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Secretary General's Report

Solomon L. Moshé


During the past year, we continued activities aimed at providing outstanding educational programs and opportunities, coordinating effective translational research efforts and delivering the best epilepsy care world wide.

One of the main responsibilities of the Secretary-General is to promote chapter development and support their activities. The following chapters were approved at the General Assembly in Singapore: New Zealand and Uganda.

We are currently working on the applications from Cameroon, El Salvador, Ghana, Haiti, Kuwait, Libya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Oman, Puerto Rico, Republic of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Sudan and Yemen. In the discussions involving new chapters, we have included the regional commissions, as the regional commissions know better the particulars of the region and may provide guidance and input to issues that may be region-specific.

This is the year that our organization together with IBE awards the biannual prizes. This year prizes were awarded in Singapore.

The recipients for the Ambassador for Epilepsy Award are: Eva Andermann, Canada; Alexis Arzimanoglou, France; Helen Cross, UK; Yukio Fukujama, Japan; Pierre Genton, France; Gregory Holmes, USA; Reetta Kälviänen, Finland; Shih Hui Lim, Singapore; Fernando H. Lopez da Silva, Netherlands; MM Mehndiratta, India; Tomás Mesa, Chile; and Paolo Tinuper, Italy.

The Social Accomplishment Award went to John G Kirker, Ireland.

The winners of the Michael Prize and Morris-Coole Awards were also honored. Drs Christophe Bernard and Alon Freidman were awarded the Michael Prize and Dr Zita Gajda the Morris-Coole Award. 

Together with Emilio Perucca, First Vice President of the ILAE, we developed a new document describing the constitution and the bylaws of the ILAE.  We have obtained preliminary comments from the other members of the Executive Committee. The new constitution will be presented to the 2009 General Assembly for ratification. In addition, we have prepared sample letters providing guidelines on how to write a constitution and bylaws; these can be used by prospective chapters when they prepare their application to join our organization.

The previous commissions have submitted end of term reports describing the progress they have made towards their goals. The new commissions have begun their work and their reports are published in Epilepsia. Also, the Executive Committee suggested to the IBE leadership to consider submitting their commission generated reports to Epilepsia, to be published in the Gray Matters section. In addition, the Executive Committee approved the continuation of the Latin American edition of Epilepsia Digest.

In collaboration with WHO, a subcommission of the Pediatric Commission developed an algorithm for the diagnosis and treatment of neonatal seizures that was published in Epilepsia. John Patrick Co and Maurizio Elia have spearheaded this project. The algorithm is intended to assist clinicians by providing a framework for decision-making in managing neonatal seizures in all parts of the world. The work of this group will continue with the development of additional algorithms and also evidence-based guidelines. A new subcommission was formed and the WHO representatives are Drs Dua and Bertolote.

The ILAE has become a member of IBRO. I have been working together with Dr Marina Bentivoglio, the Secretary-General of IBRO and Dr Annamaria Vezzani, the chair of the Neurobiology Commission to establish fertile collaboration promoting research activities.

With sorrow, I report the passing on of Dr Masakazu Seino, a former Vice President and Treasurer of the ILAE who has helped transform our organization to the successful enterprise we have become in many parts of the world.

During the past year, I have received tremendous help from the Executive Office: Peter Berry, the Administrative Director, Delphine Sartiaux, Nele Devolder and Christer Osterling. They all have been wonderful to work with. Delphine and Christer have now moved on and I wish them best success in their new endeavors. Sofie Peeters and Cheryl-Ann Tubby have joined the team and already have greatly contributed. I am looking forward to another great year.


Solomon L Moshé


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