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Simon Shorvon

ILAE Website (www.epilepsy.org) and the ILAE Website Taskforce
The ILAE Website is overseen by the ILAE Website Taskforce chaired by the ILAE Information Officer, and administered by the ILAE Website Project Manager, Mr. Christer Osterling in the ILAE Hartford office. During the last year, three meetings of the Taskforce were held, and five new members, nominated by the regional commissions, joined the Taskforce. Among the new developments of the Website were the formulation of a strategic plan for the Website, the establishment of regional pages, restructuring and updating of other sections, and the launch of the ILAE Discussion Group. This latter project went online in February 2006 following a pilot run. Dr. Andrew Wilner has been contracted by the ILAE to oversee and moderate the discussion threads.

The current Website content contains: a. Information about ILAE; b. Information about epilepsy (including interactive areas); c. Mechanisms for assisting ILAE administration, and is organized into the following sections:

Home Page

  • The home page features a presidential message, the summarized aims of the ILAE, highlights and topical features and links to congresses, Epilepsia and other ILAE activities.

About the ILAE
(This area contains information about ILAE)

  • Information about the ILAE Executive Committee.
  • Information about ILAE commissions and taskforces.
  • ILAE Constitution and Bylaws.
  • ILAE strategic plan.
  • Historical details.

ILAE Resource Central
(This area contains information about epilepsy)

  • Worldwide Epilepsy Resource Directory. A searchable database of the EIC collection of 1,500 epilepsy-related publications and videos held in Zurich. Almost all of the videos and documents have now been copied into digital format. One of the videos is available for online ordering as a trial run.
  • Epilepsy Brochures and Translations. A selection of brochures have been copied and put online, some with translations.
  • Worldwide AED Database. A fully searchable database, compiled by Bob Fisher, allows members to view a comprehensive list of antiepileptic drugs (with generic and proprietary names) that are available in different countries around the world.
  • ILAE Classification and Terminology Taskforce. Report and details of the new classification and diagnostic schemes proposed by the ILAE.
  • Hot Topics. A section in development with reviews of epilepsy topics of current interest.
  • Future Congresses. Details of future ILAE congresses and meetings with links to relevant Websites and in some cases with online registration.
  • Global Campaign. Details of the ILAE/WHO/IBE Global Campaign Against Epilepsy, and links to the Campaign Website.
  • ILAE Reports. Copies of current ILAE reports.
  • ILAE Annual Report. The current ILAE Annual Report.
  • Press Room. Current ILAE press releases.
  • Links section provides links to other professional organizations (list is in process of compilation).

Chapter Section
(This area contains information about the ILAE chapters worldwide)

  • Details of each of the 96 national chapters of the ILAE.
  • Map showing geographic location of each chapter, with a clickable search facility.
  • A password-protected login section for chapter officers, which will permit interactive communication between the ILAE office and chapter officers.
  • An online template for the design of Websites of individual chapters.

(This area contains information about ILAE publications           

  • Information about Epigraph and copies of past issues.
  • Information about Epigraph and links to the journal Website.
  • A subscription area for discounted subscriptions for ILAE members for Epilepsia and four other epilepsy journals.
  • ILAE Annual Report. Archive section (contains archives copies of ILAE documents).
  • Noncurrent copies of Epigraph (from 1999).
  • Annual Reports of 2000 and 2002.
  • Awards.

Contact Details

  • This section contains details of the Brussels and Hartford offices and personnel.

Members of the Website Taskforce are: S Shorvon (ILAE EC, Chair), C Osterling (Web Project Manager), E Perucca (ILAE EC), N Moshé (ILAE EC), Peter Berry (ILAE Admin Officer), C Ozkara (Eastern Mediterranean region), J Shih (North America region); D Reutens (Asian and Oceanian region); J Moctezuma (Latin America region).

Epigraph was launched ten years ago to act as a conduit for ILAE news and as a method of communication from the central bodies of the ILAE to its individual members in each country. Previously the newsletter was published 2-3 times a year and distributed by post. In 2006, the publishing schedule changed. The newsletter is now produced four times a year in the form of one print edition (the spring edition) and three online editions (winter, summer and autumn editions). The online editions contain news about the ILAE and updates on ILAE activities and conferences, feature articles and other items of ILAE interest. The print edition fulfills a slightly different purpose. It is distributed in the conference bags of the major ILAE regional and international congresses and contains information about ILAE membership, chapters and activities. The online edition is intended to be sent by email to all ILAE members. If a member is not receiving the newsletter, and wishes so to do, please contact the Epigraph office at epigraph@ilae.org.  As in the past, Epigraph is keen to receive articles or suggestions for articles from ILAE members; interested persons should contact the Epigraph office. 

ILAE Resource Center in Zurich

The ILAE Resource Center is housed at the Swiss Epilepsy Center in Zurich and contains ILAE documents, brochures and video recordings. The collection is indexed and available on the ILAE Website.

ILAE Centenary History Project and ILAE Historical Archive

During the year, the ILAE made preparations to publish a centenary history as a book and CD-ROM in 2009, and also to make the history available on the ILAE Website. In parallel, the ILAE has initiated a Historical Archive, housed at the Swiss Epilepsy Center in Zurich. The archive will comprise documents and also a series of tape recordings of senior ILAE figures (the Oral History collection). If any member has suggestions for the centenary history, source documents or copies of documents that they would be willing to deposit in the archive, suggestions for items for the historical archive or for individuals who might be interviewed as part of the oral history project, please contact the ILAE Information Officer at s.shorvon@ion.ucl.ac.uk.

Simon Shorvon
Information Officer


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