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Epigraph Report

Ley Sander

Epigraph continues to do well. We have now been mailing directly to Chapter Members in over 65 countries. Over 16,000 copies of each issue of Epigraph are distributed worldwide, mostly individually to ILAE members. The mailing list is continuously being updated by our central office in Brussels and it is hoped that in time individual members of ILAE in every country will be mailed their personal copy. The graphic design of Epigraph has been updated to look similar to the new design for ILAE’s website. We hope that the readership will approve of it.

Novartis’ sponsorship of Epigraph is now coming to an end. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Novartis for their generous support of the ILAE’s newsletter.

We strive constantly to improve Epigraph and in doing so we welcome any suggestions by ILAE members. We are also very grateful to all those who have contributed to its content over the last year. I would also like to thank the Executive Committee and the Information Officer for the support we have received.

Ley Sander

Juliet Solomon
Editorial Assistant



Juliet Solomon

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