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Chair's Annual Report

1999 was another year with important progresses for the Academy. The number of teaching courses organised under the aegis of EUREPA has grown, and comprised both self-organised courses (e.g. a series of breakfast seminars at the International Epilepsy Congress in Prague, and a one-week course on Comprehensive Care in Children in Bethel), and courses held by League chapters and epilepsy centres. One of the self-organised courses was given at the 6th Mediterranean Epilepsy Conference in Cairo, and was met with great interest by representatives of both European and other Mediterranean countries.

The Executive Board met twice, at the 10th Bethel-Cleveland Symposium in April in Bielefeld (which included a substantial educational programme of EUREPA) and at the Prague Congress. In Prague, there were in addition meetings of the General Assembly, the Scientific Advisory Board, the Corporate Partners Committee, and the first group of "trainers in training" who finalized their course.

The termination of the first train-the-trainers course is no doubt to be seen as the highlight of the year because it showed that this course alone had resulted in quite unexpected improvements of epileptological education in 5 Eastern European countries. A detailed report is attached.

The Corporate Partners Committee is now in place, and 7 companies have become members by the end of the year. This provides the Academy with a solid financial basis as their regular annual contribution is Euro 10.000 with a possibility of associate membership with a contribution of Euro 5.000. All but two members have become full members. This gave us in turn the possibility to approximately halve our membership fee from DM 75 to Euro 20 (regular members) and DM 40 to Euro 10 (junior members).

One of our corporate partners has also agreed to sponsor our WebSite which is now under revision to become more attractive.

Since this summer, our office has taken on the administration of two transnational activities: the patient education programme MOSES for the German-speaking countries, and the European research project EURAP (European Registry of Antiepileptic drugs and Pregnancy), following requests of the organisers of these activities.

Talks continued with the EFNS about the mutual educational programmes, and there is agreement that the aims of these programmes are not identical. However, it seems useful to develop them in a way which avoids reduplications of efforts as much as possible. A joint course is planned for the next EFNS congress in Copenhagen in 2000.

Towards the end of the year, a revised draft of the curriculum to become a European epileptologist was sent out for discussion to our members, the Executive Board and the Scientific Advisory Board. To get this ready and functioning will be the major task for the next year.

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