Commission on Diagnostic Methods


Accolades to members of ILAE's Neuropsychology Task Force
Gus Baker, Sarah Wilson, and Bruce Hermman are recognized

Translating the evidence base to clinical practice

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The key objectives of the Commission on Diagnostic Methods are:

  • Provide standardized protocols and guidelines for diagnosis of the epilepsies and their co-morbidities that is evidence-based and informed by the ILAE classification system of seizure types and their etiologies.
  • Promote the optimal use of technology and the identification of new diagnostic methods that will improve the care of patients with epilepsy worldwide.

2016 San Servolo Epilepsy Summer School International Advanced Course:
Brain Exploration and Epilepsy Surgery — 10-22 July 2016

Video created by 2016 San Servolo students:

Course directors: Ingmar Blümcke (Germany) and Laura Tassi (Italy)
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