European Epilepsy Service Award 2018

Finola Quinn

Finola Quinn has been a member of the ILAE-IBE Congress Secretariat for more than 16 years and has successfully coordinated the ILAE-IBE’s epilepsy congresses around the world, furthering the care of people with epilepsy in Europe and across the globe. She has contributed to the ILAE-CEA’s efforts to bring education to different European countries and to where it is needed most and working to eradicate stigma. Finola Quinn is experienced in managing epilepsy projects, including conducting promotional activities in order to spread the knowledge of epilepsy around Europe. Finola greatly values the platform of knowledge exchange and education provided by the ILAE and the IBE. She is dedicated to seeing the ILAE-IBE and their educational activities thrive and continue to expand their reach, utilising the unrivalled expertise within the organisations and their collaborative nature to support the growth of meetings and education. She manages the scientific programmes in close collaboration with the chairs of congresses, building networks around Europe and the world. In recent years, Finola Quinn has also been involved in the coordination of VIREPA courses (ILAE’s Virtual Epilepsy Academy) having specific skills in the management of all key activities, giving her contribution for the success of VIREPA courses.