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Gray Matters from Epilepsia

Gray Matters

2016 Gray Matters


  • Letters and responses:
    • Visible and invisible seizure symptoms
    • Neurological Disorders Depression Inventory-Epilepsy for Youth: Developed for epilepsy, but is it epilepsy-specific?
    • In response: Neurological Disorders Depression Inventory-Epilepsy for Youth
    • Comment and response on falling status epilepticus mortality rates in England and Wales: 2001–2013
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  • Letters and responses:
    • 1st International Training Course on Neuropsychology in Epilepsy held in Normandy, France, April 10-15, 2016
    • Gamma oscillations or spikes?
    • Continued medical management of drugresistant epilepsy: implications for surgical consideration
    • Drug-resistant epilepsy in adults: outcome trajectories after failure of two medications
    • Relevance of clinical context in the diagnostic-therapeutic approach to status epilepticus
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  • Commentary and responses:
    • Vigabatrin efficacy in GPR56-associated polymicrogyria: The role of GABAA receptor pathway
    • Commentary and response: Clinical significance of CYP2C9-status-guided valproic acid therapy in children
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  • Letters and responses:
    • Comment on the recent ILAE special report on the definition and classification of status epilepticus
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  • Letters and responses:
    • Rasmussen encephalitis tissue transfer program
    • No evidence of thalamic metabolic abnormality associated with continuous spike-and-wave during sleep
    • Elite athletes and epilepsy
    • Towards a quantitative assessment of psychogenic nonepileptic seizures
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  • Letters and responses:
    • Psychogenic nonepileptic seizures and sex differences in stress responses
    • Eslicarbazepine-induced toxic epidermal necrolysis
    • Brain atrophy in seizure-free temporal lobe epilepsy: Implications for predicting pharmacoresistance
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  • Letters and responses:
    • Availability of antiepileptic drugs: Politicians’ roles
    • Postencephalitic epilepsy in children and adults: Etiology matters
    • Comment on outcome following multiple subpial transection in Landau-Kleffner syndrome and related regression
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