Public Policy and Advocacy

The ILAE is active on both national and international levels through its commissions, task forces, and chapters.

World Health Organization (WHO) and Epilepsy

Epilepsy in Latin America and the Caribbean (PAHO): Activities undertaken by the countries of the Americas, with support from the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), to create national programs for the care and treatment of epilepsy.

International Public Policy Activities: A sampling of activities with international reach.

National Public Policy Activities: Activities carried out on a national scale

Epilepsy and Sport Project: Stand Up For Epilepsy®: The ILAE, through its Task Force on Sports and Epilepsy and in collaboration with IBE, has created this collection of photographs to convey the message that celebrities have no prejudice against epilepsy and that people with epilepsy can achieve their goals, lead a full and active life and engage in sports

Global Campaign Against Epilepsy: A joint initiative between the ILAE/IBE and WHO with a primary aim of improving acceptability, treatment, services and prevention of epilepsy around the world, in particular of reducing the treatment gap.

Global Outreach Task Force: The primary aim of ILAE's Global Outreach Task Force is to raise awareness of global educational and service initiatives in epilepsy throughout the world.