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Healthcare Policy

Commission on Healthcare Policy

Date: September 25, 2003

Report By: Charles E. Begley, Ph.D., Chair

Commission Members

Gus Baker, England

Ettore Beghi , Italy

Charles Begley, USA

Michael Halpern, USA

John Langfitt, USA

Pierre Levy, France

Christoph Pathlatko , Switzerland

Patricia Shafer, USA

Samuel Wiebe, Canada

James Butler, South Africa


To develop a template for a common reporting system that could be used to describe and evaluate epilepsy-related healthcare systems and policies across countries, and serve as a basis for developing a global health policy.


  • Determine what is known about the need, access, quality, cost, and financing of epilepsy-related healthcare services and systems in several countries, the major sources of knowledge, and what is needed to improve that knowledge.
  • Develop a template for gathering and analyzing information to assess the performance of healthcare services and systems for people living with epilepsy in different countries.
  • Demonstrate the application of the template in the collection and analysis of data from several countries.


Summary of Activities for 2003

The Commission met via conference calls in February, April, and July 2002 to refine objectives of country studies and hear progress reports.

Individual members are to conduct studies of their countries addressing the following: 1) What is known about epilepsy-related healthcare systems/policies in developing and developed countries? 2) What are the major sources of knowledge? 3) What is not known? 4) What is needed to improve knowledge of care systems/policies? Assess existing country reports of ILAE chapters and other data sources. Assess healthcare systems/policies with respect to healthcare access, quality, cost, and financing of care. Update plans and review activities during telephone meeting in February. Report findings at a workshop and scientific session in Lisbon.

Plans for 03-05

03-04 Design and apply a template for comparative analyses of healthcare systems and policies affecting people living with epilepsy in different countries. Refine individual country studies following the comparative template. Report findings at a workshop during the European Congress in Venice.

04-05 Prepare papers and reports for a workshop and scientific session in France on a framework for comparative analyses of healthcare systems and policies in individual country studies, and consider implications for global policy. Develop Epilepsia supplement and Commission report.

Interaction with ILAE Committees and Commissions

Work with other ILAE committees and individuals who are working on methods for assessing healthcare services and systems. Advise the ILAE on a common reporting system for comparative analyses of healthcare systems and policies across countries.


Interaction with ILAE Chapters

Survey and review country reports on existing healthcare systems and policies. Responses can provide opportunities for cooperation in assessing the nature of these reports, how they differ, and how they can be improved.

Abstract for Scientific Session at International Congress in Lisbon

Title: ILAE Commission on Healthcare Policy: How to Reduce the Burden of Epilepsy? An International Comparison on Quality, Cost, and Access to Epilepsy Care


Preliminary Program:


Overview of Purpose and Current Status: Christoph Pachlatko

USA : John Langfitt

UK : Gus Baker

France : Pierre Levy

Italy : Ettore Beghi

Summary: Charles Begley


The purpose of this session is to summarize the results of country studies of healthcare services/systems/polices that affect people with epilepsy, and determine what can be compared.


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