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S. Shorvon (Chair), G. Avanzini, P. Berry, L. Bolduc, J. Wall, N. Fejerman, R. Fisher, P. Lee, L. Sander, D. Sartieux

The Website Task Force was set up to oversee the development of the ILAE Website, with the intention of developing the site into a premier source of interactive information about ILAE and epilepsy-related topics. Much progress has been made in the past 12 months. The Website is now fully online and its basic architecture fully operational. The problems concerning domain name ownerships have been resolved and the primary URL is http://www.epilepsy.org/.  Other ILAE URLs are automatically linked to this. The home page provides the ILAE mission, chapter login and news items, and a menu leading to the 6 main sections (About ILAE; Commissions; Chapters; Congresses; Publications; Links). Each of these sections is further subdivided and each subsection is being progressively incremented by information; indeed the value of the Website will increase over time as more and more information is posted.

The Website Task Force has developed a mechanism for editing and by this means it can be hoped that the standards of accession remain high. One section of the Website is devoted to links to other ILAE and epilepsy-related sites, and it is hoped that over time this section will provide a useful access service. A chapter template has also been developed for the home pages of individual ILAE chapters and is being piloted; these chapters will also be linked to the main ILAE site. ILAE documents, including the constitution, bylaws, biographies, reports, and abstracts are posted on the site, as are congress details and abstracts and a congress calendar. Professional information such as research and educational opportunities, lists of antiepileptic drugs internationally, and epilepsy-related guidelines are planned. The day to day management of the Website is overseen by the ILAE office in Hartford, Connecticut. At Hartford, work has also been carried out on search engine access and the collection of basic Website statistics that will be used to inform future development. Joe Wall has kindly agreed to take the lead in the Hartford office. The Website is in its infancy, and members can expect progressive development and improvement over the next few years. More interactive services are planned. Feedback is important and suggestions for new areas or comments on existing services are very welcome. A central repository of photographs has been established, but needs further accession, and all members of the ILAE are invited and encouraged to submit photographs for this collection.

Simon Shorvon, Chair
Website Task Force
August 2003

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