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Epilepsia Report

Editorial Statistics

As of 27 July 2003, 401 manuscripts have been submitted electronically, not counting revisions. A small additional number have been handled as paper manuscripts. Annualized, this approximates 700 manuscripts, compared to 666 last year.

For Fisher as Editor-in-Chief, not counting letters to the editor and invited materials, acceptance rate remains about 33%. Mean time from submission to decision is 41 days, compared to 53 days a year ago.

Since 1 January 2001, we have received manuscripts from 62 countries.

Impact Factor

Epilepsia does well with an impact factor in the mid-3 range. This means on the average each article is cited 3.5 times. However the ISI Impact Factor does have some problems and should not be taken too seriously.

  • Citations may be in order to correct published errors
  • Review or methods articles are most cited
  • The most cited article is on protein methods
  • Two years may not be the best timeframe
  • Self-citations account for over 25%
  • No study links citation number to importance

Review articles are most cited. The Editors of Epilepsia therefore have derived a plan to increase the number of invited reviews, eventually leading to one per issue.


Electronic subscriptions continue to increase, while print subscriptions slowly decline, from 4,731 in 2001 to 4,284 in 2002 and 3,947 in 2003. Over 1,000 libraries have the electronic Blackwell package. For January-April 2002, Synergy Epilepsia was accessed 22,290 times. For January-April 2003 it was accessed 71,138 times, more than a three-fold increase.

Robert S. Fisher
Jason Roberts


Supplement 1: Transcultural Perspectives in Epilepsy: Krishnamoorthy, Ssatishchranda, Sander

Supplement 2: Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsies: Mattson, AES symposium 2002, Abbott

Supplement 3: Malformations: What's a Doctor to Do? Yerby, AES symposium 2002, Glaxo

Supplement 4: Building New Understandings . . . Maximizing Patient Outcome, Brodie, Madrid, Glaxo

Supplement 5: European White Paper

In the works:

Feitschrift for Lopes da Silva

Post-Traumatic Epilepsy (Hauser / Pavone)

Proceedings of the 35th Congress of Japan

Myoclonic Epilepsies: AES Philadelphia 2001, Elan

New Perspectives in Tuberous Sclerosis: NIH Symposium September 2002,Crino and Teal

Female Health Issues, Foldvary / Intramed
Visually-induced Epilepsy, Kasteleijn-Nolst Trenite

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