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Treasurer's Report

Josemir W. Sander

The League ended the 2002-2003 Fiscal Year in a strong financial position as a result of successful epilepsy regional and international congresses as well as healthy Epilepsia royalties. A preliminary review of the unaudited 2003-2004 fiscal year financials indicates another year of favorable financial results.

In an effort to support the League’s goals and mission, the Finance Committee has developed an investment policy with the objective of maintaining financial security while providing funds to continue work towards the advancement of education and research worldwide.

As illustrated below, the largest revenue source for the year is represented by Epilepsia royalties. Our official journal, Epilepsia, has been very successful scientifically with an increased impact factor. It has also been very successful with regard to subscriptions, sales and advertising revenue. Our original international congresses represent the second largest source of revenue for the League and this is largely due to the efforts of the office of the International Director of Meetings (IDM) and its very dedicated staff.

Program services represent the largest League expenditure at 80% of expenses. These expenditures include costs associated with the Commissions, Task Forces, Meetings, Programmes (such as the Global Campaign) and membership services (such as website development). Administrative expenses account for 20% of expenditure.

The Treasurer’s office is quite happy to discuss any financial issues relating to the League. The first port of call is Donna Cunard, our Financial Officer, who is based at the Hartford office. Mrs. Cunard has done an extremely valuable job efficiently running our financial affairs, and I am very grateful for her continued support.

J.W. Sander


2002 - 2003 Fiscal Year







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