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Commission Members

Michael Trimble
London, England
Steffi Koch-Stoecker
Bielefeld, Germany
Cesare Cornaggia
Milano, Italy
John Gates
Minnesota, USA
Kousuke Kanemoto
Aichi-gun, Japan
E.S. Krishnamoorthy
Chennai Tamil Nadu, India
John Moriarty
London, England
Frank Besag
Bedford, England
Bettina Schmitz, Chair
Berlin, Germany


Epilepsy surgery Learning disability
Dissociative seizures Affective disorders
Periictal disorders Transcultural aspects
Behavioural side effects of Anticonvulsants


  • To improve the knowledge of epileptologists with respect to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders in people with epilepsy
  • To develop standardised research instruments for the asessment of psychiatric disorders in epilepsy
  • To explore transcultural differences in the epidemiology of psychiatric disorders in people with epilepsy.

    Commission Activities July 31, 2003 to June 30, 2004

    Roundtable discussion: Neurobiological links of epilepsy, bipolar disorder and anticonvulsants, Berlin, Germany, 11-18 July 2004.

Workshop: Cognitive and Behavioural Outcomes of Epileptic Syndromes, Bologna, Italy, 8-9 October, 2004

Upcoming Activities

Joint meeting with the Commission on Transcultural Affairs in India, September 2005: Transcultural Perspectives in the Neuropsychiatry of Epilepsy.

Main sessions and parallel meetings in Paris with psychiatric topics, ILAE August 2005, planned together with Y. Inoue: Main Session: Affective disorders in people with epilepsy, Post Main Session: Anxiety disorders in people with epilepsy, Parallel Session 1: Epilepsy and psychosis, Parallel Session 2: Psychiatric issues in epilepsy surgery, Parallel Session 3: Epilepsy and autism spectrum disorders, Breakfast Seminar: Attention disorders in children with epilepsy.

Bettina Schmitz

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