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2001 Lifetime Achievement Award

IBE/ILAE Awards and IBE/ILAE Award Winners

This award honours those persons with a record of achievement in work against epilepsy, and is the highest honour presented by IBE and ILAE. This year two people were chosen to receive this award:

Prof KS Mani was the co-founder of the Indian Epilepsy Association and had been Vice-President of IBE and Chairperson of the ILAE Commission on Developing Countries. He also played a major role in the description of epidemiology in India. Public education and the education of general practitioners was a major objective for him. Once convinced of the value of an objective, he was not easily deterred-it took twelve years to have a clause citing epilepsy as a disqualification for legal marriage in the Indian Marriage Act deleted. While Prof Mani was aware that he had been chosen to receive the award, following a short illness he died just before it was presented.


Prof Harry Meinardi shaped his career, specializing in neuro-psychiatry and studies in basic science as a Rockefeller Institute fellow. In 1968 he became director of the Special Centre for Epilepsy in Heemstede. He was Honorary Editor of the IBE newsletter and IBE President. In the Netherlands he held several executive posts including the presidency of the Dutch chapters of IBE and ILAE. In 1984 he was appointed to the Chair of Epileptology at Nijmegen University. The following year he was elected Secretary General of ILAE and four years later President. Over the years he has been presented with many award. Now, even in retirement he remains actively involved in the world of epilepsy.

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