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Commission on Eastern Mediterranean Affairs (CEMA)


  • Finalize the structure of the Commission.
  • Increase the number of chapters in the Region (EMR).
  • Establish educational courses, workshops and training programs.
  • Education of the community and patients about epilepsy in EMR.
  • Publish a newsletter or a journal for the Commission.
  • Interactive Website.

Commission Activities from June 30, 2004 until August 31, 2005

The Commission was inaugurated 15 January 2004, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with 10 chapters representing Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Tunisia.

Five educational courses were held: 1) Qatar (24-26 February 2004; 2) Egypt (6-8 April 2004; 3) Lebanon (17-19 November 2004); 4) Morocco in association with EPIMED 18-20 November 2004); 5) Saudi Arabia (March 2005).

Accomplishments (2001-2005)

  • Establishing Website www.epicema.com.
  • Establish a twice yearly newsletter.
  • Increase the number of chapters in the region.
  • UAE now has a full chapter; Bahrain is finalizing their membership to ILAE and Libya has already applied to be a full member. Contact with Yemen and Sudan to be full members has progressed to nearly final stages.
  • Organizing the 1st East Mediterranean Epilepsy Congress, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, May 10-14, 2006.
  • Education of the community in different countries of CEMA in cooperation with WHO-EMRO (East Mediterranean Regional Office, Cairo and Regional IBE).

Recommendations for Future Work

  • Establishing an academy for the region (East Mediterranean Epilepsy Academy, EMEPA).
  • Increase the number of chapters in the region. We are expecting in the coming two years to have at least five more chapters to be members of ILAE: Bahrain, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and probably Algeria.
  • Finalize the structure of the commission according to the new constitution of ILAE. The 1st congressional meeting for the regional chapters will be during the CEMA Congress, which is May 2006.
  • Establish more educational courses in other countries in the region.
  • Publish a journal by the Commission starting at twice a year but later evolve into quarterly.

Basim A Yaqub

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