CoCoCare Autumn Course: A web-based training in guideline development


2 November - 21 December 2021

With the growing medical possibilities, new questions arise. It is not only a matter of being able to treat, but also of considering the added value of treatment. In deciding the value of treatment, many factors have to be weighed, such as health benefit, quality of life effect and expenses. Medical guidelines can make an important contribution when making such treatment decisions. As such, they have a considerable influence on the quality and effectiveness of healthcare and allow the (future) healthcare professional to be as cost-conscious as possible.

The content of the programme will cover various topics that are crucial in developing medical guidelines. At the end of the CoCoCare training the participant will:

  • understand the value and the limitations of guidelines;
  • understand how to apply guidelines;
  • have insight in how guidelines are developed;
  • have insight in the different aspects that are taken into account when a guideline is developed, i.e.: systematic evaluation of medical and economic scientific research, the context of research results, the advantages and disadvantages of care options, the expertise of healthcare professionals, and the experiences of health care users.

What: A unique opportunity to be trained in many aspects of development of medical guidelines through an international educational programme.

Who: People participating or planning to participate in guideline development groups, these can be junior residents but also senior consultants. Maximum 30 participants.

Duration: The course will run from 2 November 2021 to 21 December 2021. Six e-learning modules and eight webinars / Q&A sessions will be provided. The webinars are on Tuesdays at 15:00-16:00 CET. Estimated time commitment for participants is two to four hours per week.

Costs: Free of charge

Format: E-learning, webinars, self-study and practical training