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Headquarter's Report

Peter J. Berry

The ILAE Headquarters Office was established in 2002 to centralize the League’s administrative functions, to improve the relationship and day-to-day communication with the Chapters, and to relieve the members of the Executive Committee of the League’s administrative responsibilities so that they can focus on developing new programs and services.

The aims of the ILAE Headquarters Office are:

  • To be the central contact point for all chapters
  • To be the central repository for all League
    correspondence and archives
  • To provide administrative support for all Management and Executive Committee activities and to staff their meetings

Delphine Sartiaux, Assistant Administrative Director and Nele Devolder, Membership Services, staff the Headquarters Office in Brussels, Belgium. I am based at the Financial Office in the U.S. and in continuous contact, via e-mail and telephone, with Delphine and Nele in Brussels. There is also now one database for the Headquarters and Financial Offices that is shared between both offices and updated via the website.

Since its establishment, the Headquarters Office has become the central point of contact for all chapters. Good relationships with the contact persons, previously established with each Chapter in 2002, have been strengthened and new ones established.

Below is a brief overview of the main activities undertaken by the HQ office in 2004:

Assistance to the Management and Executive Committees

The Headquarters staff provides all necessary support to the Management and Executive Committees. Staffing is provided for the various in-person meetings as well as for the regular telephone conference calls. For each meeting, staff coordinates with the meeting facility, prepares the agenda/meeting folders, records the minutes, and provides the necessary follow-up.

Support to Commissions’ Activities

The Brussels Office has a variety of small and large meeting rooms with all the latest technology available for meetings. HQ staff provides logistical assistance to Commissions and Task Forces who wish to have their meetings in Brussels. The Commission on European Affairs regularly meets at HQ and the EUREPA Workshop was held there in October 2004.

Central Point of Contact for Chapters

HQ continuously updates the database, which contains contact information for the chapters' officers. This information is also available on the Chapter section of the ILAE website. By keeping these contact details up to date, Chapter members are assured of receiving Epigraph and the newest information on the ILAE congress activities.

Increase the Number of ILAE Chapters Worldwide

Together with the Secretary-General’s Office, HQ provides the necessary information and assistance to
several contact persons in different countries who are interested in creating an ILAE Chapter.


The HQ office is also involved in coordinating the League’s elections. Staff’s role in this process is to send out official communications from the Election Commission to the Chapters, to follow up with the Chapters, and finally to collect votes for each phase of the procedure. This project started in 2004 with the Presidential election and continued into 2005 for the remaining Executive Committee positions.

Organization of Chapter Conventions

As a result of the success of the first Chapter Convention in Madrid, Spain in 2002, the ILAE again invited all Chapters to participate in the Chapter Convention held in Lisbon, Portugal during the last International Congress. More than fifty Chapters from all over the world were represented. In 2004, Chapter Meetings were held at all of the Regional Meetings in Cotonou, Benin; Vienna, Austria; Mexico City, Mexico; Bangkok, Thailand; and Marrakesh, Morocco.

Participation at Congresses

Delphine, Nele, and I participated in the 25th International Congress in Lisbon. Many Chapter members took the opportunity to visit the ILAE booth and to meet us in person. At least one of us attended each of the 2004 Regional Meetings and staffed the information table. Again, this was an excellent opportunity to exchange views with several of the Chapters’ members and to establish personal contacts. We invite you to come and meet us at the ILAE booth during the 26th International Congress in Paris in August 2005. We look forward to welcoming you at our stand!


About a year ago, the League underwent a re-branding process to overhaul our communications. The staff worked to design an appropriate representation of the League. The Executive Committee provided input, and then approved the designs.

The new logo is a strong representation of who ILAE is as a society. The acronym ILAE is represented in large capital letters and the full name International League Against Epilepsy drapes the left side. By including the acronym and full name of the League, those who view the logo will associate the letters ILAE with its meaning.

The most profound part of the new logo is the use of the EEG line in lieu of the letter A. This use of the EEG line, one of the most universally recognized medical images, immediately establishes ILAE as a neurology-based organization. The strategic use of the color red for the EEG line makes it stand out in contrast to the color of the rest of the letters in the logo. The League has used an EEG line as their logo for a number of years and the image has been carried over to the new logo to maintain the history of the logo, while providing a bolder, more modern look.

The League’s new logo now serves as the umbrella for the look and feel of all of ILAE’s communications and publications.

With nearly 700 million people worldwide with internet access, the League’s next priority was to visually upgrade the website. The new-look website was designed based on the colors from the new logo and to appeal to an international audience. As the League’s universal communication tool, the web site directly complements the League’s new logo and color scheme.

The League has also added a new look to the official newsletter, Epigraph. The newsletter’s design is a contrast from the website and logo, but using the consistent color scheme and feel to identify it as an ILAE publication. The central focus of the newsletter is the color red, which is the anchor in the ILAE logotype.

The new look of Epigraph is a slight contrast from the look of the website and the logo, focusing more on
the dark colors of the logo, but keeping the look in the same family of the brand. Alternating the look of this publication will help reinforce the brand by taking a step back from the look, but by maintaining the feel, adds a certain flavor to the publication and helps prevent the brand and look from becoming overused and stale.

The latest addition to the ILAE re-branding family is this annual report, which features a design consistent with the international look and feel, along with the consistent color scheme of the League’s other communications.

The League has established a series of stringent guidelines to ensure the integrity of the ILAE brand. These guidelines cover everything from the proper sizing, color and placement of the logo to the proper use of the official ILAE colors for different publications.

These guidelines, available in the Chapter Officer section of the ILAE website, cover the correct and incorrect usage of the League’s brand.

The guidelines that must be adhered to in each and every use of the League’s name, logo and official colors. The guidelines provide a thorough checklist of how the logo must be represented. These guidelines are available in the Chapter Officer section of the ILAE website and are available for download in .pdf format.

Building a brand is a process that does not have an end. Each and every use of the name, logo and colors is a representation of the organization. When comparing each communication piece to each other, the consistent feel of the ILAE is evident, while each piece maintains individuality among the others. As future ILAE publications are developed, this look will be carried forward and further develop the exposure of the ILAE brand.

Peter Berry, CAE
Administrative Director


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