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Commission on History

The commission on the History of ILAE and of Epileptology has worked mainly by correspondence. The chairperson and one of its members (S. Ried) visited separately the Museum for Epileptology in Kork/Kehl and met with our co-member and initiator of the Museum Hansjorg Schneble. The chairperson together with another member (T. Reynolds) visited the Science Museum in London and met with the curator in charge of the medicine section ms. dr. Gillam Lawrence. Furthermore they visited ms dr. Lesley A. Hall, senior assistant archivist of the Contemporary Medical Archives Centre Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine.

Given the fact that the archives of ILAE as far as available up to 1993 are presently under expert care in the Hauptarchiv of Bethel Bielefeld and that it the present Secretary General of ILAE will add the archives 1993-2001 to this stock, there is no compelling reason at this moment to transfer archives to the Contemporary Medical Archives Centre Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, although this option should be periodically scrutinised from the point of view of the accessibility of the archives.

It is therefore recommended that the ILAE executive decides to designate the Hauptarchiv of Bethel Bielefeld as caretaker of the ILAE archives free of charge to ILAE and that a contract between Bethel and ILAE to this effect be concluded.

The Epileptology Museum in Kork/Kehl is located in the Municipal Museum in four rooms. It has an interesting collection which is presented in a well organized and instructive manner. Kork/Kehl is the town where the Epilepsiezentrum Kork is established. The city is across the Rhine from Strasbourg at about 25 kilometers distance.

It is recommended that the ILAE (preferably in conjunction with IBE, for simplicity only ILAE is written where both may be involved) reaches an agreement with those responsible for the Epileptology Museum in Kork/Kehl that this Museum, further named "the Museum" is to be an ILAE collaborating Museum.

ILAE and the Museum agree:

1. To establish a commission on the History of Epileptology and of the ILAE (COHIS).
2. That items financed by or on behalf of ILAE will be registered as such and remain property of ILAE.

COHIS is charged to

  • Establish a catalogue of all museums or collectors possessing relevant materials.

  • Collect and promote collection of relevant materials to supplement the relevant materials available at "the Museum".

  • Advise "the Museum" and ILAE about exhibiting historic materials at appropriate locations on appropriate occasions.

  • Advise "the Museum" and ILAE about the financial and technical aspects of maintaining the legacy of history.

On behalf of the present commission I herewith express our appreciation for the attention of the ILAE executive to these matters. We look forward to being informed about the decisions taken by the ILAE executive and to further instructions how to proceed.

Harry Meinardi

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