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ILAE Commissions

Commission Chairs - 2009-2013

Commission Chair meeting, Montreal
June 2013
Commission Chair Meeting Report - 2012

Regional Commissions
ILAE is divided into six Regions (North America, Latin America, Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, Asia and Oceania, and Africa). Each Region is made up of a grouping of national Chapters. Fully developed Regions each have a Regional Commission and a Regional Council, and regional scientific conferences are held every two years. Active Regions also conduct research and education and have a role in influencing public policy in epilepsy at a regional level. The currently constituted Regional Commissions are: African Commission (Chair – A Diop), European Commission (Chair – M Bialer), Asian and Oceanian Commission (Chair – B Lee), North American Commission (Chair – S Haut), Latin American Commission (Chair – M Medina), Eastern Mediterranean Commission (Chair – H Hosny).

Topic-Oriented Commissions
In every four-year term, the President and the Executive Committee appoint Topic-Oriented Commissions and Task Forces to carry out work for the ILAE. These bodies involve individual members trans-nationally. Currently, the following Topic-Oriented Commissions are: Classification and Terminology (Chair – S Zuberi), Diagnostic Methods (Chair – I Bluemcke), Education (Chair – J Carrizosa), Epidemiology (Chair – D Thurman), Genetics (Chair – D Lowenstein), Medical Therapies (Chair – P Kwan), Neurobiology (Chair – M DeCurtis), Neuropsychiatry (Chair – K Kanemoto), Pediatrics (Chair – J Wilmshurst), Surgical Therapies (Chair – B Rydenhag).

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