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International Director of Meetings Report

Richard Holmes

The International Epilepsy Congress Secretariat was established to provide support to Richard Holmes, the International Director of Meetings in all aspects of ILAE/IBE congress planning. The office now employs a skilled team of people who are working in cooperation with the international committees for each congress. A Project Manager for each meeting works in close collaboration with International Committees, Regional Commissions and local representatives.

The office is engaged in the planning of all aspects of the International and Regional Epilepsy Congresses. This task has involved all organisational tasks such as site inspections, venue selection reports, Website development, registration and abstract handling, congress promotion, logistics, sponsorship, speakers' arrangements and administrative back-up for all matters related to the Scientific Programme.

International Epilepsy Congresses (ILAE/IBE)
It is likely that by the time this report has been published, the 25th International Epilepsy Congress will have taken place in Lisbon in October 2003. The meeting is set to offer a rich and varied mix with delegates from over 80 countries attending, and speakers from more than 30 countries represented in the main scientific programme. Seven main topics will be incorporated into the programme for the meeting covering both the social and the medical spheres. Lisbon will also be the first ILAE/IBE meeting to offer the "Congress Attendance Award," a joint initiative on behalf of ILAE and IBE comprising a bursary fund dedicated to assisting delegates from developing regions to attend the congress.

The IDM office is already planning for the 26th International Epilepsy Congress, which will take place in Paris at the end of August 2005. The Project Manager for this meeting, Soazig Daniel, is working closely with the Scientific Advisory Committee on the preliminary programming and scheduling for the meeting. The first Organising Committee meeting was held in May 2003 and the Scientific Advisory Committee will meet to begin the task of constructing the Scientific Programme in November 2003.

European Congresses on Epileptology

The 5th European Congress on Epileptology, held in Madrid in October 2002, was a great success with an attendance of over 3,000 delegates. All logistical planning, programme handling and promotion for the meeting was the responsibility of the IDM office.

Plans are now well underway for the 6th European Congress on Epileptology, which will be held in Vienna from 30 May through 3 June 2004. The programme for the meeting will encompass speakers and topics of interest to epileptologists and neurologists from all over Europe, East and West, and will combine Main Session topics with a comprehensive programme of Discussion Groups, Workshops, Teaching Sessions and free communications. The Project Manager for the Vienna Congress, Louise McLoughlin, has been working closely with the committees and local suppliers in the planning for this event including congress centre planning, speaker invitations, Website design and congress promotion.

The 7th European Congress on Epileptology will be held in Helsinki in 2006 and it is expected that the first organising committee meeting for this congress will take place in 2004.

Regional ILAE Congresses
Plans are now advancing for the 3rd Latin American Epilepsy Congress, which takes place in Mexico City 2-5 July 2004. The Project Manager for the meeting, David Shirley, has been involved in the planning for this meeting for over a year and all

The 26th International Epilepsy Congress is planned for the end of August in 2005 and will be held in Paris, France.

venue and accommodation arrangements are now in place. The Website for the congress will incorporate on-line abstract submission for the first time for a Latin American Epilepsy Congress, and this facility will be available to delegates from October 2003. The programme for the congress will concentrate on three major themes: Epilepsy in Latin America: Causes and Prevention, Genes and Epilepsy, and Clinical and Social Consequences of Epilepsy.

The 5th Asian and Oceanian Epilepsy Congress will take place in August 2004. The Project Manager for the congress, Catherine Wall, has been working closely with the Chairs of the International Organising Committee and the Scientific Advisory Committee in the planning of this congress. The main topics at the congress will include prevention of epilepsy, treatment of epilepsy with limited resources and symptomatic epilepsies in Asia.

Site inspections are also ongoing for other upcoming meetings in 2007 and 2008. For more information about forthcoming meetings please visit the congress Website at www.epilepsycongress.org.

The International Director of Meetings can be contacted at:

Richard Holmes
International Director of Meetings
International Epilepsy Congress Secretariat
16 Mountdown Road
Dublin 12
Phone: +353 1 409 7796
Fax: +353 1 429 1290
Website: www.epilepsycongress.org


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