Commission on Neurobiology

Announcing 2019 Neurobiology Commission Bursaries

The Neurobiology Commission announces a funding opportunity for young trainees and investigators with limited financial resources to attend scientific meetings, workshops or other training opportunities that promise to advance their research career. The bursaries will cover travel expenses to a maximum of $2,000 per applicant to attend a scientific or training activity. Deadline for applications is May 15, 2019.

Detailed information and application form

2019 Harinarayan Young Neuroscientist Award

Gautham Bhargava and Sarah Buck, 2019 Harinarayan Award recipients

The Harinarayan Young Neuroscientist Award of the Neurobiology Commission is designed to encourage and reward young basic science investigators (within 10 years of completing PhD or MD training) committed to epilepsy research. This Award is generously supported by a donation of the Harinarayan Family.

The Prize (US $2,000) will be acknowledged during the Welcome Ceremony of 2019 ILAE International Epilepsy Congress in Thailand and will be awarded during the Neurobiology Symposium. Read more about the Harinarayan Young Neuroscientist Award recipients

Preclinical Common Data Elements

The TASK3 group of the ILAE/AES Joint Translational Task Force, in collaboration with the NINDS, has created a first set of preclinical common data elements (CDEs) to be used in preclinical epilepsy research studies aiming to develop better treatments for seizures, epilepsies and comorbidities. This project aims to facilitate collaborations across labs, creation of big databases to deposit such data, as well as help comparisons of findings across different studies.

Read CDE reports

Commission Membership

  • Chair: Aristea Galanopoulou (USA)
  • Members: Marco de Curtis (Italy, ex-chair), Terence O’Brien (Australia), Kathryn Davis (USA, Marcio Moraes (Brazil)
  • Liaison to MC: Ed Bertram (USA)

The Neurobiology Commission (NBC) chaired by Aristea Galanopoulou (USA) works towards promoting neurobiology research in epilepsy through advocacy, education, training, proposals of optimal methodologies and infrastructure improvements. The NBC organizes activities aiming in informing in progress and best practices in neurobiology of epilepsy research, including symposia, workshops and reports. The NBC also coordinates activities aiming to engage young investigators in epilepsy research and improve the opportunities for career advancement of neurobiologists across the epilepsy research spectrum. The NBC oversees and coordinate the activities of its task forces.

Funding for scientific meetings or workshops relevant to neurobiology of epilepsy can also be provided through the NBC. Requests for sponsoring such workshops are considered for funding on an annual basis by the NBC. Applicants can complete the NBC Funding Request Form 2018 and email it to by July 15 of the year preceding the planned meeting. Decisions on support will be announced by the end of March of the year of the event. 

The planned initiatives will be developed and achieved through the work of Task Forces. Whenever possible, initiatives will be developed in collaboration with other ILAE Topical Commissions and fostering the involvement of National Chapters.

Chapter 5: Organisation of basic science in epilepsy with special reference to the ILAE.
Jerome Engel, Jr., Solomon Moshé and Giuliano Avanzini, International League Against Epilepsy: 1909 - 2009: A Centenary History

Neurobiology Commission Statement for Professor Nikos K. Logothetis

October 28, 2018

"The Neurobiology Commission of the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) supports and values the importance of the research that Professor Logothetis’ group has been conducting to advance our understanding of brain function and to develop better interventions that may eventually help to manage individuals with neurologic diseases. We also strongly support the international scientific efforts that advocate for the adoption of ethical and humane practices and endpoints in animal biomedical research, as suggested for Professor Logothetis’ case by animal protection officers of the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics.

The scientific community has experienced cases when unjustified accusations or attacks have negatively impacted the lives and work of colleagues, despite their adherence to the accepted standards of ethical animal experimentation. We therefore urge careful and impartial review of the facts and circumstances to reach a responsible and objective resolution of the case of Professor Logothetis, in a manner that respects individual human rights and our societal ethical standards.”


Abstract submission is now closed. More information about WONOEP XV here.

WONOEP XV is dedicated to Professor Uwe Heinemann for his invaluable contributions in understanding the mechanisms and pathogenesis of seizures and epilepsy and WONOEP meetings.

2017 Harinarayan Young Scientist Awards

The Harinarayan Young Neuroscientist Award of ILAE Neurobiology Commission is designed to reward young basic science investigators (within 10 years of completing PhD or MD training) that submit an abstract to the ILAE Congress.

The Award is generously supported by a donation of the Harinarayan Family. Candidates are selected by the members of the Neurobiology Commission. The Prize (2,000 $) will be acknowledged during the Welcome Ceremony of ILAE Congress and will be awarded during the Neurobiology Symposium.