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Chapter Congresses

Information on Chapter Congresses and Meetings will be posted as the information becomes available. Meetings appear in date order.
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28 October 2016
Status Epilepticus: Autumn Meeting of the Danish Epilepsy Society

Rigshospitalet, Auditorium 1

LFCE Journes Francaises contre l'epilepsie

7 – 10 November 2016
Journées Françaises de l'Epilepsie

Ligue Française contre l'épilepsie
Toulouse, France
Website: www.jfe-congres.fr/

Annual Saudi Epilepsy Society Conference

11-13 November 2016
6th Annual Saudi Epilepsy Society Conference

King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

AES Annual Meeting 2016

2 – 6 December 2016
AES 70th Annual Meeting and 6th Biennial Regional American Congress

Houston, TX, USA

Flag of Qatar

3 – 4 February 2017
10th Qatar Epilepsy Symposium

Doha, Qatar
Information: boulenouar.mesraoua@wanadoo.fr

17 – 19 February 2017
ECON 2017: 18th Joint Annual Conference
Indian Epilepsy Association & Indian Epilepsy Society

Hotel Maurya, Patna (Bihar), India
Website: www.econ2017.com

3 – 6 May 2017
Annual Meeting of the Austrian and German Society for Epileptology and the Swiss Epilepsy-League

Jahrestagung der Deutschen und Österreichischen Gesellschaften für Epileptologie
und der Schweizerischen Epilepsie-Liga
Vienna, Austria
Website: www.epilepsie-tagung.de

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