Epilepsy 2020: A vision of the future in epilepsy research

Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital (The Neuro) in Canada

7 - 8 May 2021

Epilepsy 2020 website

Epilepsy 2020: A vision of the future in epilepsy research is a two-day symposium honoring Professor Jean Gotman and Professor Marilyn Jones-Gotman. With careers spanning five decades at The Neuro, Jean Gotman and Marilyn Jones-Gotman have each, in their field of expertise, contributed tremendously to the advancement of knowledge in epilepsy. This symposium will highlight their contributions in the field as well as focus on current topics and future trends in epilepsy.

Prof Marilyn Jones-Gotman and Prof. Jean Gotman

This educational event will gather national and international experts in neurophysiology, neuroimaging, cognition and neuropsychology. The intended audience includes neurologists, epileptologists and epilepsy neurosurgeons, neurophysiologists, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists and neuropsychiatrists, neuroscientists, neurology residents and graduate students in engineering, neuroscience and psychology. There will also be a poster session.

The registration fee includes course material, welcome reception, daily breakfast, lunch and refreshments. Please note that the registration fee does not include accommodation or travel expenses.


Registration is now open. Register here

Registration is $120; $35 for students