepsy Assistance
The Rhythm of Epileptic Attacks and Its Relationship to the Menstrual Cycle
The Role and Pharmacological Modulation of the NMDA Receptor / Channel on Hippocampal Synaptic Transmission and Behavior.
The Role of Active Oxides in the Formation of Epileptic Focus of Posttraumatic Epilepsy
The Role of Benzodiazepines in Acute Seizures
The Role of Drugs in the Treatment of Behavioural Disorders in Children
The Role of Gabapentin in the Treatment of Epilepsy-Symposium
The Role of MRI in Drug-resistant Epilepsy with Special Emphasis on Mesial Temporal Sclerosis
The Satanic Verses (2nd ed ?)
The shaking woman or a history of my nerves
The Sharing of My Love
The So-called Symptomatic Epilepsy
The Social Psychology of the Child with Epilepsy
The Social Worker and Epilepsy
The social, psychological and physical well-being of people with epilepsy in the community: a report of a research study
The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down. A Hwong Child, Her American Doctors, and the Collision of Two Cultures
The Surgical Management of Epilepsy
The Temporal Lobes and the Limbic System
The tonic treatment of epilepsy. An OCR edition of the classic original. Publisher and year are unknown
The Treatment of Epilepsy
The treatment of epilepsy. 3rd ed
The treatment of epilepsy. A reproduction of a book published by Young J Pentland, Edinburgh and London in 1889
The uncertainties of coping with the epilepsies : a social psychological approach
The Use of Neuroimaging Techniques in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Epilepsy.
The Use of Parenteral Antiepileptic Drugs & the Role for Fosphenytoin
The use of proton MR spectroscopic imaging and MRI volumetric measurements in the clinical evaluation of partial epilepsies
The Use of Vigabatrin in Epilepsy
The Village. A History of Quarrier's
The Vital Spark: Fitting in with Epilepsy
The West Australian Epilepsy Association (Incorporated) : current and projected roles : "a view from where the members stand"
The Why and What of Epilepsy
The Workbook: A Self -study Guide for Job Seekers.Rev. ed.
The Workbook: A Self-Study Guide for Job-Seekers with Epilepsy
The World of Mr Osamu. What is Epilepsy?
Theme 1-Recent Knowledge of Pathogenesis and Therapy in Epilepsy; Theme 2-Clobazam, A New Antiepileptic Drug
Therapeutic drug management with the newer antiepileptic drugs
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Therapeutic drug monitoring of phenytoin and its management
Therapeutic drug monitoring of valproic acid
Therapeutic Manipulation of Excitatory Amino Acid Systems
Therapeutic Monitoring of Antiepileptic Drugs: Efficacy, Safety and Drug Interactions
Therapeutic Strategies in Epilepsy
Therapeutics of Epilepsy
Therapie des Status Epilepticus
Therapieresistenz bei Anfallsleiden
Therapiestrategien mit Gabapentin. Band 1. Neuropathische Schmerzen. 2te Aufl
Therapiestrategien mit Gabapentin. Band 2. Epilepsie.
Therapy for Cognitive and Behavioral Disorders in Epilepsy
Third European Congress Proceedings. Third European Congress of Epileptology, Warsaw, Poland, May 24-28, 1998
Third International Symposium on Sodium Valproate
This can't be happening to me!, Maturity onset complex partial epilepsy: One woman's journey-A tragi-comic diary
Through his eyes
Through the Darkness : One Man's Fight to Overcome Epilepsy
Tiagabine: The Art of Patient Care
Time out : an educational resource on epilepsy for primary school
Title: unknown; prob relating to Sleep and Its Disorders
To Better Understand Epilepsy
To Celebrate the Centenary of Epilepsia and the ILAE : Aspects of the history of epilepsy 1909-2009
Tolerance to Beneficial and Adverse Effects of Antiepileptic Drugs
Topics in Epilepsy Research
Topiramate in Children with Epilepsy: Findings from Randomized Controlled Trials
Topiramate: New advances in the treatment of epilepsy
Topiramate: Pharmacokinetics, Efficacy and Tolerability
Topiramato in bambini e adolescenti con epilessia e ritardo mentale: uno studio prospettico sugli effetti cognitivi e comportamentali
Total Care in Severe Epilepsy
Total Rehabilitation of Epileptics: Gateway to Employment
Tour d'Horizon des Syndromes Epileptiques
Toward the 21st Century with Hope. Joined with a Million Colleagues
Tra Emarginazione e Negazione
Transactions of the national association for the study of epilepsy and the care and treatment of epileptics at the annual meeting (Volume 5). A reproduction of classics, Volume: 5; Publication date: 1907
Transactions of the national association for the study of epilepsy and the care and treatment of epileptics at the annual meeting, Volume 4. A reproduction of a book published before 1923
Transactions of the national association for the study of epilepsy and the care and treatment of epileptics at the annual meeting; continued. A reproduction of a classic, Subtitle: Continued From Vol. 1. 1901. Pl. O.; Publication date: 1901
Transactions of the national association for the study of epilepsy and the care and treatment of epileptics at the first annual meeting,held in Washington DC, May 14-15, 1901. Volume 1. A reproduction of a book published by C.E. Brinkworth, Buffalo, 1901
Transcultural Perpectives in Epilepsy
Transient Disorders in Adults and Children
Translated from Brulleman B, Lieb-Jückstock Y, Loeber JN, Thorbecke R, eds. Epilepsy and Self-help. Report of the International Workshop for Patient Organizations and Self-help Groups, Heeze, The Netherlands, 1987
Tratado Práctico de Epilepsia Infantil
Trattamento dell'epilessia
Treating Epilepsy Naturally: A Guide to Alternative and Adjunct Therapies
Treating Repetitive or Prolonged Seizures: State of the Science
Treatment and Care of People with Intractable Epilepsy
Treatment and Guidance for Living of People with Epilepsy
Treatment of Complicated Epilepsies in Adults: A Clinical-Statistical Study
Treatment of Epilepsy
Treatment of Epilepsy = Tenkan, authored by the late S. Kurata. 7th ed
Treatment of Epilepsy and Related Issues in the Mentally Retarded and Developmentally Disabled Patient
Treatment of epilepsy in adults: expert opinion, 2005
Treatment of Epilepsy Today
Treatment of Epilepsy: Focus on Levetiracetam
Treatment of Epileptic Women of Childbearing Age
Treatment of Intractable Epilepsy (1)
Treatment of Intractable Epilepsy (2)
Treatment of Intractable Epilepsy. Manual for Video Viewing
Treatment of Intractable Epilepsy] A Special Issue
Treatment of Pediatric Epilepsy: Expert Opinion, 2005
Treatment of Refractory Epilepsy
Treatment of Status Epilepticus. (Translated from Fröscher's Therapie du Status Epilepticus, 1976)
Treatment with Antiepileptics - New Trends and Review. A Special Issue
Trends In Epilepsy Research
Trends in Public Attitudes toward Epilepsy in the United States, 1949-69
Trends of Modern Epileptology
Trick or Treat or Trouble. Featuring Brian McDaniel
Tuberous sclerosis complex ; from basic science to clinical phenotypes. International Review of Child Neurology Series
Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. 3rd ed
Tuberous sclerosis complex: Genes, clinical features and therapeutics
Turboclean, Scholl und Ruah. Die Geschichte eines etwas anderen Mädchens
TV Images and Photosensitive Seizures: EEG Diagnosis and Preventive Measures
Twenty Years Follow-up Survey Report of West Syndrome Patients
Typical Absences & Related Epileptic Syndromes
Über Epilepsie Sprechen. Persönliche Berichte vom Leben mit Anfällen
Über Epilepsie Sprechen. Persönliche Berichte vom Leben mit Anfällen. Translated from Schachter SC. Brainstorms: Epilepsy in Our Words. Raven Press, 1993
Überbehütung?: Nein! Aber wer entlastet uns denn von unserer Verantwortung? Dokumentation der Beiträge zum 2. Informationsforum Epilepsie für Eltern anfallskranker Kinder [Taschenbuch]
Ueber Die Verengerung Des Einganges Des Wirbelkanals in Den Mit Epilepsie Oder Epileptiformen Krampfen Verbundenen Seelenstorungen V1 (1867)
Ueber Magnetoenzephalographische Untersuchungen bei Epilepsie-patienten unter Methohexitalaktivierung
Umgang mit Epilepsie: 14. Jahrestagung der Epilepsie-Selbsthilfe vom 22.-24. September in Köln. Dokumentation
Un Deuil Blanc
Un Orage dans la Tête : L'Epilepsie
Under siege: Living successfully with epilepsy
Understanding Brain Plasticity
Understanding Epilepsy
Understanding Epilepsy. 2nd ed
Understanding Epilepsy: What it is and how it can affect your life
Understanding Myoclonic Epilepsies: Genetics, Classification, and Treatment
Understanding of Epilepsy by Children With, or Without, Epilepsy (Final Report)
Une Cicatrice dans la Tête. Un Témoignage sur l'Épilepsie
Une histoire de l'épileptologie francophone
Unique Considerations in the Treatment of Women with Epilepsy
Unraveling the spider's net: A family's struggle with epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, and depression
Unser Kind hat Anfälle. Epilepsie bei Kindern und Was der Arzt meint
Unser Kind hat Anfälle. Epilepsie bei Kindern und was der Arzu dazu meint. Ein Wegweiser für Eltern von Dr Hansjörg Schneble (begründet von Prof Dr Ansgar Matthes)
Unser Kind hat Epilepsie : Epileptik çocuk Cocu?umuzda sara var : Zweisprachig / Dt. /Türk
Unser Kind hat Epilepsie : Il nostro bambino ha l'epilessia : Zweisprachig / Dt. /Ital
Unser Kind hat Epilepsie : Naše dete ima epilesiju : Zweisprachig / Dt. /Jugosl
Unser Kind hat Epilepsie : Nuestro hijo padece epilepsia : Zweisprachig / Dt. /Span
Unser Kind hat Epilepsie : O nosso filho tem epilepsia : Zweisprachig / Dt. /Portug
Unser Kind ist chronisch krank: Ein Ratgeber für Eltern [Taschenbuch]
Unser Kind ist ein Geschenk: Türkische Familien mit einem geistig behinderten Kind in Deutschland [Spiralbindung]
Untersuchungen zur Bedeutung der Neurogenese für die Entstehung von Epilepsien und Epilepsie-assoziierten Störungen [Taschenbuch]
Untersuchungen zur Funktionellen Rolle Veränderter Expression und Verteilung von Ionenkanälen und Neurotransmitter-Rezeptoren bei Fokaler Epilepsie unter Verwendung Transgener Tiermodelle
Update on Dravet syndrome: 9th European Congress on Epileptology, Rhodes, June 2010. A special issue. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology 2011 ; 53 Suppl 2 : 1-23
Use of Anticonvulsants in Psychiatry: Recent Advances
Use of new antiepileptic drugs in paediatric population
Using Audiovisuals in Epilepsy
Vademecum Antiepilepticum 1985. 8th ed
Vademecum Antiepilepticum 1999/2000. Pharmakotherapie der Epilepsien.15te Aufl
Vademecum Delle Epilessie
Vademecum des Médicaments Antiépileptiques. Guide to Anti-epilepsy Drugs.
Vademecum. Per Una Corretta Prescrizione dei Farmaci Antiepilettici.
Vagus Nerve Stimulation Bibliography (Selected Articles and Abstracts)
Vagus nerve stimulation for epilepsy, Australia: Assessment report
Vagus Nerve Stimulation for the Control of Epilepsy
Vagus Nerve Stimulation Therapy 5 Years After Approval: A Comprehensive Update
Vagus nerve stimulation therapy: Is it your answer?: A journey through intractible epilepsy
Vagus Nerve Stimulation. 2nd ed
Valore e utiltà del longterm EEG con video monitoring (LTEEGVM) nei candidati a trattamento chirurgico dell'epilessia in età evolutiva
Valproate in the Treatment of Seizures
Valproate. A standard drug with a broad spectrum of indications
Valproate. Modern Perspectives
Valproate: A Drug for Epilepsy, Psychiatry and Beyond
Valproate: An Update-The Challenge of Modern Pediatric Seizure Management
Valproic Acid. A Classified Bibliography with Keywords and Author Index
Valproic Acid: Antiepileptic Action and Therapeutic Problems. Depakene Review I
Valproinsäure. Pharmakologie-Klinischer Einsatz-Nebenwirkungen und Therapierichtlinien. 2te Aufl
Valutazione della concentrazione plasmatica dei metaboliti del progesterone in donne in età fertile con epilessia parziale in fase intercritica
Van Vallende Ziekte Tot Epilepsie'n
Vermeidbare Fehler in der Epilepsietherapie: Mit Praxistips
Vestibularapparat und Hirnelektrische Aktivität. EEG und ENG-Studien bei Epilepsiekranken
Video Atlas of Epileptic Seizures-Classical Examples for CD-ROM With Manual of 88 Pages
Video-Epilepsy Surgery, in 3 volumes. Recorded at the Epilepsy Session of the 16th Japan Neurosurgery Congress, Matsue, April 1996
Vigabatrin for Epilepsy in Children and Adults
Vigabatrin in Epilepsy-An Irreversible GABA-transaminase Inhibitor. Studies of the Effects on Selected Neurotransmitters in the CSF, Pharmacokinetics, Efficacy and Tolerability
Vigabatrin Symposium, Tokyo, 13th October 1989
Vigabatrin. Pharmakologie-Wirksamkeit-Verträglichkeit
Vigabatrin: A New Anti-epileptic
Vigilance, Sleep, Petit Mal and Electroencephalogram as Manifestation of Programmed Brain Regulation
Vincent van Gogh. His Sickness and Track of Creation
Visions. Artists Living With Epilepsy - hardcover edition - , - Cd-ROM edition
Visual Sensitivity and Epilepsy in the Modern Environment
Vivere con l'epilessia
Vivre l'Épilepsie
Vocational Scenarios. A Training Manual on Epilepsy and Employment
Vol I: Plan and Detailed Recommendations. Vol II: Part 1 (sections I-VI): Work Group Reports and Position Papers. Vol II: Part 2 (sections VII-XIII): Work Group Reports and Position Papers
Voluntary Directory of Antiepileptic Drug Laboratories
Vom Wesen der Epilepsie. 3te Aufl
Vom wissenschaftlichen Wissen zum gesellschaftlichen Vorurteil - Erblichkeit und Psychopathologie im deutschen Epilepsiediskurs
Von der "Heiligen Krankheit" zum "Fallenden Siechtag". Epileptologische Schriften und ihre Autoren aus Antike und Mittelalter
Vorwort und Einführung zur Neuausgabe von Jackson, John Hughlings: Eine Studie über Krämpfe (A Study of Convulsions)
Vývin Chronických Psychikých Zmên u Epilepsie a Jejich Elektroencefalografický Obraz - Development of Chronic Psychic Changes in Epilepsy and Their Electroencephalographic Correlate
Warnhunde für Epilepsie-Betroffene: Anfälle erspüren und anzeigen, Gefahren vermeiden
WAS IST WAS, Band 108: Das Gehirn [Gebundene Ausgabe]
Water in your head
Weathering the Storms - Living with Epilepsy.
Wegweiser Sozialleistungen für Menschen mit Epilepsies. 3 Auflage
Weinen, Lachen, Wütend Sein - Dafür Bin Ich Nicht zu Klein!
West and Lennox-Gastaut Syndromes: Clinical and Epidemiologic Correlates of Intractability
West syndrome
West Syndrome and Other Infantile Epileptic Encephalopathies
What are Epileptic Damages?
What Difference Does It Make, Danny?
What Does It Mean to Have Epilepsy? (What Does It Mean to Have/ Be...? )
What Happened to Joey ?
What If They Knew?
What is Disability of Epilepsy?
What is Epilepsy
What is Epilepsy?: The Clinical and Scientific Basis of Epilepsy
What is Truth Asked Jesting Pilate? Spasm-A Memoir with Lies
What should everybody know: information for the patient and his family
What You Can Do About Epilepsy (The Dell Medical Library)
What's up with bill?: Medikidz explain epilepsy. Superheroes on a Medical Mission
When Mom or Dad has Seizures: A Guide for Young People
White Paper on Epilepsy-'83. Current Status and Problems of the Epilepsy Issue. A Commemorative Publication of the Tenth Anniversary of the Active Movement for Conquering Epilepsy
Why Have the Birds Stopped Singing?
Wirkungen und Nebenwirkungen von Medikamenten gegen Epilepsie: Ein Wegweiser für Patienten mit Epilepsie
Women and Epilepsy
Women with Epilepsy: A Handbook of Health and Treatment Issues
Women's Health Initiatives: Management of Migraine & Epilepsy Throughout the Reproductive Cycle
Women's Issues in Epilepsy
Work and Living with Epilepsy. A Life Support Manual for People with Epilepsy
Working towards wellbeing
Workshop on Antiepileptic Drug Development, April 15, 1977, Arlington, Virginia
Workshop on Antiepileptic Drug Trials in Children, Abbaye de Royaumont, France, 25-26 September 1990
Workshop on Electronic Screen Games and Seizures, Dublin, 28 June, 1997
Wörterbuch der Epilepsie. Deutsche Ausgabe der WHO- Nomenklatur
Wörterbuch der Epilepsie. Deutsche Ausgabe der WHO- Nomenklatur. Translated from Gastaut H. Dictionary of Epilepsy. Part I. WHO, 1973
Wyllie's treatment of epilepsy: Principles and practice. 5th edition
Yleissairaalahoito Suomessa. I Epileptisiä Kohtauksia Saavien Sairaalahoito Vuosina 1977 Ja 1982. - General Hospital Care in Finland. I. Hospital Care For Patients with Epileptic Seizures in 1977 and 1982
You have full text access to this contentStandards for epidemiologic studies and surveillance of epilepsy
Young people and epilepsy : a study into the psychosocial effects of epilepsy on young people
Your Child and Epilepsy. A Guide to Living Well
Your child. Epilepsy : practical and easy-to-follow advice. 4th ed
Your Child's Epilepsy. A Parent's Guide
Your Good Health: Epilepsy
Your Guide of Epilepsy. 4th edition
Zahnprobleme bei Epilepsie. Band 2 der Schriften über Epilepsie, Bonn
Zerebrale Anfälle im Kindesalter-Diagnose, Therapie, Fallbeispiele-
Zerebrale Anfälle in Kindesalter. 7te Aufl
Zerebrale Durchblutungsstörungen als Ursache epileptischer Anfälle
Zerzaustes Käuzchen. Die Emanzipation einer Epilepsiekranken (Translated from Cooke S. Ragged Owlet. 1979)
Zerzaustes Käuzchen. Die Emanzipation einer Epilepsiekranken. 3te Aufl
Zonisamide in Epilepsy Therapy. Remarkable Improvement: 100 Cases
Zum Klinischen Aspekt der Psychomotorischen Epilepsie
Zur Diagnostik und Behandlung der Epilepsie
Zurich Consensus Conference on New Antiepileptic Drugs and Annual Meeting of the Swiss Chapter of the International League Against Epilepsy
Zurück vom Mars. Roman
Zwiebelsaft gegen Epilepsie. Claudius Galenus behandelt einen fallsüchtigen Knaben
Качественный анализ качества жизни больных эпилепсией - Quantitative assessment of quality of life in Armenian epilepsy patients
Улаанбаатар хотын хүн амын дундах эпилепсийн тархалт, эмнэлзүй, уналтын бус үеийн тархины биоцахилгаан идэвхжлийн өөрчлөлтүүд - The Clinical Forms and Epidemiology of Epilepsy among Population of Ulaanbaatar City, and Diagnostic Significance of Brain Bioelectric Changes in it's Interictal Period
Уналт таталттай хүмүүсийн эргэн тойронд - The Surroundings of the People with Epilepsy
Уналтын эсрэг хамтдаа - Together against Epilepsy
Функциональное состояние эпилептической системы при основных формах эпилептических припадков - The Functional Condition of Epileptic System in Main Forms of Epileptic Seizures
Эпилепсийн үеийн электроэнцефалографийн шинжилгээ ба тархины дүрслэл оношлогооны асуудалд - The Issues of Electroencephalographic and Neuroimaging Diagnosis of Epilepsy
Эпилепсия и судорожные состояния. Клиника, диагностика, лечение. (The Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders)
Эпилепсия у детей и подростков в уловиях Монголии - Epilepsy in Children and Juveniles in Mongolia
Քունքային բլթի էպիլեպսիա. Կլինիկո-ախտորոշիչ համադրումները - Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: Clinical nad diagnostic correlations
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