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WONOEP Task Force


Co-chairs: Terence O’Brien (Australia), Aristea Galanopoulou (USA)

Members: Marco de Curtis (Italy, ex-chair), Ozlem Akman (Turkey), Marcia Moraes (Brazil), Tomonori Ono (Japan), Raman Sankar (USA, liaison to Advocacy TF of the NBC).

The WONOEP Task Force, chaired by Terence O’Brien (Australia) and Aristea Galanopoulou (USA), organizes the workshop on neurobiology of epilepsy (WONOEP) meetings prior to the international epilepsy congresses and oversees the selection of the Harinarayan Young Neuroscientist Awards.

ILAE/AES Joint Translational Task Force

Membership: The membership of the ILAE/AES joint Translational TF has been confirmed and consists of the following:
AES co-chairs: Aristea Galanopoulou and Greg Worrell
AES nominees: Richard Staba, Anne Anderson, Manisha Patel, Kevin Kelly
ILAE co-chairs: Terence O’Brien (Australia) and Matthew Walker (UK)
ILAE nominees: Gunther Sperk (Austria), Rudiger Koehling (Germany), Teresa Ravizza (Italy), Steven Petrou (Australia)
Liaison to MC: Ed Bertram (USA)
Liaison to AES: Aristea Galanopoulou (USA)

The ILAE/AES Joint Translational Task Force, chaired by Aristea Galanopoulou (USA), Greg Worrell (USA), Matthew Walker (UK), and Terence O’Brien (Australia), continues the efforts towards harmonizing methodology and interpretation of rodent electrophysiological studies used in epilepsy research, creating preclinical common data elements and systematic reviews of preclinical data and improving the infrastructure that has the potential to optimize preclinical epilepsy research.

Details about goals and tasks of the ILAE/AES Joint Translational Task Force

Genetics / Epigenetics Task Force


Chair: David Henshall (Ireland)
Members: Albert Becker (Germany), Chris Reid (Australia), Alica Goldman (USA), Erwin van Vliet (Netherlands), Iscia Lopes-Cendes (Brazil), Annapurna Poduri (USA), Michael Johnson (UK), Hela Mrabet (Tunisia), Katja Kobow (Germany, liaison to Big Tata TF), Steven Petrou (Australia, liaison to ILAE/AES Joint Translational TF).

The Genetics and Epigenetics Task Force, chaired by David Henshall (Ireland), discusses the scientific and clinical research priorities of the Task Force and commissions review(s) that would focus on promoting epilepsy research utilizing genetics and epigenetics studies; promotes priority Genetics-Epigenetics topics at key epilepsy meetings; organizes training; creates infrastructure; promotes industry-academia research interactions and developments; and, in collaboration with the ILAE/AES Joint Translational TF, advises on preclinical common data elements in genetics-epigenetics.

Epigenetics explained: A topic "primer" for the epilepsy community by the ILAE Genetics/Epigenetics Task Force, Kowbow et al. Epileptic Disorders 2020; 22(2): 127-41

Young Neurobiologists Task Force


Co-chairs: Premysl Jiruska (Czech), Stephanie Schorge (UK)
Members: Joseph Raimondo (S. Africa), Kathryn Davis (USA), Nigel Jones (Australia), Liankun Ren (China), Vadym Gnatkovsky (Italy), Shilpa Kadam (USA), Nihan Çarçak (Turkey).

The Young Neurobiologists Task Force, chaired by Premysl Jiruska (Czech Republic) and Stephanie Schorge (UK), evaluates the current environment for attracting, sustaining, and advancing talented young neurobiologists in epilepsy research across regions, cultures, and genders, and identifies areas in need of improvement, challenges and possible solutions. The Task Force aims to promote opportunities that will cultivate leadership qualities and identify future young leaders among young epilepsy neurobiologists.

Network Diseases Task Force


Chair: Christophe Bernard (France)
Members: Serge Vulliemoz (Switzerland), Liset Menendez de la Prida (Spain), John Terry (UK), Alon Friedman (Canada / Israel), Chou-Ching Lin (Taiwan), Joao Pereira Leite (Brazil), Ivan Soltesz (USA), Patrick Forcelli (USA), Greg Worrell (USA), Ed Bertram (USA, liaison to MC).

The Networks Task Force, chaired by Christophe Bernard (France), evaluates the current infrastructure, strategies, and advances in knowledge on understanding epilepsies as network disease(s) so as to best integrate them in efforts to accelerate and optimize research toward understanding the neurobiology of epilepsies and comorbidities and the development of better therapies.

Advocacy Task Force of the NBC


Co-chairs: Raman Sankar (USA), Solomon (Nico) L. Moshé (USA)
Members: Terence O’Brien (Australia), Vicky Whittemore (USA), Akio Ikeda (Japan), Janet Mifsud (Malta), Kathryn Davis (USA), Ed Bertram (USA, liaison to MC).

The Networks Task Force chaired by Raman Sankar (USA) and Solomon (Nico) L. Moshé (USA) evaluate the current funding environment for neurobiology research in epilepsy is involved in activities that advocate for the value of neurobiology research in improving knowledge on epilepsy and translating basic science discoveries to better therapies. The Task Force advocates for initiatives that will improve research infrastructure and the initiatives of the NBC and its TFs, including research, educational and training initiatives and advises the NBC and the Research Advocacy Task Force on matters related to advocating for neurobiology research.