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Non-ILAE Educational Resources

ILAE is proud to provide these links to other educational resources.

MSc in Epilepsy - King's College, London

This epilepsy course is a multidisciplinary programme covering topics related to all aspects of human epilepsy, from underlying neurobiological mechanisms to clinical aspects and psycho-social consequences. The course includes core modules and a research project in addition to practical clinical experience.

  • The world's first multi-disciplinary degree course on epilepsy.
  • This unique programme includes practical experience in clinical or research departments.
  • The course covers topics related to all aspects of human epilepsy from underlying neurobiological mechanisms to clinical aspects and psycho-social consequences.

Overview of King's College MSc Epilepsy

Epilepsy Grand Round Lecture Series

George Washington University Center for Epilepsy

The Epilepsy Grand Round lecture series at George Washington University are streamed live on the link below where they are also archived for later viewing. You may type in your questions to the speaker from anywhere in the world to be answered in real time. You can also find links for acquiring CME credit. View presentations and get more information at: GW University Epilepsy Seminar Series.

Teaching Neurology to Primary Care Physicians in Bolivia

Considering that the number of neurologists in Bolivia is much lower than the rate per capita recommended by the WHO, we believe that it is essential to provide the basic tools for the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders to primary care physicians and family doctors. For the above reasons we decided to provide training on basic concepts of methodology and epidemiology and on the most frequent neurological diseases such as stroke, epilepsy, dementia, headache, and central nervous system infections.

Report of the Neurology International Conference in Primary Care

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