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Commission on Eastern Mediterranean Affairs (CEMA)


• Promote epilepsy education by organizing epilepsy courses

• Epilepsy care and patient education

• Translational research

• Increase the number of chapters in the region

Commission activities from 1 January 2006 until 31 May 2007

The commission was established in Jeddah in 2004 and reorganized in February 2007 during the 1st East Mediterranean Epilepsy Congress in Luxor. The 1st East Mediterranean Epilepsy Congress was a milestone congress. It was attended by 500 delegates including staff and exhibitors with a 60% regional representation.One hundred and ten abstracts were received for this meeting:

• Epilepsy course Cairo, Egypt 11-12 November 2006

• Epilepsy course Tripoli, Libya 19-20 January 2007

• Epilepsy course Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 26 January 2007

• Epilepsy course Dubai, UAE 6 -8 March 2007

• Epilepsy Course Doha, Qatar 5-7 April 2007

• Epilepsy Course Sanaa, Yemen 20 June 2007

• Epilepsy course Latakia, Syria 5-7 September 2007

• Epilepsy Course Hamamat, Tunisia 25-28 October 2007

Accomplishments (2006)

New East Mediterranean chapters were established as the Emirates Chapter and currently the Libyan and Yemeni Chapters are being formed. Sudan is organizing a meeting to form a chapter

Recommendations for Future Work

Establishment of the East Mediterranean Academy for the region; bi-yearly congresses should be organized to raise the standard of the local doctors; publication of a regional newsletter

Hassan Hosny
Chair, Commission on Eastern
Mediterranean Affairs


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