Commission on North American Affairs

The current North American Regional Commission (NAC) was constituted in 2006, comprising English speaking North American Chapters of Canada, the United States of America, and the English speaking Caribbean (represented by Jamaica). The Mexican chapter, although geographically in North America, is a member of the Latin American Regional Commission.

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The European Epilepsy Brain Bank Consortium: 25 years of experience with neuropathology and epilepsy surgery in 9523 children and adults

A recent article published in the New England Journal of Medicine described histopathological findings in brain tissue obtained during epilepsy surgery in 2,623 children and 6,900 adults. The European Epilepsy Brain Bank was established at the University Hospital in Erlangen, Germany in 2006 with…

26 October, 2017
ANAE No145
Clinical Research

Epilepsie et troubles d'apprentissages

L’épilepsie des enfants représente une constellation de maladies neurologiques développementales de la transmission synaptique qui a grandement bénéficié des avancées des neurosciences dans la compréhension des manifestations ictales (les crises) d’une part et interictales (les troubles associés)…

17 October, 2017

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