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Eurepa, European Epilepsy Academy

Annual Report 2002

Three Executive Board meetings were held during this year. The Executive which had conducted the Academy since 1996 met twice: on June 22 in Frankfurt, and on October 5 in Madrid. Following the elections, the new Executive had a constituting meeting in Madrid on October 6.

Important resolutions taken this year were the acceptance of transitional rules for certification, and the decision to develop curricula for professions allied with medicine (PAMs). For the latter project, a steering committee is being established to which the European IBE chapters by invitation delegated two members, Eva Johnsen (Norway) and Mike Glynn (Ireland).

The elections in Madrid were conducted by the three ex officio members of the Executive (i.e. the Chair of the EAC and the Chair and Secretary of the CEA), they being the only three persons not eligible. They invited the members to nominate candidates for the 5 offices. A surprisingly broad response indicated the high interest in the Academy’s agenda. Candidates who stood for election had the possibility to present themselves to the General Assembly on October 5 in Madrid where the elections took place.

The elections resulted in the following new Executive Board:

  • Chair: Peter Wolf (Germany)
  • Vice Chairs: Giuliano Avanzini (Italy) and Martin Brodie (Scotland)
  • Secretary General: Janet Mifsud (Malta)
  • Treasurer: Michel Baldy-Moulinier (France)
  • Ex officio members:
  • Federico Vigevano (Italy)
  • Svein Johannessen (Norway)
  • Emilio Perucca (Italy)

A new Scientific Advisory Board also had to be elected. A reduction in size had been decided by the Executive. The members of the old SAB were informed about this decision, and asked if they desired to stand for re-election. To the names of those who responded in the positive, nominations by the Executive Board and the General Assembly were added, whereafter 16 candidates stood for voting. The vote resulted in a SAB of the following 10 members:

  • Athanasios Covanis (Greece)
  • Walter van Emde Boas (Netherlands)
  • Alla Guekht (Russia)
  • Günter Krämer (Switzerland)
  • Jerzy Majkowski (Poland)
  • Kristina Malmgren (Sweden)
  • Cigdem Özkara (Turkey)
  • Perrine Plouin (France)
  • José Serratosa (Spain)
  • Chahnez Triki (Tunisia)

At a brief constituting meeting in Madrid, the new SAB elected Walter van Emde Boas as their Speaker.

Membership: The elections attracted several European ILAE chapters to join the Academy, and now 33 of the 37 European chapters are members. Individual membership increased to 272, mostly in response to the educational seminars in Madrid.

Courses: The educational programme in 2002 consisted of 5 courses organised by Eurepa and 19 other certified courses. We held educational courses both at the IBE congress “Epilepsy and Society� in Lloret de Mar, and at the ILAE congress in Madrid. The latter comprised two series of breakfast seminars in English and a half-day course in Spanish.

Trainers: The 3rd Train-the-Trainers course was held in Bethel on January 10-13 with 16 participants from 12 countries. Charlotte Dravet and Perrine Plouin received the trainer status in recognition of their longstanding commitment to epileptological education. With these additions, we have now 47 certified trainers from 23 countries and covering 20 languages. Recently, the trainers were asked if they were also available as tutors for the development of distant education, and the answers already received indicate that many of them are indeed willing to participate in this new project.

Regions: The development of epilepsy academies in other regions is under way. Their relation to Eurepa needs careful consideration.

Asia/Oceania is at present the only region where the regional commission has already decided to establish an academy. A sub-commission has been set up to work out the details.

Meantime, a francophone section of Eurepa was founded in Montpellier on November 11, 2002, and a Comité d’organisation was appointed consisting of the following colleagues:

  • Michel Baldy-Moulinier (France)
  • Guy Farnarier (France)
  • Lamine Guèye (Senegal)
  • Najib Kissani (Morocco)
  • Baba Koumaré (Mali)
  • Perrine Plouin (France)
  • Chahnez Triki (Tunisia)

The primary objective of this section is the development of quality education in the French-speaking countries of North and West Africa. This should be considered as a first step in a development which will hopefully lead up to an African Epilepsy Academy.

Prof. Dr. Peter Wolf

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