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Commission on Therapeutic Strategies

Commission Members

Jacqueline A French, Chair Gary Mathern
Christoph Baumgartner, Secretary Nandan Yardi
Torbjorn Tomson, Treasurer  
Sub-Commission MembersTranslation of Guidelines to Clinical Practice:Reetta Kalviainen, Chair
Members: TBD

Converting ILAE guidelines to Web Format:
Elinor Ben Menachem, Chair
Reetta Kalviainen
Tracy Glauser
Emilio Perucca
Torbjorn Tomson

Screening of new antiepileptic drugs (Co-project with Commission on Neurobiology):
Annamaria Vezzani, Chair
Jacqueline French
Edward Bertram
Michael Rogawski
Christophe Bernard
Gary Mathern

Access to AEDs (Co-project with Epilepsy Care Commission):
Giuliano Avanzini and Jacqueline French, Co-Chairs
Nandan Yardi
Emilio Perucca

 Barry Gidal, Chair
Carlos Acevedo
Nandan Yardi
Emilio Perucca
Martin Brodie
James Cloyd
Meir Bialer
Gunter Kraemer
Andres Kanner
Jacqueline French
Fred Andermann
Gail Anderson
P. PreuxMervyn Eadie
William Garnett

Pediatric surgery (Co-project with Pediatric Commission):
Gary Mathern and Helen Cross

Epilepsy surgery training in under-developed countries:
Gary Mathern

Alternative therapy:
Nandan Yardi

Historical control in newly diagnosed:
Tony Marson (Chair), Jacqueline French, Michel Baulac

The goal of the Therapeutic Strategies Commission is to address a wide variety of international problems in the treatment of epilepsy. Multiple subcommissions have been established to address specific issues.

To advise the ILAE Executive Committee on issues related to the treatment of epilepsy with emphasis on pharmacotherapy, surgery and alternative therapy

Commission activities from 1 January 2006 until 31 May 2007
The commission has been active with several telephone conferences and meetings. A number of sub-commissions have been established, each of which is making progress towards their respective goals. The commission has also organized a session for the ILAE International Congress entitled: “From evidence based analysis to practical recommendations and beyond.”

The Sub-commission on Generics has completed a literature search of pharmacokinetic and clinical data related to generic equivalence for major AEDs, in preparation for analysis.

The Sub-commission on Guidelines is preparing to put the guidelines developed by the previous commission on the web. A separate commission is developing a strategy to translate AED-related guidelines to a more useful form for practicing clinicians.

The Sub-commission on Pediatric Surgery has completed a report on the frequency of epilepsy syndromes and etiologies in pediatric surgical centers. Data were gathered from 20 programs in the USA, Europe, and Australia. The report is currently being approved for submission to the Executive Committee and finally as a peer-reviewed publication in Epilepsia.

The Access to AEDs Sub-commission is meeting to discuss which drugs should be made available to all countries, even those at economic disadvantage, and will work with the WHO to improve access.


Jacquiline A French
Chair, Commission on Therapeutic Strategies



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