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Epilepsia Editors

Temporary Changes at Epilepsia

Owing to an unexpected illness Gary Mathern will need to step back from Epilepsia for a while. To ensure continued smooth handling of all Epilepsia matters the Executive Committee has given unanimous support to the appointment of Mike Sperling as an interim Co-Editor in Chief. Mike will be working in close partnership with Epilepsia’s other Co-editor-in-Chief, Astrid Nehlig.

We are grateful to Mike for taking the helm at such short notice, and wish Gary a full recovery, expecting to see him back at the helm in due course. A word from Gary Mathern

Editors, Associate Editors, and Editorial Board

Astrid Nehlig
Astrid Nehlig

Gary Mathern
Gary Mathern

Astrid Nehlig and Gary Mathern have been appointed co-editors of Epilepsia and they begin their four year term July, 2013. They were selected through a multi tiered process in which applicants presented their thoughts about the future development of the journal and how it can continue to serve the epilepsy community in this period of rapidly changing approaches to communicating new scientific information.

Astrid Nehlig is a research director at the INSERM facility in Strasbourg, France where she has worked for over 20 years after receiving her degrees at the University of Nancy. She has had a highly productive research career, combining interests of developmental neurobiology, in vivo imaging, pharmacology and epilepsy, and she is widely recognized for her work in neuroimaging in animal models of epilepsy. She is well acquainted with the activities of the League, having served as the co-chair of the Neurobiology Commission during the 2009-2013 term. She has extensive experience with scientific journals serving on the editorial boards of three journals and as a reviewer for over 20 journals that cover a wide spectrum of basic and clinical research.

Gary Mathern is a professor of neurosurgery at the University of California, Los Angeles where he has been on faculty since 1996. In addition to his training in neurosurgery he is a qualified electroencephalographer. His clinical focus is on the surgical treatment of epilepsy, but his research work also involves the investigation of the neuropathology of epilepsy in the clinic and the laboratory. He has served the League in a variety of capacities, most notably as co-chair of the Commission of Therapeutic Strategies during the 2005-2009 term and as chair of the Strategic Planning Commission in the current term. He has been on the editorial boards of seven journals and acts as reviewer for over 30 journals.

Drs. Nehlig and Mathern have emphasized their commitment to continuing the efforts that were started by Phil Schwartzkroin and Simon Shorvon to raise the impact factor of Epilepsia. They are very aware of the important role the journal has in helping the League to fulfill its mission to educate and to disseminate new information about epilepsy to the international community and to serve as a forum for the exchange of new ideas. Although maintaining current standards and mission remains their central focus, the incoming editors also emphasize that the publishing landscape for science and medicine is rapidly changing as more material is becoming readily available on the web. To ensure that Epilepsia and the League continue as the authoritative voice for epilepsy care and research, they intend to have broad representation on the editorial board and among the associate editors of the many areas of expertise that are involved in epilepsy. They will also explore new methods for making important new material more broadly and quickly available.

The Executive Committee looks forward to working with the new editors as they continue the trajectory of improvement and development that has characterized the eight years of leadership from Phil Schwartzkroin and Simon Shorvon. We are in exciting and challenging times for epilepsy and we are confident that the new team is up to the task.

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