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ILAE Archive

This electronic version of the ILAE archive is a list that summarizes a physical collection that spans the years 1960-1997 and is currently located at the Epilepsy Center in Zurich, Switzerland. In the electronic archive, holdings are indexed under a number of broad categories that include executive meetings, and general assembly and council meetings of the ILAE; executive and board meetings of Epilepsy International, a short-lived effort in the 1980s to fuse the ILAE and the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE); joint executive and board meetings of the ILAE and IBE; chapters; constitution and by-laws; commissions; congresses and workshops; a variety of ILAE-related newsletters; matters relating to the World Health Organization; awards; and the journal Epilepsia.

The documents themselves include minutes, reports, agendas, programs, scientific papers, correspondence, and assorted other kinds of documents, but no photographs or other media besides paper. Most chapter files are slim. A "contents" field provides a small amount of description for each indexed item. More detailed, informal notes regarding the minutes of ILAE executive committee and general assembly meetings from 1970 to 1992, created in an earlier, prototype database have been preserved in the current version. Materials that do not fit neatly into the broad categories — e.g., background information for meetings such as letters and attachments — are designated as "shadow archives" but not further classified. Physical records are in good condition except where noted otherwise.

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