Commission on Neurobiology

About Us

To achieve its main mission the Neurobiology Commission is organized into five Task Forces. Selection of the Task Force members takes into consideration the professional expertise needed to fulfil the Commission's mission and goals.

Education and Beyond Task Force

The aim of the Education and Beyond Task Force is to endorse educational activities supported by Neurobiology Commission in the field of experimental epileptology. It will contribute to organization and, whenever possible, funding for international training courses on the Neurobiology of Epilepsy and other training initiatives. Advance professional training in neurobiology is aimed at solving regional epilepsy issues and seed new research developments in less advantaged geographical areas. E-training platforms are considered important tools in achieving this goal and will be promoted. Chair: M. de Curtis; Members: G. Avanzini, M. Bentivoglio, E. Bertram, R. Idro, K. Kobow, WP. Liao, F. Scorza.

WONOEP Task Force

The aim of the WONOEP Task Force is the organization of the WONOEP (Workshop On the Neurobiology Of Epilepsy) every two years as a satellite event of the ILAE International Congress. The WONOEP is the premier ILAE forum for international neuroscientists involved in basic and clinical epilepsy research to discuss new findings related to the understanding of the pathomechanisms of epilepsy and epileptogenesis. The history of WONOEP is at the core of the Neurobiology Commission. WONOEP is one of the most successful achievement of ILAE to assess the present state and significance of epilepsy research and to rule its future developments. Chairs and Scientific Organizing Committee: K. Kobow, R. Sankar and M. de Curtis; Members: A. Galanopoulou, Y. Murashima, J. Noebels.

Neurobiology Dissemination Task Force

The aim of the Neurobiology Dissemination Task Force is to identify strategies to communicate neurobiology themes at clinical epilepsy venues. Chairs: M. Kokaia and A. Pitkanen; Members: G. Avanzini, A. Galanopoulou, N. Garcia-Cairasco, U. Heinemann, A. Ikeda, D. Janigro, A. Nehlig, J. Noebels, H. Scharfman, V. Whittemore

Resource Mapping Task Force

The aim of the Resource Mapping Task Force is to establish a catalog of laboratories and tools of valuable resource, e.g. laboratories and equipment for basic epilepsy research. Chairs: A. Nehlig and V. Whittemore; Members: N. Garcia-Cairasco, R. Idro, D. Janigro, M. Kokaia, G. Kostopoulos

Translational Research Task Force

The aim of the Translational Research Task Force is to optimize and accelerate preclinical epilepsy therapy discovery. Co-Chairs: J. French, A. Galanopoulou, T. O'Brien, M. Simonato; Members: A. Brooks-Kayal, M. de Curtis, A. Ikeda, F. Jensen, A. Pitkanen, H. Scharfman, EC Liaison: S. (Nico) L. Moshé