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Stand Up for Epilepsy

Epilepsy and Sport Project

The ILAE, through its Task Force on Sports and Epilepsy and in collaboration with IBE, have created this collection of images of famous sport persons photographed with children or teenagers from around the world. The photographs convey the message that celebrities have no prejudice against the disorder and that people with epilepsy can achieve their goals, lead a full and active life and engage in sports.

Too often, the stigma attached to having epilepsy can mean that those with the condition are marginalised; prevented from participating fully in life, in work, and in sport. For many years the international associations representing the health professionals (ILAE, International League Against Epilepsy) and patients' organizations (IBE, International Bureau for Epilepsy) have been fighting against such prejudice by promoting several anti-discrimination campaigns.

A major cause for a reduced quality of life of people with epilepsy is the prejudice that comes with the disease, mostly due to ignorance about its nature. This prejudice is ubiquitous, but most marked in developing countries and against children. Because of prejudice, people with epilepsy are often discriminated against at school in the workplace, and they may be denied basic rights, including the ability to be actively engaged in sports.

This collection of images was launched at the London European Epilepsy Congress in 2012 in the ExCel Arena, the largest of all the 2012 Olympic enues, and will be used for promotional campaigns worldwide to eradicate prejudice and discrimination against epilepsy.


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Photo collection

Select images to learn more about participants and see a larger photo.

Marcon Bezzina, Joanna Camilleri

Catarina Sousa

Charlotte Rohlin

Cristina Teuscher

Daria Schneider

Deepak Bista

Diane Borg

Diego Forlan

Diego Lugano

Hilde Gjermundshaug

Horacio Lopez

Hsin Han Lee

Jamie Roberts

Kumar Sangakkara

Kurumi Nara

Maya Podesta

Nuno Mendes and Pedro Fraga

Moin Khan

Primoz Kozmus

Ryk Neethling

Sandra Fong

João Santos and Manuel Pita

Shahid Afridi

Simão Morgado

Vasco Ribeiro

William Chetcuti

Yann Sommer

The ILAE would like to thank the photographers, doctors, athletes and participants who have kindly given their time and support to Stand Up For Epilepsy.

All images are the property of the International League Against Epilepsy and any unauthorised use is strictly forbidden. If you would like to use any of the images please write to .

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