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Commission on Pediatrics

Commission Members

Helen Cross, Chair Doug Nordli, Secretary
Tallie Z Baram  Renzo Guerrini
Nebosja Jovic Eli M Mizrahi
Makiko Osawa James Butler
Hanan El Shakankiry Alexis Arzimanoglou

To broaden international understanding of diagnosis and management of epilepsy in childhood

To advise the Executive Committee in all questions concerning epilepsy in children, in particular the use of newer AEDs, evidence-based approaches to epilepsy surgery, QOL measurements and psychiatric involvement.

Commission activities from 1 January 2006 until 31 May 2007

  • The work of the surgical group has continued jointly between the Therapeutics and Pediatric Commissions. The results of the retrospective survey of epilepsy surgery around the world have been analyzed and formulated into a manuscript, currently submitted to the Executive Committee for approval. A meeting was held at the American Epilepsy Society and a proposal put forward to continue to work on a protocol with regard to a prospective study — this will be discussed further at a further meeting in Singapore
  • The Pediatric Commission is responsible for the 6th International Course on Epilepsy to be held in San Servolo, ‘Clinical and Therapeutic Approaches to Childhood Epilepsy’ (course directors H Cross & B Dalla Bernardina). A faculty and program have been formulated, with the emphasis placed on interaction with the applicants as much as possible. The majority of commission members are on the faculty.

Accomplishments (2006)

  • Publication of criteria for referral of children for epilepsy surgery June 2006
  • Completion of guidelines on the management of neonatal seizures, with WHO

Recommendations for Future Work

  • The joint WHO guidelines for the management of neonatal seizures are now being revisited with regard to correct evidence based methodology. It is accepted that the evidence base is limited, but the process has to be visited prior to release of the finalized guidelines. We plan to move forward however with the next set of guidelines on management of epilepsy in infancy. This will be a joint venture between ILAE, EPNS and WHO. A meeting is planned as part of the EPNS meeting in Turkey in September as a start to this process, at which the key clinical questions will be outlined.
  • Assessment of guidelines and information required with regard to transition of care to adulthood
  • Continued liaison and work with other Commissions with regard to pediatric aspects of ongoing projects

Helen Cross
Chair, Commission on Pediatrics


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