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Commission Members

Jerome Engel, Jr., Chair
California, USA
Esper Cavalheiro
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Harry Meinardi
The Hague, The Netherlands
Amel Mrabet
Tunis, Tunisia
Masakazu Seino
Shizuoka, Japan







This commission is carrying out the elections for ILAE officers for the 2005-2009 term.

Achievements prior to July 2003

Commission Activities from
July 31, 2003 until June 30, 2005

A letter was drafted and sent to chapters on March 1, 2004, explaining the voting procedure, including changes in the Constitution made at the Lisbon
congress in 2003. Letters were accompanied by a chapter registration form, which had to be returned, signed by the chapter president and the designated contact person(s), or one additional member of the chapter Executive Task Force, by mail, in order for the chapter to register to vote. The chapter registration form indicated the official contact person(s) for each chapter and their contact information on each of the deadline dates. Chapters that did not respond to this initial request were contacted by telephone. The election process was carried out by e-mail for all chapters that had this capability, and by whatever was determined to be the best means of corresponding with chapters that did not have e-mail.

Refer to page 51 for Article VIII, which describes the election process.

Regions of ILAE

Africa Eastern Mediterranean Latin America
Asia and Oceania Europe North America

Voting Scale

Up to 50 members ..............................1 vote
51-150 members ..............................2 votes
151-350 members ..............................3 votes
351-750 members ..............................4 votes
751-1500 members ..............................5 votes
Above 1500 members ..............................6 votes

All chapters had to complete and sign a chapter registration form in order to register for the election process. No chapter was permitted to nominate or vote until the League’s Executive Office had its completed and signed chapter registration form. This form had to be signed by the chapter President and the designated contact person or persons, or if the President was the contact person, a second member of the chapter Executive Task Force. The form had to be returned by mail to the ILAE Executive Office, which was responsible for conducting the election:

International League Against Epilepsy
Avenue Marcel Thiry 204
B-1200 Brussels
Tel: +32 (0) 2 774 95 47
Fax: +32 (0) 2 774 96 90
E-mail: info@ilae-epilepsy.org

1. Once a chapter returned the chapter registration form, subsequent correspondence regarding the election was carried out by e-mail, unless
chapters specifically request fax or mail.

2. The deadlines for registration, receipt of nomina- tions, and voting were strictly followed. All dead- line dates ended at midnight Greenwich Mean Time. Much more time was allotted for the initial process of nominating and then voting for the President, in order to allow for problems that might initially occur in the balloting process. For the second phase, electing the four remaining officers, only two months were allotted for each stage, under the assumption that all problems with chapter correspondence would have been resolved by then and chapters would have estab- lished an efficient mechanism for choosing their candidates.

Deadline for chapter registration and receipt of nominations for President 15 July 2004

Deadline for distribution of ballots for election of President 31 July 2004

Deadline for receipt of votes for President 31 October 2004

Deadline for announcing results of the presidential election, and distributing
requests for nominations for the remaining four officers 15 November 2004

Deadline for receipt of nominations for remaining officers 15 January 2005

Deadline for distribution of ballots for election of remaining officers 31 January 2005

Deadline for receipt of votes for remaining officers 31 March 2005

Deadline for announcement of results of elections of remaining officer 15 April 2005

3. The election was carried out according to
schedule. Peter Wolf of Denmark was elected President, and the other four newly elected officers are, in alphabetical order: Fred Andermann of Canada, Martin Brodie of the UK, Solomon Moshé of the USA, and Emilio Perucca of Italy. Dr. Moshé was chosen by the Elections Commission and Dr. Wolf to serve as Secretary- General, Dr. Brodie as Treasurer, Dr. Perucca as First Vice President, and Dr. Andermann as Second Vice President.

Jerome Engel, Jr.

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