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Commission on Therapeutic Strategies

Chair & Contact Information:

Dr. Torbjorn Tomson
Eurologiska Klinik
Karolinska Sjukhuset
Box 60500
S – 171 76 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 85 17 73 705
Fax: +46 85 17 73 757

The goal of the Therapeutic Strategies Commission is to address a wide variety of international problems in the treatment of epilepsy. Multiple subcommissions have been established to address specific issues.

Changes in membership:
We were very upset by the unfortunate and untimely death of Claudio Munari, Chair of the Subcommission on Epilepsy Surgery. Fortunately, Dr. Paul Boon, M.D. of Belgium was asked to accept this responsibility and agreed to do so.

Subcommissions and Chairs:
Developing Countries: Paulo DeBittencourt and Esat Eskazan.
Elderly: Ilo Leppik.
Other Therapies: Patricia Gibson.
Outcome Assessment: Joyce Cramer.
Pediatrics: Olivier Dulac.
Pharmaceutical Industry Roger Porter.
Pharmacokinetics and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring: Philip Patsalos.
Polypharmacy and Interactions: Jerzy Majkowski.
Rational Use of AEDs
(Therapeutic Guidelines): Elinor Ben-Menachem and David Chadwick
Surgery: Paul Boon.
Women: Martha Morrell.

Meetings Held by the Commission:
Meetings were held in Prague at the ILAE Symposium in September .1999 and in Orlando at the AES in December of 1999. Meetings of most subcommissions were also held at these conferences.

Status of Reports and Guidelines:
Reports are not available for all the subcommissions. However, excellent progress is being made in multiple areas. Reports of the progress and plans for the Guidelines; as well as the Polytherapy and Interactions; and Developing Countries. are provided separately. Planned symposia and meetings of these groups are included in the request for financial support submitted to Prof. Avinzini. Specifically, the Guidelines has moved along very rapidly and will be having a special meeting at the end of May in Gothenburg to gain consensus to a "Guidelines to the Guidelines", with the goal of posting this information on the ILAE web site. A glossary has been developed depicting all the available antiepileptic drugs, and this can be placed on the web site as well.

The subcommission on Developing Countries is having a subsymposium in New Delhi in November of 2000, addressing and focusing on the problems and possible solutions of bringing therapy to developing countries.

Contacts and Interactions with Other Commissions:
The various subcommissions have been in direct contact with both geographic and resource commissions on a regular basis.

Summary of Activities in the Past Year:
The Commission on TherapeuticStrategies has been very active in the past year, with major advances being made in development of Guidelines for the ILAE web site, and publication of a book pending from the Polypharmacy and Interactions Subcommission, and a closely related Subcommission on Pharmacokinetics and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, has developed an extensive text under the leadership of Rene Levy and should also soon be available. Plans are underway to define the role of therapeutic monitoring for new antiepileptic drugs. The outcomes subcommission has defined goals and plans for devising outcomes to be measured for clinical trials. The Subcommission for the Elderly plans to apply for a part-day symposium on this subject at the next ILAE meeting in Buenos Aires under the direction of Dr. Ilo Leppik. The Subcommission on Developing Countries has been active and collaborated closely with the organizers of the meeting of Asia and Oceania, and a distinguished faculty has been assembled for the symposium there.

Plans for the Coming Year:
As stated above, it is also expected that further activity will be forthcoming from the Subcommission on Other Therapeutic Measures. This group was established late, but is assembling key members and making plans for identification of the issues. The Epilepsy Surgery Subcommission was delayed in its progress due to the untimely death of Claudio Munari. With the appointment of Paul Boon, it is expected that this group will be very active in the coming year.

Annual Report 2000 Table of Contents

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