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Pakistan Epilepsy Association

Dr. Zarine Mogal
Email: zarine_mogal@yahoo.com

Dr. Hiba Mahmud
Secretary General
Email: hibamahmud@ymail.com

Dr. Syed Munawar Munawar Ali
Email: moizalip@gmail.com

Dr. Prof. Shaukat Ali, FCPS (Neurology)
Past President
Department of Neurology, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre
Rafiqui Shaheed Road
Karachi, 75510
Phone: 92219201300 (2429)
Email: shaukat53.neuro@gmail.com

Dr. Dr. Syed Wasim Wasim Akhtar, FCPS
Board Member
Fatima Hospital
Baqai Medical University, Sohrab Goth
Phone: 923332153004
Email: drwasim.neuro@gmail.com

Prof. Sardar Mohammad Muhammad Alam
Board Member
Email: smalam@nwgh.pk

Prof. Prof. Hasan Aziz
Founder Member
Epilepsy Association of Pakistan
National Spilepsy Centre, Dept. of Neurology, Jinnah
Postgraduate Medical Centre
Karachi, 75510
Phone: +922 1423 4583
Email: hasanaziz60@hotmail.com

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