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Fellowship Announced - Application deadline July 10

The International League Against Epilepsy’s (ILAE) Commission on Eastern Mediterranean Affairs (CEMA) is pleased to announce the availability of fellowships for young epileptologist interested to engage in further training in epilepsy, including internships in epilepsy monitoring units.

18 June, 2018
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Swiss League Against Epilepsy Presents 2018 Research Recognition Award

A team from Bern has won this year's Research Recognition Award which is presented by the Swiss League Against Epilepsy and comes with prize money of CHF 25,000. The award-winning project involves research into an innovative investigation method which uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

30 May, 2018
Nature Reviews Neurology
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Epilepsy in 2017: Precision medicine drives epilepsy classification and therapy

2017 saw the publication of new classifications for epilepsy and seizure types, which emphasize the importance of understanding the underlying disease mechanisms. This aetiology-based approach is already beginning to inform developments in therapies and trial design in the epilepsies.

19 January, 2018